Alumni: Who graduated between 1970 and 1979

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We collect What Happened To's from about May to about February each year and publish synopsis of these in the annual Forever Keele magazine.
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Jo Beverley (Dunn): Jo passed on to be one with the universe in May 2016. She was a best-selling romance novelist; her 41st book will be published in 2017. She won 5 RITAs - the top award of the Romance Writers of America. Four of her books made the New York Times best-seller list. She is survived by her husband of 44 years Ken Beverley (1970) and two sons. Her website is still

Paul Brownsey: At the age of 70, I've rather surprised myself by having a book of short stories published by a firm in New Jersey in the USA: His Steadfast Love and Other Stories.

Marye Miret y Alsina (Smith) : Axel and I moved to Andalucia in July 2014. He is pursuing his career as an artist and sculptor; I have retired at last and am enjoying myself learning Spanish and indulging in many hobbies I haven’t had time for in years. There's always a meal and a bed here for old Keele hands… or even new ones. 04/2015

Rose Chue: In my fifth year of retirement i am a volunteer teacher at the Lutheran theological seminary in Hong Kong; mostly working with students from the Mekong countries, Indonesia and mainland china. Involved with Christian broadcasting on local radio through Hong Kong Christian council.

Patricia Cole: Moved back to UK from France because of Martyn’s ill health. Living in Stowmarket where our daughter Fiona, Fiona Woolf’s goddaughter, has 10 children.

Tim Gibbs (1970): from Vancouver, Canada just met David Harris (1970) after almost 45 years at David's estate in New South Wales. Lots of reminiscing over a few cold beers. Also met Bryony Barnett (Harker) (1971 at her 1927 Queenslander house in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Their first meeting for almost 45 years.

Julia Ibbotson (Adams) : Still lecturing but only two days a week ; the other three spent on my second career as an author, having just published my third novel and currently writing my fourth. Love having a bit of time for travelling, walking, choral singing and swimming. My second husband and I renovated a Victorian rectory in the Staffordshire Moorlands. We have four children and four grandchildren. Would love to hear from contemporaries.  11/2014

Philip Newall: I joined the staff at Macquarie University in Sydney in 1980 after working in the UK NHS as an audiologist in a hospital.
I retired from Macquarie in 2007, where I had been a Professor running the postgrad audiology programs. I still keep some contact with the university where I am a now a Professor Emeritus.  I worked after this in my private hearing aid practice and as a Professorial Fellow at the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children and as a Conjoint Professor at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales.  In May 2017 I took a full-time position with Attune Hearing which is a private provider of audiological services as a senior audiologist. I have no immediate plans to retire.  My wife Cristy is a teacher of the deaf and an audiologist.  I have two sons, who both work in Australian universities, and two grandchildren.  We live in the Sydney area and travel overseas frequently for conferences and holidays.  I have many fond memories of Keele and the friends I had there.  One memory is that on a winter's day, when the hill behind Keele Hall was covered in snow, I joined an intrepid band of revellers who were tobogganing  (using wooden trays borrowed from the refectory) down the hill near the hall to the lake. Great fun. Alas, one of the band was travelling too fast and slid briefly over the frozen lake, only to go through the ice. Rescue was prompt and they seemed none the worse for wear, as I recollect. 8/2017

Carolyn Pegg: After Keele, I worked in a bookshop in London. Then went on to qualify as a solicitor. Spent a few years as a full time Mum, then qualified as a doctor and went on to train as a GP.

Robert Procter : Now retired, but would welcome any contact or news from the survivors of my generation. 12/2014

Eric Schneidhoffer: I’m still teaching and very much enjoying it. I do not want to retire quite yet. I thoroughly enjoy my work!

Christopher Tarrant: Unlike most colleagues, still working. My only claim to fame are jokes such as "Do you want to phone a friend", given that I am the other "Chris Tarrant".

William Walder :
 Retired from teaching in 2007. Married to Janey Owen. 12/201


Stuart Cresswell: Fondest memory of Keele; The entire 4 years was a total gas. Socially madcap and a great time to be at uni; don't recall doing any work at all. Couldn't get into the library without falling asleep. Still meet up occasionally with the posse..... (July 2017)

Diana Cant: Still working with children, adolescents and their parents and carers, especially with sexually and physically abused young people.   Living in rural Kent with John and a couple of dogs. (Jan 17)

John Hammond: Happily retired for quite a few years. Dec 2016

Julian Comer: Retired in 2014 (Dec 2016)

Judith Wilson - Having retired as a Prison Chaplain in 2009, I became Rector of St Helen's Church in Norwich and Chaplain to the Great Hospital. I retired from there in 2015 and now happily spend my time painting icons, sewing patchwork and helping out in local churches. (Oct 2016)

Tim Armstrong:  Flew in University Air Squadron. Joined RAF in Sep 71, flew Nimrod Mk1. Worked for Air Europe (1979-91, Captain from 1983) on B737. Flew in Germany 1992-3 for Hapag Lloyd before upgrading to Captain B747-400 with Eva Air in Taiwan. Last co. was Singapore Airlines also Captain on B747-400. Now retired in France but doing some English teaching for French pilots and ATC controllers.

Andy Bussell: Lecturer in Geology, North London Polytechnic, Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Geology, City of London Polytechnic, Senior Lecturer in Geology Thames Polytechnic, Senior Lecturer/Principal Lecturer/Associate Head of School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Greenwich. Retired 2002 (March 2016)

Neil Smith: After working as a surveyor in Africa and Yemen, I then spent 20 years in R&D at Ordnance Survey before becoming a consultant in land registration and mapping, working in about 25 countries in total. Now almost retired, but I still do occasional work for Nordic companies. (May 2016)

Ruth Treseder (Brierley): I am now retired after working for 36 years in social work. Living in Leicestershire.

James Whitford-Stark: Retired from teaching geology in May of 1982 at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas. 06/2015


John Bowers: I have now retired.  I still volunteer with Citizens' Advice and Planning Aid Wales. (April 2017)

Janine Tran: After a career in investment banking and private equity in London, Hong Kong and Singapore I am now retired in Singapore. I have 2 children and 2 granddaughters. (Feb 17)

Jo Durning: I spent 30 years in the civil service, including a year in Brussels, four in Paris and experienced five government departments, including the Cabinet Secretariat. I am now making use one of my Keele subsidiary subjects (French) and working as a translator.  (Jan 17)

Alan Bensted: Alan has retired from Higher Education as an Emeritus Professor of Law and Emeritus Pro-Vice Chancellor. He still undertakes external examiner duties  and is a Director of a community trust, as well as a governor at a London College. (Jan 17)

Neil Alldred: After 23 fabulous years working in seven different African countries, in the field of international development, I settled in Northern Ireland, having married Heather from Ballymena, and ran a number of different programmes including the International Development Programme for the University of Ulster. I am now mainly retired but teach Politics on an Access course in Belfast and volunteer with Disability Aid Abroad, supporting trade unions with disability rights training, especially in Ethiopia. (Dec 2016)

Andrew Adams: After completing an MA at Keele I worked for British Steel for a couple of years before beginning a PhD at University of Wales, Swansea where I won a scholarship to the University of Maryland. In those (mostly) pre-digital days I entrusted my manuscripts and research to good old British Rail, who promptly lost the lot, giving me instead a full £10 in compensation. Not quite up to Thomas Carlyle's housekeeper burning his manuscript to light the fire but not far short either. Being incapable of doing anything else of productive value I sought the refuge of scoundrels everywhere and became a schoolteacher after a couple of spells in FE colleges in Bristol and Herts. Having done a PGCE course at Newcastle University, my first pedagogical gig was in Hope Valley in Derbyshire, followed by another in North Tyneside and another at Ponteland High in Northumberland. Hiding my incandescence under a bushel proved a bridge (and mixed metaphor) too far and I became an Education advisor in Northumberland and, subsequently, a Writer/ Editor specialising in materials for A level students. The Blair Years saw the Unit disbanded (and myself made redundant) and I found myself working first for the Education Business Partnership and, later, as the E-Learning Advisor for the Learning & Skills Council. Having acquired a wife and family of three on the way to my present retirement I feel exhausted by my exertions, but whenever someone mentions Keele University I remember wise Oscar's saying that education is wasted on the young. I have returned only once to Keele, illegally taking the back road from the M6 services (where on a Sunday, with no refectories open, most of the student body would amble down to the transport caff for a lorry driver's fry up); I was amazed by the scale of the changes and for once in my life was unable to find the bar. Such is life, such was Keele.

Elizabeth Harris: I'm still producing novels after more than 25 years as a professional writer and some 35 titles. I've just embarked on my third series of historical murder mysteries (writing as Alys Clare) and my original novels (under my own name) were recently republished as e-books. I live in France for quite a lot of the year. My two sons have between them provided six grandchildren, 3 of each. (August 2016)

Paul Hills: Working largely with Baptist Churches but in the course of my ecumenical work i have been made a Canon of two cathedrals, Ely and Bury St Edmunds.

Ian McDonald : After 5 children, 9 grandchildren, 30 years in the UK police service and a decade working frequently in West Africa, I've finally found a permanent base in Salisbury from which to launch out on more of life's adventures.

Alan Prout: I left Keele after staying on to do an MA in Russian History - inspired by the wonderful Prof Eugene Lampert. Thereafter I pursued an academic career, more or less in the field of sociology, specializing in health and then in the social study of childhood. I worked in several different universities, retiring as professor at the University of Warwick in 2012. I have now moved back to my native Yorkshire, live in a Pennine Village and have a part-time post at the University of Leeds.

Barrie Somerwill: I taught, I cared, I led work that helped a lot of homeless people, I burnt out, I joined the “underclass” and suffered discrimination like them - but somehow I've got to State Retirement Age! I guess i survived because of the values of Keele and, in particular, the music of 1968 to 1972- and everything they stood for politically and spiritually. Contemporaries may remember me as a DJ at The Union; im still well into the music and “Keeping the faith” (apparently what i played was later called Northern Soul!) Memories do fade as we get older but it would be great to be in touch again with my Keele generation.

Andy Woolley: I am the South West Regional Secretary of the National Union of Teachers and a member of the South West TUC Executive (August 2016)


Helen Saunders: I have been retired for 2 years after teaching in a London Comp for 30+ years. Now we enjoy travelling the world, visiting old friends and  our 2 children who live in Vancouver and Moscow

Anne Wood (Turner) : Converted my degree to do a 1-year postgrad CQSW, still work as a social worker but in private practice as a counsellor (but free to people with a doctors referral, not betrayed too many principals held in student days!)

Xandra Gilchrist : Living in Leamington, working on Fostering & Adoption Services (Public Sector), which i survive and most often enjoy. Mum & soon to be Grandma. I walk, cook, laugh and love and agonisingly learn the cello. Still in touch with some amazing and valued Keele friends. What a rare gift this education was… free and ripe for the taking. 07/15

Sylvie Summer : Im kind of retired and work part-time as a Humanist celebrant conducting non-religious weddings, namings and funerals. Moved to an arts and crafts thatched cottage in Rugby in 2013; same year became a Granny for the first time to Isaac. 11/2014


Mazda Jenkin: Now retired from headship of comprehensive school in Staffordshire I have returned to unI at Birmingham,passed MA in Landscape Archaeology with Distinction and weirdly embarked on second doctorate in LN/ EB A funerary archaeology ie barrows! Dec 2016

Clive Blackwell: I essentially retired in 2016: it culminated a career in the USA that began with a Masters in Accpounting degree from Georgetown University (Washington DC), qualification as a Certified Public Accountant and working for just four companies, as Chief Financial Oficer at three of them. My wife, Diane, was the reason for moving to the US, and we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year. We have two children, Kate (completing her masters at George Mason University) and Stuart (a volunteer with the PeaceCorp) both graduates. I am writing this while visiting Benin West Africa, a country not in my thinking twelve months ago! Retirement certainly has its surprises; may it long continue. (April 2017)

Barbara Mawdsley-Nott: My brother recently visited Keele, which rekindled many memories and a yen to revisit in the near future. I have been a dean of two local business Colleges, worked for ‘Hooked on Phonics’ and appeared on QVC twice for them. Now work for ‘Roadrunner Sports’ the largest running shoe company in the USA and was salesperson of the year in 2013. Married 37 years, husband Bill, son Ian.

Stuart Raymond:  I am still in Trowbridge; now a grandfather of a 6 year old. I am also still scribbling away, my latest publication was Tracing your Ancestors Parish Records, which I hope appeals as much to local historians as it does to genealogists. Several other books in the pipeline. I would love to see any old friends who are passing through Trowbridge. (March 2016)

Robert Tilley: I am a retired Economist, married to an artist with one son, Henry. In retirement i am an avid bassoonist and volunteer locally in Hastings and St Leonards-on-Sea.

Des Vize: After graduation Des and June (Lambert) emigrated to New Zealand, where they remained - apart from three years (1978-1981) back in the UK. June died of renal cancer in 1996 leaving Des with two children. Chrissy and Brendan both graduated from Victoria Unviersity, Wellington, and are now living with their spouses in Melbourne. Des married Susan in 1998. He suffered a small stroke in 2006 and retired after 30 years in the IT industry. He now lives in Tauranga.

Andrew Williams : Andy is about to go half time at the University of St Andrews at Christmas to travel, visit friends and write more. Jane is retired. We have a house in France and spend a fair bit of time there, when not visiting Doctor daughter Rebecca and lawyer so Nick. It would be great to hear from ex-J Block Lindsay people. (June 2015)



Peter Day: Sold my software business 2 years ago, and enjoying more free time and travelling. Have 3 grown up daughters and a son, plus 2 grandkids that keep my wife and I busy. Still flying and playing football and squash with my son. 12/2015

Jane Farmer (Clarke) : Having worked at East Berkshire College for 17 years, I have finally retired from my post of Senior Lecturer (ESOL). I took the decision to move back to the north-west to be nearer to family now that my 'children' are spread far and wide. Im currently living in the old family home whilst i look for a new place of my own. Now that I have the time, Im hoping to make contact again with old friends. 12/2015

Peter Hall: 34 years at NatWest to 2009 (Regional Director at the end!), Executive Recruitment and Consultancy to date but mainly retired now.  Married to Anne Hall (nee Thackray), a graduate of Keele too (Biology/English 1975) 05/2016

Robert Hawkes: Retired as Borough Councillor in May 2015 and now enjoying some time away from the political scene.  Still living in Wellingborough with Rita and honing up my D.I.Y & gardening skills.  05/2016

Jeff Love: Still in the general area, now working in the NHS after a fair bit of time in Local Government and the Civil Service.
Three kids, three grandkids. 05/2016

Martin McArthur : Now fully retired from all work: last thirty plus years in sunny Manchester,but always north for New year. Nearly had to move there permanently! 10/2014

Derek Nudd : Now officially retired, and working on my second book. This one is a slight change of direction, about the interrogation of German naval prisoners-of-war during WW2. (Jan 17)

Susan Smith (Green) : Working in Biochemistry at North Staffs hospital, now retired. Both children are Keele graduates. Now very happy grandmother to 3 and hopefully 6 by the end of the year. 04/2015


Dawn May: My favourite memory - Going to see "The Troggs" at Madeley College - they were OLD!! Playing badminton as 1st couple with Ann McIlhenney(?) and meeting Princess Margaret ( not impressed). (Nov 2017)

Chris Batchelor: After Keele, I felt compelled to 'travel', clocking up 51 lands and numerous cities and towns. I spent time attached to the military and then Government, but finding myself unsurprisingly in the alleys of central London (where I am from) I worked in management in aviation (also being often on the flight deck as a guest). I reached East Berlin, Moscow & Leningrad, Shanghai, Manhatten and Los Angeles.(I spent 6 years in senior management with air-courier in Budapest, Hungary) After a decade in call centres I now work in "show business" in Dubai. (Jan 17)

Jim Moran: Moved back to Brussels late 2016 after riding the tiger of what was once the Arab spring in Libya & Egypt. Now Principal Adviser on the Middle East & North Africa at the EU, and aiming to retire in 2017. I got involved with what is now the EU back at Keele during the 1975 referendum, and having spent most of my professional life working with what is the greatest peace project the world has yet seen, naturally sad to see the Brexit vote go the way it did. But with everything up in the political air these days, who knows which way the wind will blow in the years to come? (Dec 16)

Anne Lee (Sharples): After many years as finance manager in travel and financial services in 2007 I 'jumped the fence' and became an internal auditor in insurance until my retirement earlier in 2016. I have one son and have been married and living in Sussex for nearly 40 years. (Dec 2016)

Sylvia Burdon : After leaving Keele I eventually stumbled upon a means of earning a living - accountancy - for the next 38 years or so. I married Andy in 1980, and lived in Bristol for 16 years, before coming back to Staffordshire in 1995. An undistinguished career matches my undistinguished degree but it's been interesting. We even ran a pub for 12 years (well, 11 and a half). I bet not many Keelites have done that. 04/2015

Andrew Ganley : Retired at 60. Currently single parent of son, Fergus (8), other children grown up. Lectured in law at universities for 20 years then became an Egyptologist at Oxford. March 2016

Roger Golten: Still married to Dawn (nee Jones 1979) both working as therapists in private practice established in London Marylebone & at home in Kings Langley Herts where we have lived since moving out of London to be near the Rudolf Steiner school in 1991. Dawn went from medical research into homeopathy & I left Shipbroking in the City behind to forge a new career as a Structural Integration Practitioner, author of The Owners Guide to the Body. 05/2016

Barry McGovern : Decided not to pursue Law career and have been involved with Corporates like BSkyB and latterly SME’s start ups. (Oct 2016)

Sylvia Morris (Tompkins): Now retired after three decades working in the Shakespeare centre Library and Archive in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Linda Park (Rymer):  After working in Calgary for over 30 years in the seismic industry, my husband and I have retired to the gentler climate of Vancouver Island. (Sep 2016)

Tony Rickwood : Tony completed 12 years as a Headteacher in Yorkshire before formally retiring in 2013. He now spends most of his time in Menorca. He occasionally works for his wife Beverly (Hatch) also a Keele graduate who runs a Consultancy business. 


Ian Moncrieff: Played golf and tennis for many years but now enjoy fly-fishing and also Wildlife Photography which I have been doing for a long time. (May 2017)

Keith Cole: After working at the University of Manchester in a number of national IT related roles I moved to Jisc in August 2014. Jisc is the UK higher education, further education and skills sectors' not for profit organisation for digital services and solutions (which includes the Janet network) which delivers over £250m of value, savings and efficiencies. I become executive director for the digital resources division of Jisc in May 2015. Although based in Manchester i spend time in the London, Bristol and Harwell offices. Outside of work, we are almost three years into our project to renovate a 200 year old Derbyshire farmhouse overlooking Kinder Scout in the Peak District. (Jan 17)

Susan Ayliff (Massey):  Married fellow Keelite in 1977, taught children with special needs until having own family. Returned to work and specialized in movement play with under 5's, now retired but busier than ever. Recently trained to do seated exercises with the elderly and hope next year to combine this with under 5's work  to run inter-generational movement groups.

Chris Docherty: After I left Keele, I attained a M.Phil in Criminology from the University of Cambridge. Following that, I spent six years as an academic at Glasgow University. I took early retirement in 2011, following being diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia, which I am continuing to receive treatment for. 

Simon Hickie: Clare (Mitton, 1976) and I are still enjoying retirement with Bisto, our rare breed Cesky Terrier, at our home in Melbourne, Derbyshire. (Oct 2016)

Andrew Leckie: Retired from East Sussex Youth Offending Team in September 2013.

Stephen Newton: After graduating in 1977, started working in oil industry. Married girl next door and raised three great children.  Retired in 2015, after 34 years with Chevron, working in "interesting " places.  Moved to Somerset to be near family. (March 2016)

Chris Waghorn: Been living in NZ  for 21 years, get back to UK occasionally, but home is now the Antipodes. (July 2016)


Brenda Duddington (Jacons): Favourite memory: autumn leaves, walks by the lake, magic mountain, parties on the lawn, wonderful friendships - and I still remember an ethical question posed to us in an FY philosophy lecture in 1973 which haunted me (Nov 2017)

Julian Mahy: My favourite memory - Vocal warm-ups with Keele Choral Society with Gordon Pratt asking us to open our mouths by imagining we were swallowing melons. (Nov 2017)

Tony Clark: Best memories of Keele: Walking round the beautiful campus, the lakes, the amphitheatre, the stately line of Elm trees on the road to 'Thorns that sadly had to be cut down (but I still retain a piece). The people who became such good and close friends, the closeness of the community, the parties, the water fights, that long hot summer of 1976. The music that was so important to us in the 70s, the refectory staff who also became friends as they fed us, our lovely Hall's secretary, Doreen, who put up with so much! The walk down to Keele services on many a night - the pinball machine at the services and the machines in the union. Sitting in the library with bars of Caramac trying to build up the enthusiasm to finish an essay. The Sneyd Arms where so many pints of ale were consumed and where the Asteroids table was the height of gaming technology. The Lindsay parties in the Hex and the friends we made in Harrowby house. Living in 'A' block - in A1 - the thousands of cups of tea and coffee made and consumed at all times of the day or night. Relationships and how they grew and eventually how they declined. Laughing, crying, working, playing, picnicking in perfect locations. Beacon Radio helping us through the night. The KNP formed of four members and never disbanded .... so much more ..... (May 2017)

Peter Stanway: Still working and recently moved in to the big city i.e. Bury St Edmunds. (April 2017)

Louise Whitle (Bostock): Happily living in beautiful rural Derbyshire , I have a gorgeous daughter and wonderful friends. Still working full time in a challenging and interesting job and trying to hang onto some of my youth. (Mar 17)

Steven Keeble: Taught in London, Essex and Lincolnshire before moving overseas to the beautiful island of Bahrain (Jan 17)

Martina Longworth : In true Keele style in 1995 having studied for a law degree part time in Manchester, I qualified as a solicitor then spent ten years in Manchester in crime and family law then ten with a firm in Derby as a Children law specialist. I’ve kept up the singing but moved from alto to soprano. Having stood for election to parliament and been a local government councillor I have now given up politics in favour of work.

Rauld Coleman : Retired from the Met Police in 2013 after 34 years of service. Married with two girls. I would love to hear from any old friends. I can be contacted on Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Timothy Le Cocq : Married, 4 children. Qualified at English bar, qualified as Jersey Advocate. 

Anne-Marie Stone (Carlile): Living with husband Jeff and two cats Amber and Jasper. Writing first children's novel mentored by Bella Pearson under Chicken House's Golden Egg Academy. 03/2016

Brian Straight : I retrained in the Life Sciences and started and ran two successful companies in the medical field. I am now an NIH funded cancer researcher. I am married with 4 children.

Marianne Stupple (Cooper): Still teaching and counselling in Worcestershire.

Michael De Verteuil: After graduating worked in London for several years before joining World Economic Form in Geneva and then co-founding financial technology company based in Paris. Married to Elizabeth from New York and father of lovely daughter Louise who is graduating from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Live near Versailles outside of Paris (April 2016)

Stephen Bend - I worked for several years (1979 - 1985) in the petroleum exploration industry, typically overseas (Canada, Columbia, Egypt, Norway, Qatar etc..) but 'returned to school' and completed my MSc in 1986 and Phd in 1989 at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Since 1990 I have been a Faculty Member at the University of Regina (Canada) and have taught/trained/mentored a number of graduate and undergraduate students of my own, which is very rewarding. Ten years ago I wrote and published a textbook on 'Petroleum Geology' that is still used in three continents around the world. I also recently received the American Association of Petroleum Geologists 'Professorial Award' for leadership in geoscience education. Phyllis and I have been married for 35 years and have two 'kids', Becky and Chris, who are also completing their university education here in Canada.
This past year I was fortunate to have the opportunity to reach-out to Prof. J.A. Winchester, who recently retired from Keele, and say "thank you" to him for sharing his love and enthusiasm for geoscience and taking the time to mentor me as a young undergraduate. An experience I try to repay to my own students. This is a sentiment I would extend to all who helped me on my career as a geoscientist. Oct 2016


Chris Conrath: Assisted my wife to establish a Restaurant with B&B that neither of us had done before. Managed to get into the 2015/16 Michellin Restaurant Guides, before ill health took its toll on me and sadly we had to close in 2016. (Feb 2018)

Hazel Rutherford (Bradfield): Retired from the civil service in 2013. Keep very busy with dog walking, researching my family history and playing bridge. Still live in Ayrshire. Married for 30 years, with 2 grown up children. Have fond memories of Keele but sadly have lost touch with everyone. (Mar 17)

Maureen Brook: Now retired but writing short histories on local topics: see 'Herring girls and Hiring Fairs' and others: Newcastle Library Publications (Feb 17)

Marianne Abrams: After 3 ½ years in Istanbul and 5 years in Warsaw, we have now retired to Northern Germany, 4km for the Dutch border, close to Rolf's home town of Papenburg. We are now grandparents to little Anton. A large garden (17 000 sqm), family and travelling keep us well occupied (Feb 17)