Alumni: Who graduated between 2010 and 2019

How does it Work?

We collect What Happened To's from about May to about February each year and publish synopsis of these in the annual Forever Keele magazine.
When Forever Keele is ready to be published (usually about April), we replace the WHTs on the website with those received since February of that year and start all over again, adding them as they come in.



Ben Furlong: My best keele memory is dancing with all of my university friends to take that never forget at the end of a rewind night. (Nov 2017)

Samara Hyde: Directly after graduating from Keele i revised a full scholarship of Shell to do an MSc in Exploration Geophysics at Leeds University. After studying this for half a year I decided this was not the root I wished to go down. I left this coarse and went to work in N.Wales as a deep sea seismic interpretation. While I loved my job i missed being out in the field and handling rocks and soil. So chose to go back and re-try a masters but this time in Engineering Geology at the University of Portsmouth. I am delighted to say I finished the coarse with Merit. Armed with a new qualification I set sail and left England. Moving to work in Hong Kong on Landslide prevention and risk assessments. I can only describe this time as magical and by far the best time of my life so far. Sadly all good things must come to an end and the company I was working for went bust. So I returned to England. Back here I am coordinating and supervising ground investigations for a company just outside London, while working towards Chartership. (Oct 2016)

Emma Barron (Galvin) : Currently working as a Senior Physiotherapist in Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. I have been enjoying working there for the past four years. 

Rajesh Balaraman: After studying at Keele University, I got an opportunity to do a PhD in Southern Illinois University with full funding.

Charlotte Coxhead : Currently travelling around New Zealand for a year. (05/2015)

Emily Quiggin : For 3 years after graduating I tried my hand at a variety of jobs in hospitality, tourism, admin and m weirdest position was a Lock Keeper on the River Thames for a summer, working with the Environment Agency! After I failed to get through the final interviews for a position at the Met Office I decided to train as a Geography Teacher! 04/2015

Harpinder Singh Sanghera: After graduating in 2009 and struggling to get a foot in the door, I took a chance on a 6 week training programme with a employment or money back guarantee. It paid off and turned my career around. I have even managed to apply parts of my degree to the real world over the years which helped me break barriers. Years later I am now a IT Contractor working self-employed and occasionally help friends and acquaintances in the same field achieve similar success using my own experience. 05/2016


Anna Bajracharya (Gore) : Got married to fellow Keele graduate. Surya Bajracharya in 2015. 02/2016 

Matt Coombe-Boxall : In 2012 I got my first job at Keele. In 2014 I moved into a job with KeeleSU. In 2015 i got another job with Keele! 02/2016

Bitumani Borah: After completing my post graduation, I started working with Royal Bank of Scotland and a part time researcher in Salford, Manchester. However, my mother was detected with signet ring cell carcinoma in India, so I had to return and take care of her. In the meantime, I joined as a Medical writer in Crest which is part of SpringerNature and currently been promoted  to Team Coach within a year of joining. I miss Keele very much. 01/2016

Matt Coombe-Boxall : After graduating in 2011 from my BA, I started a part-time MRes in History. During my MRes, I obtained a job at Keele in the newly formed Curriculum Support and Development team (now Student Learning) on a fixed-term contract. In the summer of 2014, I changed role and started working for KeeleSU, graduated from my MRes and got married to another Keele Alumnus, Katie. I moved job again in April 2015, returning to the University in a new role with Careers and Employability.

James Ginn: I have worked in Forensic Labs since 2012 first with LGC as an analyst in the drugs department, in 2013 I moved to KFS again working in the drugs department. In 2015 I changed discipline to join the Chemistry team working in the glass and particulates team. 05/2016

Sam Higham: Having graduated and completed a year as a Sabbatical Officer (VP Education), I move two Manchester with two other officers, where we started our careers. I've been with the same financial services company for the last four years, moving through various job titles to find myself leading a team of 20 junior project managers. (Mar 2016)

John Mugisha: It was a great opportunity for me to study from Keele. I have grown tremendously in my career after my Keele education and experience.

Laura Oseland: I founded the Birmingham Rotaract Charity to help the local community in Birmingham and in the past year have support St Basil's who assist the homeless from 16-24 years of age. I begin training contract at Irwin Mitchell LLP in August 2014 so will shortly be preparing for that.

Asha Samrai: Completed Masters in English literature. Qualified as a teacher in 2014, currently working as Head of Key Stage 3 English and Assistant Head of English. (May 2016)

Sam Shepard: I came back to Keele to do an MRES in History. Now working in the finance and supply chain sector. Secured an Internship through the Keele graduate scheme leading to full time position, now a trainee management accountant. Getting married in November to another Keele Alumni. Keele Forever! 

Kristina Tamane : Currently a Careers Adviser at University of Hertfordshire, specialising in Computer Science and Life and Medical Sciences students. (July 2016)


Andrew Barnett:  Keele Memory; The deep, deep snow in the winter of 2010: It was nice until the term ended and I got stranded driving home and had to stay in a hotel! (July 2017)

Weiwei Cao: Returned to China in 2012 and started to work in Hunan University as an associate professor. (April 2017)

Robert Barringer: Since leaving Keele I found it hard to find a job in the research field, so I worked in clinical laboratories (transfusion and emergency care) at Salisbury and Addenbrookes, and then became a Tissue Bank Acquisition Officer at the Barts Cancer Institute. I managed to complete a PGCert at Birkbeck while there in Protein Crustallography, and luckily landed a job as an Associate Scientist at UCB Celltech, which gives me excellent experience to finally chase my research dream in Structural Biology (thanks Trevor Greenhough!). Next step is an MRes and then a PhD (Jan 17)

Andrew Howard: I am living and woking in Manchester. (Dec 2016)

David Andrews: I became a recruiter for accountants and have the best job in the world finding people new jobs and getting to offer people new jobs. 05/2016

Tom Elliott : Graduated Keele in 2012, now in the military. 03/2016

Rachel Hodkinson: I'm now working in research and have got into cycling since leaving. (March 2016)

Rachael Lee: Due to qualify in July 2016. 05/2016

Nick Marshall: Within seven weeks of graduation, I got a job in London with the world’s largest digital advertising company. I am still in contact with lots of friends from Keele and still miss it a wee bit.

Ibbi Onasanya: I moved to London and im now enjoying a successful career in advertising, specialising in ad operations and digital planning and buying in the B2B sector.

Kiah Peters:  I graduated from my BA in English and American Literature in 2012 at Keele and went straight on to do my Masters degree in English Literature because I didn't want to leave! I made even more amazing friends and absolutely loved every year I spent at Keele. After graduating from my MA in Jan 2014, I worked for PDSA veterinary charity for 18 months and now work in Macclesfield as a market researcher for NUS (National Union of Students). I've been here for 4 months and really love working with students to find ways of improving their experiences whilst at college and university. I live about ten minutes away from Keele with my boyfriend and we are about to go travelling around the north east coast of America and Canada soon for just under a month. I think Keele really shaped my outlook on life, gave me a fantastic grounding academically and enabled me to meet and work with people who are my closest friends. I miss it!

Joshua Smith: After graduating, I went on to work for MSD (Merck, Sharp & Dohme) animal health facility in Milton Keynes working as Fermentation Technician responsible for the production of animal vaccines.  After a year and a half, I left MSD for a research role in a small biotech company based in Hertfordshire. Here I was responsible for optimisation and scale up of recombineered bacteria.  I currently work for Ipsen as a process development scientist in the biologics division, responsible for optimising current drug production and streamlining the industrialisation of future products. (March 2016)

Stuart Tucker: Completed a MSc in Volcanology and Geological Hazards at Lancaster University, currently looking for employment.

Suzanne Woodward: I now work at my local council as a graduate recycling promotions assistant which has seen me involved in the local recycling and waste services. The skills I was taught at Keele have been transferable to my world of work.



Dilrukshika Rathnayaka: Keele was one of the best places I have ever been to. It always felt like home away from home. I loved every minute of my time at Keele. I worked as a student ambassador which enabled me to involve in many different events at Keele. (May 2017)

Luc McDonald: I am now working for a Labour MP in the House of Commons and have had three other jobs in Parliament before that. (April 2017)

Robert King: I am currently studying for a professional accountancy qualification whilst working full time in Finance for Nationwide Building Society. (Jan 17)

Adam Parker: Working as a professional for an Engineering company in the Aerospace sector. Tier 1 supplier to companies like Airbus and Boeing. Continuously growing and learning. Wouldn't be where I am now without Keele though... Forever:Keele (Nov 2016)

Chaquita Taylor: I am currently pursuing a masters in International Law at China University of Political Science & Law in Beijing, China. (Nov 2016)

Yasmin Bakr: Since leaving Keele in 2013, I applied for jobs within the NHS  which resulted in managing infection control within the surgical department at Great Ormond Street Hospital. After 9 months in this position I accepted an offer to study Medicine at the University of Leeds. (July 1016)

Daniel Bellis: Now living and working in Wales. 05/2016

Meriadec Buchmuller:  I moved back to Paris to HEC to pursue International Business Studies. I created my startup based on Big Data and raw materials. I am in charge of the sales and marketing department at CommoPrices (March 2016)

Ethan Clarke: Just before I graduated I landed my dream job, in quite a senior position too. I am now Group Assistant Environment and Energy Advisor for JCB WHQ and share responsibility for 18 business units worldwide and over 10,000 staff.

Jessica Emms: Since leaving Keele, I took a gap year to earn some money before being accepted onto the Graduate Entry Dentistry course at the University of Central Lancashire. However, I miss Keele most days due to the strong sense of community and the beautiful campus. 12/2014 

Georgie Fitzgibbon: Currently a PhD student in Medieval History at the University of Birmingham (Mar 2016)

Tyanna Louise Gittins: I have started working for Groundwork North Wales, who aim to make an environmental improvement to the local area. The job involves various community projects, undertaking energy assessments, and much more! Recently I have been involved in a project which included teaching Year 7 pupils how numeracy is relevant in everyday life. Every day is different which is perfect for me! Went trekking to Everest Base Camp. Now restoring a Grade listed house.

Syed Hassan: Currently Working for a Middle Eartern Bank and alongside training as an ACA from Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales funded by Employer - Bank Alfalah Limited (Abu Dhabi Group) formerly BCCI. (Jan 17)

Sammi Hembree: I am a graphic design professional working for a sports team in the states. I attended Keele through a study abroad program linked with Oklahoma State University. My degree was in public relations and journalism, but I credit my now successful career to my professors at Keele. I had not been exposed to any kind of graphic design before attending Keele, but at a third-year level, I was expected to be proficient in several of these programs. I learned a great deal by staying late in the media lab and catching professors in their off time. I would have any of them sit down to give me a crash course in a program for as long as they had the time to do so. I fell in love with creating graphics. I've always been creative, but not necessarily artistic. With this new skill, I was able to show the world what previously could only be seen by me. I was inspired by the beautiful campus and uncomfortable culture. At Keele, I was pushed and stretched nearly to my breaking point, and I've never grown so much in my life. I owe my career to the school that showed me my own potential. I can't wait to come visit the campus again and see what's new and familiar. Thanks to Keele, my wonderful professors and supportive advisers!

Ellie Ismaili: I am currently studying the BPTC and I ran the London marathon.

Kimberly Jones: After graduating I worked as a paralegal at Addleshaw Goddard LLP where I went on secondment to Barclaycard's in house legal team. I was then contaced by Eversheds LLP in relation to another paralegal role. Whilst working at Eversheds I secured a training contract to commence September 2017. I will start my LPC this September (2016) sponsored by Eversheds and start my training contract in Manchester September 2017. (July 106)

Shaharyar Khan: Moved to Pakistan to live with my family. Later on went to pursue a master's degree in Project Management and started my career in a Fortune 500 company. (May 2016)

Megan Litson: Graduated and living in Exeter now :)

Maria Marsden: I completed BSc in adult nursing in 2012 and have a worked as a cardiothoracic nurse since qualifying. I am very thankful to Keele.

Matthew Potts: Joined the American Express graduate programme after graduating in 2013, going on to move to West Sussex and complete a part-time, postgraduate degree at Sussex University. 05/2016

Dominic Sheehy: I have been working for ICAEW in the Learning and Professional Development department since 2013. 05/2016

Greg Sheen : Graduated and working at Keele University in Development.

Samantha Shone: Currently about to graduate from The University of Liverpool (it's not a patch on Keele) in Diagnostic Radiography and I've got a job lined up to start in August! (May 2016)

Katharine Slater: I now work in a letting agency in Wolstanton and although I graduated 2 and a half years ago I am still an active member of Keele music societies and even hold a committee position on one. 01/2016

Abigail Varley: Now a qualified Secondary school teacher at The Marches School in Oswestry. Teaching ICT, Computer Science, Graphics and Economics. (March 2016)

Heather Wheeler: I have been spending a lot of time in the USA. In summer 2014 I did an Environmental Education Internship at Devil’s Postpile National Monument in California. This coming summer I am going to be an Interpretation Field Ranger working with US Siuslaw National Forest Services and Oregon Dunes along the Pacific coast of Florence, Oregon. From taking up the opportunity that Keele University offered of studying abroad at the University of Utah in fall semester 2011, this helped me gain contacts to enable me to secure these additional opportunities in the USA.

Travis Wisdom : I completed my Master of Laws degree in International Law: Crime, Justice and Human Rights with Distinction at the University of Birmingham (December 2014). As of March 2015, I am now a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Adelaide, Australia. 12/2014



Ewen Dymott: Just about to graduate from my MSc in Development and Security at Bristol University (Jan 17)

Luke Rushbrook: Studying for a Masters in Global Health at Karolinska Institute in Sweden (Dec 2016)

Greg Chaplin:  Originally tried for a year to change career using my qualifications, mostly applying for graduate schemes. Ultimately used my 20 years experience of my current job, along with all the transferable skills gained in postgraduate study to land a challenging role within the NHS and have now made some significant changes to the way statutory compliance for buildings is undertaken for a considerable area of England (April 2016)

Alex Clifford: After a sabbatical year as Vice President (Welfare) in 2012-13, I graduated with a 2:1 degree in Media and Communications in 2014. Still involved in the Student movement, working at Brunel Students' Union. 12/2015

Abigail Gazzard: Well, I stayed in education and went on to do a MSc at Reading University (a bit like Keele of the south, lovely green campus with lakes). I am now a PhD student at Reading, focusing on hedgehog conservation! 05/2015

Stephen Jones: Working in London, looking to move into politics over the next few years. Very much missing Keele! 12/2015

Alvin Juman :Working and studying is two different commitments. But I thank Keele University in preparing me to be more responsible and becoming an Independent person. Currently working as an accountant, in the gas and oil sector in Brunei. Feb 2016

Davina Kanani: Currently studying Islamic Sciences here in the United States; hope to go onto developing better relationships with Muslims and the communities here in the West with further education and potential teaching. 02/2016 

Becky Snape: After leaving Keele I moved to Birmingham to start teaching and researching at Birmingham City University. I don't get back to Keele much as I'm very busy but I'm hoping to return one day! (Mar 2016)

Oliver Wadsworth: After graduating, I took a job in recruiting in London. I quickly decided this was not for me and after 6 months of sales, I managed to land a job in Clinical Research with the NHS in Bolton. It was a lovely job, but short lived as I was interviewed for and got a more senior position with the NIHR in Manchester, advancing in Clinical Research. After approximately a year in research with the NHS and NIHR, I was offered a position on Harley Street to work with an Oncology focused drug development unit. Throughout this, I was applying to Graduate Entry Medicine places in England and have now been offered a place to study in Swansea. It's taken a long time, but I'm following through on my dreams and focused persistence has been the key in making them happen. 05/2016

Rebecca Walton: Straight after completing university I applied for lab jobs within an analytical and forensic sector. I was not accepted for any due to lack of work experience. I then applied for a trainee probation officer role, which I was successful in. Unfortunately the job did not suit and I wished to pursue my scientific career. I am now undertaking an MSc in analytical science for industry at Keele university. This course has an important 30weeks of work experience within a working laboratory, which is the main reason I decided to pursue the course. I feel it will help my career prospects greatly. 05/2016

Travis Wisdom: After graduating from Keele University, I completed an LLM degree in International Law: Crime, Justice and Human Rights at the University of Birmingham. In 2015, I began my PhD at the University of Adelaide, South Australia in International Human Rights Law (mar 2016)



Abdul Mu'ein Adi Marhain: Currently undertaking masters of science in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering in Universiti Teknologi Brunei (June 2016)

Laura Taylor: After leaving Keele my main priority was to find a job within Education. I was fortunate enough to find a role at Stoke on Trent College, however I soon found this was not the right role for me. After leaving my job within the retail sector I wanted to learn a new skill and found myself in a position to accept a Dental Nurse apprenticeship. (Mar 2016)


Imran Ullah: The supportive academic staff with the breadth of expertise in cutting-edge research and a stimulating collegiate environment makes Keele a niche for excellent learning and career growth. Of note, this coupled with the unstinting support I received from Prof Paul Horrocks, someone who I consider the most inspiring, remarkable and selfless scientist and an ideal Ph.D. supervisor, not only equipped me with transferable skills to accompany my laboratory-based research at Keele but through persistent guidance, exercises and plans for both short-term and long-term career exploration and planning, he groomed me into a well-rounded professional for a future research career! (June 2017)

Rebecca Thane: Went on to study an MA in Political Theory at the University or York (Feb 17)

Jagveer Mahal: Currently studying Masters of Research in Sikh Studies at University of Birmingham. Looking to study Political Science at PHD level. (Jan 17)

Marcus Bingham: After leaving Keele in September 2015 and getting my diploma later that year, I had a hard time looking for work. The job market was pretty rough! But after a 6 month wait, I was able to use my time at Keele to get a position at a local university! (March 2016)

JUnjie Chen: Life in Keele was short, but it is now part of my life  (August 2016)

Matthew Whaley: Enjoyed obtaining my MA in Industrial Relations and Employment Law, in particular my dissertation. Now looking forward to putting what I have learned to good practical use. (July 2016)