Golden Graduates' Reunions

A Golden Graduate is someone who has celebrated or is due to celebrate their 50th Anniversary since their Graduation from the University College of North Staffordshire or Keele University.

The Royal Charter of the University of Keele was granted in 1962 and in 2012 we launched the first Golden Graduates' Reunion to coincide with the 50th Golden Anniversary of our Charter.

Who are the Founding Graduates?

One hundred and fifty-seven students attended the University College of North Staffordshire in October 1950 and the first 150 graduated in 1954. Anyone who was part of that first founding Class is termed a Founding Graduate.

Left: Front Cover of the first Graduation Ceremony programme 3rd July 1954 - this particular copy was donated to the Keele Oral History Project by Bill Lighton (Class of 1954)

Who are the Pioneers?

The term “Pioneer” refers to the Classes of 1954 to 1961 who attended the University College of North Staffordshire. They and the Founding Graduates founded the Students' Union, the Athletic Union and the Keele Society, and created the heritage and traditions that have exemplified the Keele spirit for all later generations.

The next Golden Graduates' Reunions


A Reunion for the Classes of 1954 to 1969 - April 27th 2019 - The seventh Golden Graduates' Reunion welcomes the Class of 1969 as new Golden Graduates, joining all the preceding Classes of 1954 to 1968.

We will post an online booking form here in early 2019.

An Alumni Guest List and Programme for the most recent Reunion is below the photo galleries.

Guest Lists and Programme

Alumni Guest List for Golden Graduates' Reunion 2018

Click to view the Golden Graduates' Reunion 2018 Programme.

John Wheeldon 1955
Keith Clement 1956
Mary Bianco (Bianco) 1957
Barbara Thomas (Pennell) 1958
Jack Thomas 1958
Peter Davis 1963
Kay Webster (Healy) 1963
Melian Mansfield (Bordes) 1965
Sue David (Herd) 1967
Bill Proctor 1967
Wendy Bonk (Coughlan) 1968
David Briant 1968
Bernard Brown 1968
Marshall Colman 1968
John Coutouvidis 1968
Merrilyn Coutouvidis (Kempton) 1968
Lesley Cox-Smith (Smith) 1968
Alan Crane 1968
Barbara Crane (Whittington) 1968
Iain Crow 1968
Barbara Davies 1968
Dame Sandra Dawson (Denyer) 1968
Linda Donaghie 1968
Linda Fryd 1968
Janet Galley (Green) 1968
Chris Harrison 1968
Jane Kingsbury (Wood) 1968
Marina Lewycka 1968
Jill Liddington 1968
Robert Lowenstein 1968
Ann Mackenzie 1968
Malcolm Macmillen 1968
Mary-Jo Macmillen (Duffy) 1968
Ian Morley 1968
Janette Morley (Jackson) 1968
Sir Richard Mottram 1968
Dianne Moyes (Fazakerley) 1968
Susan Owens (Gough) 1968
Barbara Richardson (Castell) 1968
Barry Shepherd 1968
Mary-Sue Stathe 1968
Hugh Thompson 1968
Jim Thompson 1968
Liz Walton (Le Poidevin) 1968
Diana Wetherell (Jolly) 1968
Terry Wetherell 1968
Christa Wiggin (Worsman) 1968
Peter Wiggin 1968
Martin Yarnit 1968
John Meager 1968
Malcolm Clarke 1969
Howard Lomas 1969
John Moyes 1969
Alice Meager (Wild) 1969
Christine Shepherd (Gard) 1970