Alumni: Who graduated between 1980 and 1989

How does it Work?

We collect What Happened To's from about May to about February each year and publish a synopsis of these in the annual Forever Keele magazine.
When Forever Keele is ready to be published (usually about April), we replace the WHTs on the website with those received since February of that year and start all over again, adding them as they come in.



Heather Brice: Fondest Keele memory; Walking to campus at the start of the summer term when all the daffodils were in full bloom. Coming out of my final exam in the Chapel in the pouring rain only to see friends waiting for me with champagne and paper cups. Having breakfast at the Union after the Summer Ball at some unearthly hour in the morning. Hearing the refectory staff and my room cleaner say "Morning, duck" to me. (July 2017)

Michael Fleming: Married to Jackie Arthey (Keele 1980 History & English);3 Grown up children  a dog and a boat;
Learning to play Ukelele. (April 2017)

Chris Andrews: Worked with HSBC/Midland bank. Worked in education and published some evidence. Retired from British Army (Germany)as a result of ill health in 2007. "Still travelling " - regards to all geographers (Dec 2016)

Jane Ball (Sharp): I gained an MA in Regional Planning then went to work in Coventry for GEC Telecommunications  as a Systems Analyst.  I set up my own word processing business and worked from home after my daughter was born. I returned to education undertaking a PGCE after the birth of my son.  I have had a career in education since 1986 and I currently work at Staffordshire University as an Academic Performance Coach. (June 2016)

James Brandon: Now early retired (with some consultancy work) after senior government marketing career and living the dream in SW France. 01/2016

Michael Clarke: Spent over 30 years working for BT managing and delivering transformation programmes. 12/2014

Andy Downie: Eight years teaching overseas, Sweden and Malaysia. 25 years as a barrister in criminal law. Now a letter cutter and stone carver. (July 2016)

Steve Fisher : I have lived in USA since 1988 and happily married to Amanda. We have two strapping boys to feed, named Alex and Harry, along with Cinnamon the cat. 12/2015

Paul Garland: Now living in Galicia, north west Spain, working in pilgrim hostels on the Camino de Santiago and housesitting during the rainy Galician winters. Would love to welcome anyone from Keele, especially the years 1974 to 1980. 05/2016

Paul Kelly: Joined Europa Publications on leaving Keele working on political and economic reference, and still there as Editorial Director. Active in my local community in music and the arts. 04/2015

Terence Simmons: 64 and retiring early as 35 years in child protection social work is enough for anyone! Looking forward to retirement years with darling wife, superior shed and learning the piano. 12/2015

Melinda Triggs (Storey): Just taken a career break following death of husband in March. Will be relocating from London to Hampshire in due course. (July 2016)


Melanie Greenwood: Work as a journalist. Just gained MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa uni and written first novel (may well be last!) Had three children, with Steve Smith (was at Keele). divorced but still good friends. Married to writer Tom Henry and we have 12 year-old daughter. There's also two baby grandsons and with us two whippets, a cat and trying (with zero DIY skills) to tackle 400 year-old Grade II listed Somerset cottage. Dec 2016

David Baxter: Worked in underwater communications, medical electronics and software engineering for audio. Most recently worked as photography technical writer. Made redundant Sept 2015 and still looking for work. (March 2016)

Andrea Cheetham: My son is now studying at Keele and I brought him back today, following the Easter break. Also brought my sister along, who graduated the year before me! We had a lovely nostalgic afternoon, walking around campus. (march 2016)

Mike Hay: Just about to retire!! Leaving a long(ish) career in social work after graduating. (May 2016)

Ian Melrose: Generally very busy (which is nice for a freelance musician). Last November 2 CDs of mine were released on acoustic music records: 1) "Swirling Sands" - a concept solo album inspired by an artist-in-residence stint at the Baltic Sea coast, and; 2) "Celtic Guitar Journeys" together with two great guitarist colleagues from Wales and Brittany (Dylan Fowler & Soig Siberil) - and with this project we'll be touring Germany and  then Wales in November 2016. (Mar 2016)

Clive Nye: Have spent 33 years in banking carrying out various roles. Married to Michelle for 27 years with our eldest son currently in his final year  at Keele studying Environmental Science and Biology. Our youngest son is attending Bangor University studying Marine Biology and is currently in his first year of study.

Karen Othen (Livesey): After many years teaching, bringing up my two sons and living life to the full on the very busy SE of England we have now moved to SW France. Here we are semi retired, running gites in the summer and doing anything that takes our fancy!

Richard SmallI am currently working as an independent minerals consultant, based in Worcestershire. Our two children have more or less fled the nest, so its now just the two of us and the dog. 05/2016

Michael Wilbur : Worked in various roles for the Home Office for 25 years. Since 2009 has worked for a local Leicestershire charity, leading a suicide awareness training project.


Lynn Massey-Davis: Keele memory; When the mountaineering society stole the fruitbat from the biology department and put it on the library clock to make a bat signal. (June 2017)

David Stubbs: I joined the RAF in 1983 and served for 31 years as aircrew, flying as mission crew in the Nimrod maritime patrol and AWACS early warning and control aircraft, interspersed by a number of  Staff tours. Now 'retired' from the RAF I am a military consultant and writer of academic military history. (Nov 2016)

Michael Duggan: Sworn in as a QC on the 14th April 2014.

Sally Hyman: I worked as a specialist EAL teacher of new arrivals/refugees until 2013.Following the death of my long term partner and Keele alumnus.

Martin Leigh: Switzerland to China, and now in Thailand. (July 2016)

Bob Miller. I now work in less stressful environments.

Paul Supramaniam: After Keele- Postgraduate Law at Cambridge University( University of Cambridge Wright Rogers Law Scholar); then legal practise in the City of London ( Slaughter and May) and then Managing Partner Singapore - Lovells , Senior Partner ( English Law) - Asia for Latham & Watkins, and Chairman - Law Asia. Concurrently appointed to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport, Lausanne. (May 2016)

Mark Swindell : Married 1986 to Margaret Grace - Live in London, Rock Cornwall and New York. Three children, Henry, Cecilia and Louis. (June 2015)

Alan Taylor : UK, EU and recently South Africa. Film and Media Education. A new book in 2016 and one in early 2017.  (Dec 2016)


Alison Tuke: After many years living and working in the south of England,  husband Steve  (Evans - 1984) and I  relocated to Yorkshire in 2016. (Feb 17)

Jean Marshall (Verney): I have returned to Dorset to work for the first time since University and love being in my home County again. I am now a grandma but don't feel old enough. (Jan 17)

Peter Askew: After graduation, spent five years mainly as a tour guide in summer and a ski guide in winter. Eventually went to Australia for seven years, working in the oil industry. The last 20 years I've been in IT, most of that supplying solutions to healthcare. Paragliding is my hobby now (addicted). Grown up kids following in mum and dads' footsteps

Ian Fisher: I have recently moved from local government to academia and am in charge of the legal and governance function at UCLAN.

Sean Kehoe: I sold my law firm in 2012 and am now writing Christian books full time plus preaching and teaching the Bible. I operate a website called - it also contains my books which can be donwloaded free of charge.

Barry Page: Living in the beautiful Cotswolds and enjoying the flexibility and balance of life as a freelance publishing consultant. Happy memories of my time at Keele, and would be delighted to hear from any friends who remember me! Can it really be all those years ago?

Mark Regan: Living in Hong Kong since 1999 and working as an English editor/writer for the HK government for 10 years to date.  Still travelling a lot and enjoying life. Pondering a return to the UK in the next few years. Always happy to hear from old friends. (April 2016)

Karen Schaffer : Moved to Australia 2 years after graduation and been here ever since. 03/2016



Howard Ellard: My favourite memories are - Beer and cricket, the Rolling Stones and the Clash. Moved back to Wincanton about 10 years ago. After 20 years at a well-known waste management company I now run my own consultancy and am Mayor of Wincanton in my spare time!! (Nov 2017)

Angela Wilshin (Fletcher): I'm married with two teenage sons, working in the Admissions Dept. at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford. After giving up a career in IT to look after the kids, I also worked as a hypnotherapist and an ESOL teacher. (Mar 17)

Helen Robinson: Currently living and working in Dubai for a construction company in Talent Management (Jan 17)

Andrea Woodhouse (Collins): My son is now studying Law (with Criminology) at Keele! (Jan 17)

Therese Ward (Bayley): Married to Mark (1987), have tow children and the eldest just graduated! (Jan 17)

Paul Byham: Favourite Keele memory: Chips and curry sauce outside the union after discos. (July 2017)

Duncan Gray: Happily married with 2 children, living near Henley on Thames. (Mar 2016)

Tom Gray : Happy and healthy. Teaching English in a Comprehensive school. Would like to hear from Keele friends and acquaintances. 10/2014

Miranda Mawer : Now returned after 5 years living in New Zealand.  NZ is beautiful, and I miss it; but Yorkshire is pretty special as well.

Alison Murphy (Prowse): I still live and work in Essex teaching maths. Married Stephen Murphy at the grand age of 50.

Alan Smith: I'm married to Heather and living in Rochester. The kids have grown up and I've just retired from an computing job in the city, and am relishing the idea of doing something very different, whatever that might be. (July 2016)

Julia Taylor (Mountford) : After 27 years of living in Bolton I am returning to Staffordshire to be near my parents. It would be great to hear from any Keelites who remember me who are living near by.


Harjinder Kang: After a 30 year career in the global pharmaceutical industry with AstraZeneca I have semi-retired with a range of Non-Executive Director roles and freelance consultancy projects. Would be great to reconnect with friends from Keele Uni days! (Feb 17)

Paul Bryant : Served in the Army before joining Royal Mail.  Moved to Bath, married Sara (1984) and have 3 children Lucy (22) Will (18) and Katherine (15). 04/2015

Andrew Gosling: Still loving life in the world of accountancy in Huddersfield and finally marrying the wonderful Alex in June. Any old Keele mates in the area or visiting please don't hesitate to get in touch. 05/2016

Michele McConnochie (Clark): Relocated to New Zealand in 2003; married to a local with a teenage step-daughter. Worked for many years in tertiary education. 

Jane Johnson (Whitehouse):  Married Andy Johnson (1986) also from Keele in 1992 and now after separate careers we have just launched our own company together....Fellow Velo Ltd. Combining our love of France and cycling, we offer Guided cycle touring holidays in beautiful locations throughout France. Take a look on - we'd love to hear from you. (Nov 2015)

Ralph Robinson: Gainfully employed; married with two teenage children (gentleman's pair!)


Anne Parkin (Tunstall): Favourite memory: We had one particularly cold,snowy winter and remember stealing the canteen trays to go tobogganing down the Keele Hall lawn (Nov 2017)

Michael Antony Green: 25 years on and still in Plymouth with Samantha.  Three teenage girls, so life is never dull and rarely quiet, but keeps us young. 05/2016

Julie Haworth (Ashworth) : Still a teacher and married with one daughter.

Gillian Jowett: After my Law and English Degree I undertook a MSc In surveying and qualified as a chartered surveyor and been surveying since 1986. 31 years and I have just retired as the spirit is willing but the body is not up to it any more! Would love to hear from anybody that remembers me. (Feb 17)

Adrian McGee :  Joined the Police in 1988 and still a serving officer.


Patricia Wright: Retired from teaching 3 years ago. Loving the freedom to do what i want! Enjoying singing in 2 choirs, canoeing on Trentham lake, walking, spending time with 6 grandchildren and travelling when i want to. (April 2017)

Mark Ellicott: Continuing in the world of live music venues and clubland for the best part of three decades, despite the advancing years. Now responsible for Heaven in London, previously responsible for the Astoria, Forum, Brixton Fridge and Dingwalls in Camden. Periodic tour managing to boot. Really it's like I'm still a Social Secretary without the concern of having to get elected. Which in my case was never a given! (Mar 17)

Mícheál Ó Foghlú: Mícheál received a doctorate in education from the University of Sheffield in 2010.
Mícheál led as CTO a spinout company from the R&D centre the TSSG in Waterford Institute of Technology, FeedHenry, that focused on mobility solutions for enterprises. In October 2014 Red Hat acquired FeedHenry and Mícheál became CTO Red Hat Mobile. (Jan 17)

Anna Myatt: I am married with three children to Roger Marsh. I am still working in music, teaching, running training and workshops and occasionally performing. (Dec 16)

Mark Causer : Since getting my MA with distinction, I’ve been doing research and strategic projects in housing. Its great to do something you believe in. I’m surrounded by my adorable wife, daughters and granddaughter and they’re all so much fun. (2014)

Bryan Dawson: Spent three happy years in Aberdeen writing CAL software, then came to Loughborough to work on e-learning, where I still am. (2014)

Julie Draysey: Growing Veggies in Bulgaria. (2014)

John Hicks: Just reminiscing about what a good time Keele was in my life.....a little bit of study, lots of laughs and made some truly great friends. (July 2016)

Tony Hunt: I stayed on at Keele and got my MA in Diplomatic Studies in 1989. I then became a Teaching Fellow of Keele and worked in Beijing, China, for a year in order to help establish a Chinese Department at Keele. I then worked in Keele Library helping to computerise the library records. I left Keele in 1991, although, in a sense, I never really left, as I've been visiting ever since, usually to play the keyboards in various ex-Keele bands. Having had various jobs, including working with HMRC and being an instrumental music teacher, I now work in the complementary health sector, specialising, amongst other areas, in assisting people with behavioural and personal development issues, as well as weight loss and nutritional therapy. This followed my obtaining various professional diplomas in these areas. My wife, Ligaya, also works with me and we are based in the north-east of Kent. We were recently awarded the (purely honorary) title of Earl and Countess of Hay (as in Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire), but I'll leave that story for another time. (July 2016)

Haresh Kotecha : Married a Keelite, Bhavani Bhatt. We have two wonderful sons and we have both ended up working in the charity sector. Would love to hear from people who knew me or the Mrs. (Feb 2016)

Simon Marland : Lead Petrophysicist at EnQuest (Small UK oil company). Married (2012) to Sue. Currently getting to grips with fatherhood - Brandon born in February 2014.

Andy Markham : Been in the Civil Service for 27 years now. Just completed an MSc at Cranfield - very different to Keele days! (12/2014)

Chris Phinicarides: I left Laiki Bank last year (July 2013) after 21 years working in its IT department and 4 years working as the Group’s Website Content Designer. I switched to the private sector; now working as the IT Director of one of the country’s large law offices. I am married to Patricia (1987) We have 2 daughters and a son and i own a Mini Cooper and a Citroen 2CV Charleston!

Kevin Smith: Worked mostly in the charity sector including for national organisations before becoming Director of my own company. (05/2016)

Julian Titt : I am a partner of solicitors in Southampton specialising these days in conveyancing and in September (2014), I am finally getting married. (09/2014)

Elizabeth Walmsley (Delany): I'm going to start teacher training in September - French and Spanish. Hoping the kids won't know I'm a trainee due to my elderly looks…?! (2014)


Philip Gillingham: Moved to Australia in 1996. PhD at University of Melbourne. Now an academic at University of Queensland. Married with two beautiful daughters. (Feb 17)

Helen Southall (Terry): Worked in energy and insurance industries for 10 years before returning to academia.  In true Keele style, I am still combining work in both the arts and the sciences; I recently completed a Ph.D entitled 'Dance Bands in Chester: an Evolving Professional Community', while teaching in a Computer Science department. (Dec 2016)

Christine Branton (Woodworth): My son has just accepted a place to study law at Keele where his father also went - we are very proud of hi! (August 2016)

Philip Kettle : My life-long passion has been my working dogs... lurchers and terriers.  I enjoy the countryside and the history of rural change in the UK from the medieval period to the present day. I love landscape paintings, particularly 18th and 19th century British works of art. I write some articles on working dogs and ferreting for several papers/magazines. 04/2015

Martin Hill: I went into a career in finance , working with Natwest and GE Capital. Obtained my MBA in 2004. Now the MD of a finance software company. Based in the Midlands,and married with two beautiful daughters.

Sanda Smethurst: Have been living in the US for the past 12 years. My eldest daughter has just started college and is studying Biology just like me!


Helen Hubbard: Currently working as a Maths tutor in a school in Nottingham. Married to Graham and we have a 10 year old son, Reuben. 05/2016

Adam Konowe: I have been elected a fellow of the UK's Royal Aeronautical Society. I continue to serve as VP of client strategy for TMP Government working for a variety of aerospace-related clients, as well as adjunct professor of communication at American University in Washington, DC.

Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations and cooperation, Republic of Namibia

Denise Pickard: Became a successful Headteacher of a large secondary school in London. Hit 40 something and  realised I'd sold out. I wanted to be a hippie again. so I gave it all up, ran away to Spain and live a Zen life near Valencia, near the beach. 

Anthony Stockham: After graduating, I worked for a little at ICI before joining Ernst & Young and the KPMG. I spent a couple of (really horrible) years as risk director at Barclays, before starting my own technology company focussing on risk software. After selling that, I helped out at a health technology company and became very interested in the whole area. I am now combining my two areas of interest by being CEO of a company producing technology products for the for the health sector, together as chairman of an analytics company producing software for the financial and intelligence sectors. Feb 2016

Alexander Thurgood : Founded my own boutique intellectual property law firm in January 2010 in France and still going strong. Independent private practice isn't easy, but great challenge. Three kids, eldest working in logistics after graduating from university, the second about to enter chemical engineering school, (possible successor?) and third preparing for Baccalaureate. Exploring my Scottish family roots. 

Nalayini Thambar: Now working as the Director of Careers and Employability at the University of Nottingham surrounded by Keele alumni; my deputy, four further colleagues and my PhD supervisor! I am happily married to Frazer and have a stepson, Tom, but haven't changed my name to Nalayini Smillie as that sounds like a Disney character.... 10/2014

Hank Williams: Adrian "Hank " Williams, married to Liz Watson (1988) living in beautiful Hampshire. Three sons, eldest of which starts at Keele September 2014! Working for an Global software company in an EMEA role.