Alumni: Who graduated between 1990 and 1999

How does it Work?

We collect What Happened To's from about May to about February each year and publish a synopsis of these in the annual Forever Keele magazine.
When Forever Keele is ready to be published (usually about April), we replace the WHTs on the website with those received since February of that year and start all over again, adding them as they come in.



Akira Ebisawa: I am truly excited to see Keele develop into such a highly regarded educational institution. Now that i live in the United States, I feel more so than ever that Keele shaped who I am today, more than anything else. (Jan 17)

Andrew Howells: After leaving Keele, went off to do research with Toshiba in Japan.  Since leaving Toshiba in 1994 had career in Financial IT spread between Japan, Switzerland, UK and Singapore. (Nov 16)

Lisa Bakker (Meehan): Senior Crown Prosecutor/Crown Court Advocate. Married. 1 son. 1 daughter. 11/2014

Edward Bishop : Moved to Ireland in 2001 on a contract where I met Valerie, am now settled with 3 kids! (05/2015)

Victoria Campling: Having left Keele, I headed down to London to start my life in the sales world! I moved down to West Sussex 17 years ago where I now live with my husband and 3 children. Having had a break from work for 2 years, I am just about to start a course to become a counsellor.

Maria Cavanagh: Enjoying the peace and tranquillity of County Kerry after three years living and working on a security and justice development programme in Nigeria.

Shirley Collie: Living in Montreal, Canada.

Bijay Jassal: A self-employed science professional, working as a consultant on biological databases.

Chris Mills: Married. One son. Moved into teaching after 9 years in Banking. (June 2016)

Ian Woodall: Annoyingly I'm still in Staffordshire.  Despite time living in Holland and an American wife. Head of Business Development for Remploy Ltd.


Helen Clark (Mills): Currently working as an Operations Director for an innovative facilities services company. When I'm not working I'm out on the motorbike or marshalling at motorsports events (June 2016)

Peter Hayward: I am currently living in Munich.  Married to Anna with two boys Adam & Leo. (Jan 17)

Kathy Keane (Jones): I have 5 children including twins. Went to the Paralympic Games and caught the bouquet thrown by the winning sprinter. Love running marathons and knitting but not together!


Juliette Eden: After qualifying and working as a personal injury solicitor, I emigrated to Australia in 2011. I now live in south west Sydney and work in the complaints team of a major Australian insurer. I love the sunshine in Australia, and I am very happy to call it home. (July 2017)

Joanna Whitby (Southwell): Married with 1 daughter. Emigrated to the USA in 2001. (Jan17)

Rachel Baxter: Happily settled in Jersey, Channel Islands.  Married to Paul and daughter Eleanor. 05/2016

Ruth Costello: Currently on maternity leave, having given birth to Daniel in the autumn.  Am loving being a mum! (March 2016)

Gary Sloan: Working in London for RBS. Married with three children. Ex Chair of Governors at St. James’s primary school. Spare time spent on sport with kids; rugby, tennis, athletics, etc.

Jennifer Stones (Payne): hrough marital connection with the military, I went off to Scotland, followed by London, to teach English.  I now find myself in sleepy Lincolnshire, still enjoying teaching in secondary education.  I am just preparing to send both of my children off to university in the next 12 months.  Sincerely wish I was going again too! (August 2016)

Andy Whittaker: From Keele to Barclays and also BAFTA winner. Thank you Keele for starting the journey.


Begona Carreno: Living in Switzerland since 2004, working for Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Married to Hernan and have two lovely children (4 and 1 year old) that keep me entertained. As a Family we try to go skiing and do outdoor activities as much as possible. (Feb 17)

Stephen Booth: Had a couple of stop-gap jobs in adult mental health care then retrained in IT (Jan 17)

Carol Anderson (Ronan) : Lived in London, Geneva and since 2007 been in Dubai, UAE working as a lawyer and more recently studying for an LLm in air and space law (Leiden University) Feb 2016

Sarah Carwardine: Have been teaching Biology at Pipers Corner School for 11 years. It is an independent girls school and i teach ages 12 to 18. I am also in charge of the four houses and am Sixth Form tutor. I love teaching Biology and always include a bit of Geology whenever I can! I love hiking and running.

Gerald Siak Yen Chong: I met my wife Nicole at Keele (she read Computer Science and Management Science) and we married in 1998.We have 3 wonderful kids, a pair of twins (girl and boy, now 12 years old) and another boy (now 10 years old). I work as a lawyer in a law corporation of 50 lawyers and staff. My wife works in government linked organisation as an Information Systems Auditor. 05/2016

Andy Coulson: Moved to Ireland in 2010. Married to Emma. 3 children. (August 2016)

Andrew Glover : Is now a composer, performer and music writer. In 2013 a showcase concert was presented of his music which contained many premieres and include his “Flute Sonata”; Remember as well as many other pieces. 12/2014

Richard Gore: After leaving Keele I qualified as a solicitor and eventually ended up in Bristol, married with two kids. Now a director at Gregg Latchams, specialising in dispute resolution and heading up the Digital Media & Technology Sector. 

Christos Kakavas: Currently my job: Regional Business Controller, company: CPW HELLAS SA (Joint Venture of Nestle SA and General Mills in cereals business) (May 2016)

David Morton: I have recently started to play the recorder again and have taken grade 5 (ABRSM). I have also become a Roman Catholic.

Mark Smith : Emigrated to New Zealand in 2012 working mainly in public sector communications apart from a spell as a SNCO in the New Zealand Army.

Philip Webber: I am Vice-Principal of a Lycée in France… leading a very busy life and still managing to find some time to play the trombone!



Patricia Fryer (McGovern): Married fellowed Keele graduate Richard Fryer [Philosophy and Politics) - Had 2 children who are now 18 and 17 - My eldest is studying at Keele [Politics and history]. (Jan 17)

Nick Soar: In July 2016 I left my post as Executive Principal of the Bishop Challoner Catholic Federation of Schools in the East End of London after 5 years and joined the Harris Federation of Schools in South London. I am trying to keep up my writing by taking Arvon Foundation writing courses in summer and enjoy walking and outdoors as much as I did when I chose Keele as my university. (Jan 17)

Lawrence Archard : Developing electronic products, currently a million boards to be given away to every year 7 child in the UK as part of the BBC Make It Digital campaign. (05/2015)

Stephen Ashton: Enjoying life, married to Rebecca, three children Jasmine, Phoebe and Toby. Spent a number of years helping to rebuild Phoenix club Chester FC, and had my 15 seconds of fame interviewed on Football Focus! Now working in West Mids overseeing Affinity Partnerships at HomeServe. Happy to here from friends at Keele in the early 90s. 01/2016

Jonathan Blagbrough: I provide support to human rights groups and international organisations on child labour issues, particularly on how best to assist children engaged as domestic servants.

Richard Bonnar : I worked for Barclays Bank in London for 7 years following graduation and then moved to New Zealand in 2002 where I now live with my wife Harriet, and children David (2007) and Beatrix (2009).  I still enjoy playing golf, but work fairly hard these days!  I really enjoy the fact that Facebook enbales me to keep in touch with Keele friends across the world.  I'm always keen to reconnect, so find me and drop me a line if you fancy.

Nina Bunton: I am now working back at the University of Bristol, in Economics, Finance and Management, admininistrator for Study Abroad, Exams and Grad Diploma, after 3.5 years of freelance and agency work. Despite a progressive spinal disability I have travelled extensively in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and India. I have also been with my partner for 12 years, and we have both fought and beaten cancer. (August 2016)

Richard Hignett : Practising barrister at no5 chambers, London. Specialising in employment law and head of group.  (05/2015)

Matthieu Pelfrene: From Keele Law School to Software Project Management... Keele taught me to think different. I wish I had spent the whole cursus there! 01/2016

Leisa Perch: Its been many years since I have been at Keele but life has certainly not been done dull since. I took a year off and then I did my masters at The University of Nottingham and after that I returned home and worked with the Government of Barbados for two years. Since then i have worked at the Organization of American States in DC and in 2004 I joined the UN working with the UNDP country office in Barbados. After almost six years there working on Poverty, Gender and HIV/AIDS, I took an assignment in Brazil working on research in Rural and Sustainable Development. I now speak Portuguese fairly fluently. I want to move to Africa next. 

Roman Plevak: After two semesters of TEMPUS exchange at Keele I obtained bachelor and master degrees in Economics and later also a PhD in Economic Policy and Administration at home in the Czech Republic. Right after my masters I joined the foreign service. I served at peacekeeping missions in Western Balkans (civilian with OHR in Bosnia and Herzegovina, military with NATO in Kosovo) and at UN HQ in NYC during the Czech Presidency of the EU. After 17 years in diplomacy I changed my career to foreign trade in 2016. I am now with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic where my job is better aligned with my academic background while continuing to maintain my focus on Western Balkans. (July 2016)

Marc Sargeant: 2016 Working in IT sector with core banking software, living in Dubai since 2005. Graduated with an MBA from University of Liverpool in December 2015. (March 2016)

Haidee Van Duyvenbode (Mulkern) : 3 sweet girls, a part-time teaching job, spinning plates….


Simon Pryde: Working at the BBC in Newcastle. Spent a good part of 2016 covering the Olympics in Brazil then travelling South America. Getting married in June 2017! (Jan 17)

Nick Bevington: Joined BA graduate programme, left to pursue a career in teaching. Did PGCE at Newcastle University and have since taught in five schools, moving to become Head of Department, Deputy Head and then Head. Am now starting my second Headship at Town Close, Norwich, one of the country's leading independent preparatory schools. Married Catherine, a consultant rheumatologist and acute physician and have two young sons, Samuel and Oscar.

Lisa Deeble (MIchell): Became a primary school teacher after completing PGCE at Marjons, Plymouth.

Damien Fornari : In 2007, I completely changed my professional life. After 13 years in the mass-market retailing in high-level positions, I started again 6 years of studies to become a chiropractor. I opened an office 2 years ago. 

Patricia Fryer: Married Richard Fryer (fellow Keele graduate) in 1995 and had two children. The eldest of which is off to University this year. Been a software engineer in the TV industry for years. (July 2016)

Judy Jackson (Evans): Went into prison education because there were no permanent vacancies in primary education when I graduated. Have worked in several prisons and moved to the Isle of Man in 2008, and adore the island.

Lee MeltonAfter Keele, I worked for my old summer job in the nightclub to pay off my student loans, then for the DSS, AG Barr PLC and the University of Nottingham. Live with my partner and daughter near Mansfield. Would like to hear from any on the Maths or Comp Sci course or Hawthorns and Templar Bar regulars.

Yvonne Simmonds: Got a certificate in counselling, wrote my autobiography and had it published. Wrote thirteen poetry books. And still married to my husband after 54 years.

Helen Worrall (Kinson) : Since Keele Ive become wife to Rob and mom to two fab children William and Molly. I taught as a Primary School Teacher for ten years and have spent a further ten years working to enhance the educational outcomes for Looked After and Adopted children in Worcestershire. This has been a fabulous role and has lead me to be co-author of two books and an experienced trainer.


Ruth Abbott: I moved to Cyprus in 1998 and married Lazaros in 1999. We have been there ever since and have two boys Harry and Jack. 05/2016

Jan Brockhurst (McLure): Married & living in Wellesbourne with 2 cats. Worked in the Automotive industry for 18 years, now working for Jaguar Land Rover.

Andrew Cairncross: Graduated in 1996 and took a job on a basketball magazine in Oxford for 18 months. Spent a couple years working sub-editor roles on local newspapers, then on to Financial Times Business for seven years. Thereafter, moved to JPMorgan Cazenove as a research editor in their Control Room, followed by further positions with JPM, ING, RBS and Berenberg Bank.
Now a Special Projects Editor with Debtwire, part of the Mergermarket Group, living in High Barnet with my partner, Bethan, and our three kids: Luke (15), Evelyn (13) and Adam (9). (April 2017)

Stephanie Coimbra (Livrmore): After graduating in 1996, I travelled around the world for a year before returning in September 1997 to start a PhD in Chemistry. During this time at Keele I met my husband-to-be and we will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary next month. After completing my PhD I worked in research in the UK and USA. After returning to the UK, I decided to train as a teacher and have been teaching our future scientists for the past 11 years. (June 2016)

Joanna Goh: Still happily residing in Singapore with my daughter, despite getting divorced earlier this year.  I have been working as the Office Manager for Cundall's Singapore office since 2014.  Cundall is a British engineering consultancy based out of Newcastle. (march 2016)

Louise Lawrence (Grey) : After 10 years working for Intel in Swindon, I moved back to Yorkshire, where I worked in HR and lived in York with my husband and two young sons. Two years ago we moved with my husband's work to Singapore. I still enjoy catching up with Keele friends and would love to hear from those I lost touch with. 12/2014

Alexandra Minetti (Thrower): Married with 2 children. Working as a lawyer in London. (April 2016)

Nicolas Olivari :Four years on, still working as a Project Manager in global listed derivatives for Deutsche Bank AG in London.

Catherine Williamson (Goodenough): Married to Steve, son Liam (2005). Qualified FCCA, JIEB and now licensed Insolvency Practitioner. Worked in corporate recovery since 1997.


Kim Hoe Wong: Fondest memory of Keele; I will always treasure my fond memories of the dedicated lecturers with special mention of Dr Gordon J Pearson, Dr Paul L Forrester and Dr Thomas Hartman (my thesis supervisor). Not forgotten were the fun going yet industrious fellow students whom I have been trying to remain connected till today. Despite the hectic semesters and juggling with a challenging career and a demanding young family, I attributed my determination and energy to attend all semesters, passed all examinations and completed my thesis on time to the strong motivation from my family, lecturers and fellow students. (July 2017)

Maria King (Dolley): Qualified as a solicitor and worked in practice for 7 years across 4 different sized firms - but didn't really enjoy it. Moved to teaching at professional level at the College of Law whilst my twins were young (now aged 11!) but fancied a change once they were at school. For the past 6 years I have worked in the charity sector, using my legal skills in a broader way, and for a cause that motivates me. I'm now Head of Legacy Administration at Cancer Research UK. I love my role, which primarily is responsible for bringing in around £180m from gifts in Wills, every year! (April 2017)

Xavier Buisson: After my Erasmus year went back to France for a year. After graduating I went to Los Angeles for a year to work. Then back to France and final year of studies and living in Paris ever since. (Mar 17)

Neil Aitken: Back in the UK since 2007 after several years abroad. Would love to get in touch with long lost friends that I've been useless keeping in touch with over the years. 05/2016

Helen Bradley: Sarah Durose and I went travelling straight after finishing our MA at Keele. I met my partner in Sydney, Australia and we have a son and I've been working in waste management and sustainability for over a decade (April 2016)

Matthew Castle : I have worked in the nuclear industry for the last 18 years and am now involved in the design of new power stations based in Gloucestershire. 03/2016

Simon Fiddler: After Keele, I embarked on a career as a pot-wash for a while before accepting a graduate position as a software developer. I currently work in London (and from home) as a business analyst, designing and documenting systems for a software house. Skills learned reading History and American Studies at Keele continue to serve me well.  For the past 15 years, I have played guitar in a psychedelic rock band called 'Litmus' We have made a few albums and played gigs across UK and Europe. I moved to Hastings from London a couple of  years ago and am enjoying life beside the seaside.

Steven Foster: I am now living in New Zealand, family man, with a number of work interests. Still playing golf, not as good as I was but still play ok!

Callum Harris-Hulme: Graduated, worked at and progressed to Business Manager at Vodafone/Singlepoint. Founded built and sold Talk Mobile. Rescued local pub, sold lease and moved into sport coaching,management, sponsorship and mentoring. Enjoyed a spell as a Lettings Manager in estate agency whilst developing my sport consultancy. Proud to have raised my son Alexander. In 2013 married fellow Keele Alumnus Dr Julie Harris-Hulme (ne Hulme). 04/2015

Caroline Hensley : After graduating, I spent 10 years working as a curator in the Department of Palaeontology at the Natural History Museum in London. In 2007 I went to South Africa for 2 years and then returned to Gloucestershire where I now work as a gardener.

Derrick Wyn Jones: I did a foundation year then Physics/Philosophy joint honours until 1994 when I was taken ill. I took a year off then had to repeat a year because of course changes then finally graduated in 1997. Best wishes to Cathy Slaughter-Hudson Maths/Physics, Suzie Bingham Physics/Philosophy, and Celine Peroux Physics/Astrophysics and an international white girl in my maths subsidiary 1A tutorial group beginning in 1991 that I gave a bundle of past papers to in our last tutorial... (May 2016)

David Lee: Aerospace/Avionics Systems Engineering consultant. 05/2016

Jens MartinCurrently living in the suburbs of Copenhagen with wife, son and daughter on the way (ETA 27/09/17). Working as a Business Analyst for Nordea Life and Pension. (April 2017)

Tracy Owen (Baker) :
Married a Welshman and had a son. 10/2014

Michelle Parry-Slater : Following undergrad stayed on for MA. Met Jamie Slater, Married at Keele Chapel April 2000. 03/2016

Teboho Raseeke: Upon leaving Keele in 1997 I came back to the National University of Lesotho (NUL) and worked as Systems Analyst and later on in 2000 worked as the Head CSU until 2007 when I left to take up a consultantwork with Aqualogic Pty (Ltd) in Botswana and project managed the Integrated Botswana Roads Management System for a year. In 2009 I returned to NUL and still worked as Head Computer Services until now. (April 2017)

Emma Tovell: Went into Business working for a number of blue-chip companies in HR, before taking the plunge and getting my PGCE in 2011. Now teaching in an infant school in my home city. Also the proud mum of Joe (Born March 2010). 01/2016

Paul Treversh: I taught maths in a number of schools across the country working in roles including head of department and senior leader. I then became a local authority advisor, working for Warwickshire LA before setting up my own school improvement company. I have jointly run T and T Education for three years and am lucky enough to enjoy everything i do. (Sep 2016)

Richard Webber: After leaving Keele I moved to Southampton to work at the university there.  I then moved to New Zealand for a few years before returning to the UK and now run a training business called Best Practice Training.


Andrew Cousins: Best memory; The roped-up pub crawl that I had to organise for the climbing club during freshers week which almost ended in disaster when half of the group crossed a road before everyone was ready. (Dec 2017)

Sarah Hatfield: Meeting my husband in a PGCE lecture. I arrived late, so he let me borrow his notes. (Nov 2017)

Simon Haynes: Keele Memory; Tutorials in the sun by the lake. Hard work and lovely times. I still go to the Christmas Fair every year now, but now with the kids to see the real Santa. (July 2017)

Mike Atter: I went exploring into the big wide world - 1 year in Canada, 18 months in Australia, 5 years in the USA and now 8 years in South Africa. I now own an executive recruitment firm in Johannesburg, South Africa...complete opposite to my first eight years post Keele with was spent in various alpine ski resorts. (Mar 2016)

Juliet Corwood :
After two years teaching English in Japan I returned to the UK to do my teacher training. I completed my PGCE at the University of Exeter and have been teaching in Devon ever since.

Marian EL-Barghathi: Although I was disabled, using two elbow cruhtches on walking, my supervisor "Prof. Andrew Pullin" and people there helped me to overcome this problem and I got my degree, many sincere thanks to all of them. (April 2017)

Kate Golding (Winston): After graduating from Keele in 1998 was a 2:1 LLB in Law and Criminology, I went on to complete the Legal Practice Course at Exeter University in 1999.  Thereafter, I worked as a paralegal for Veitch Penny Solicitors in Exeter for 9 months, before starting my training contract at Battens Solicitors in Yeovil in September 2000. In December 2001, I qualified as a solicitor, after which I returned to Veitch Penny as an Associate Solicitor in the Insurance Department, specialising in Defendant Personal Injury Work. From here, I went to work for 2 years as a Solicitor in the Liability Claims Department of Bond Pearce LLP in Bristol.  In June 2007, I returned to Battens, where I had started from, and am now Head of the Personal Injury Team.  Outside of work, having married my husband Gareth in 2007, we welcomed our daughter, Carys, in 2010 and are greatly enjoying life now in our new house in Yeovil, Somerset.

Colin Mitchell : Completed a Masters in Palaeobiology at Bristol. Worked in the oil industry, now work for the Ministry of Justice. Married with a son and living in Lancashire.(May 2015)

Dean Russell: Moved to Australia for a new job. 05/2016

Michelle Russell (Harris): Still living with my husband Andrew and working in Staffordshire. Enjoying working part time at Royal Stoke Hospital now that I am more the Joseph who will be 2 in April 2016. (Feb 2016)

Helen Williams: I live in Leicester with my 3 year old daughter. I run my own business as a distributor with utility Warehouse, helping homes and businesses to save money. (Dec 2014)


Tarry Asoka: Since leaving Keele I have been very active in International Health Development across Anglophone West Africa, first as Health Adviser for the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and later as an Independent Consultant in Health Policy, Planning & Management - bringing new ideas and insights to re-vitalise health systems. During this period, I also went back to Keele to undertake a part-time Professional Doctorate in Health Planning and Management - graduating in July 2016. 05/2016

Rebecca Baker (Daley): Married to another Keelite, Graham Baker, and we have two children. (March 2016)

Gemma Barker (Bowdrey):
Worked in Marketing until 2012 when I had my daughter. I have since been a fulltime mum and moved to New Zealand.

Dan Chapman: Solicitor, Partner and Head of Employment & Sports Law at Leathes Prior Solicitors (March 2016)

Anne Hills (Williams) : Met my husband Martin Hills while we were at Keele - been together ever since and still happily married. Now living in Somerset.

Louise Howard: After leaving Keele I worked with adults with learning disabilities for several years,  managing teams delivering care in customer homes.  I then moved to work with young people exiting the criminal justice system before working in prisons providing advice and support for inmates at the beginning and end of their sentences. I then managed a homeless persons unit in Greater Manchester before moving within the same organisation to head their marketing and communications team. 05/2016

Kenneth ‘Woody’ Evans: Woody Evans left Keele in the summer of 1999, and has since lived in the US, Taiwan and the UAE. He lives in North Texas with his wife and son. 02/2016

Karen Nicklin: After Keele I went to Manchester University Medical School and I currently work as a Advanced Specialist in Audiology and treat patients who have vestibular difficulties and counsel patients who have distressing tinnitus. I live on the edge of the Peak District with my Partner who is a University Lecturer and wildlife photographer and our two gorgeous cats. We both enjoy hiking and the odd mountain climb and travelling. This summer we are going to tour Ireland and in the winter we will (hopefully!!) be seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland. (May 2017)