Alumni: Who graduated between 1960 and 1969

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Brenda Dawson (Warne) : Continue to enjoy living in New Zealand. Teaching Pathology/Anatomy to second year medical students at University of Auckland, part-time. Frequently visit children and grandchildren in USA (Hawaii and Arizona).



John Warr : After a post grad year at Imperial College I enjoyed 45 years as a geophysicist in oil exploration all over the place. 12/2015

Jonathan Upjohn : Graduation in 1961, then halcyon years of marriage, family (3 Children - 1 adopted) and EFL teaching in the exhilarating and freshly independent Tunisia. After 14 years, transfer to France, initially supply teaching in ESP on the campus, followed by tenure at ‘Universite Joseph Fourier’, Grenoble. Now retired, living in Grenoble, one of two projects on the hob to keep me busy - and taking stock. 04/2015

Gill Betts (Fellows): Married Roger Betts (1962). Had a son, Jim and a daughter, Kate. Taught biology in secondary school and FE. 12/2014

Alan Turner: I taught English in Nottingham and Bermuda until 1969 and then lectured in Philosophy at Rolle College, Exmouth, until retirement. 12/2014


Diana Miller (Kelly) : Still living in happy retirement in Adelaide with husband Ian, children and grandchildren near by. Always happy to hear from anyone who passes this way. 07/15

John Adnitt: Retired for many years now. Living near Kenilworth. Enjoying music in Birmingham - the CBSO and other fine visiting orchestras. Seem to have lost contact with all my contemporaries at Keele- Very careless! Still very much involved in education in The Gambia. Dec16

Jean Turner (Davies): I taught Biology in Nottinghamshire and then in Bermuda until 1969 and then part-time at Exmouth School. I started a playgroup in my village after my two children were born


Roy Lowe : Taught in secondary schools and university Education departments. Now retired back to Birmingham. Married to Kathy (Baily 1966)for 49 years now. Eight grandkids: two season tickets to WBA. To see how i squandered 50 years of my life look me up on Amazon books. Old keelites always welcome: still in touch with many of them. 

Julia Leyden (Western): A very varied career- public and voluntary sectors. Lived for a while in Ottawa but have been in Wiltshire for the last 45 years. Two daughters, one son. Now able at last to get on with my art - gave a painting to Keele (Passion, Driver of History), which is now hanging in Keele Hall.

Tessa Ottlev: After retiring from 18 years as a Librarian at the Institute of Marine Affairs, I am now back at the University of the West Indies working part time.

David Wiseman: I was a ski instructor for about ten years (1993-2003) and now ski for about seven weeks in a season in France, Italy and Austria. I am also a member of the Ski Club of Britain.


Alan Phillips: Val and I are still living in India and after thirteen years we still find it an interesting place.

Bob Morris: Graduated with BA in Mathematics  from Reed College, 1964;  Ph.D. in Mathematics from Cornell University 1970; migrated to Computer Science research and teaching in 1978 at Univ. of Massachusetts@Boston; retired in 2009 to pursue Biodiversity Informatics research. (Nov 16)


Mog Ball: I have been a freelance writer since 1973 and publication of first book, a Penguin called 'Education for a Change' co-written with my then-husband, Colin Ball. Eventually parlayed writing into an academic reputation and ended up evaluating social programmes for governments, most notably Sure Start in the UK. Two offspring, one an academic in environmental science, one married to an Italian, living in Le Marche. Four grandchildren, one Irish Setter. (March 2016)

Tony Burton: Chairman of Friends of Scottish Opera, Secretary The Planning Exchange Foundation, Board Member of the Greenbelt Group Ltd and Grandfather.

Jennifer Harrower : I am a qualified Reiki therapist and choreograph for circle dance group - as a dancer and poet, I am known as Jenny Johnson. 11/2014



Robin Carruthers: Retired as Lead Transport Economist at World Bank in 2005. Now consultant to World Bank, InterAmerican Development Bank, African and Asian Development Banks. (Feb 17)

Carol Hardyman (Chitty) : Retired. Taught in Kenya Did secretarial course and worked with RYA. Also guest house in Cornwall. Now enjoying holidays on canals in our narrowboat. Enjoying grandchildren. (Jan 17)

John Boardman: Retired 2008; currently active researcher Oxford and South Africa (02/2016)

Alan Bailey: Still living very happily in Settle, singing with a local choral society, and playing Rock and Roll.
Shortly off to Nepal yet again (visit no.15), then to Ireland. Visited the campus last year - first time in 50 years - (good place for a coffee stop when travelling the M6). I hardly recognised the place, but had an enjoyable chat with John Easom. (April 2017)

Mike Fanya: Postgraduate Kings College, London and then took up teaching. Founding member and Senior Master of Hurtwood House School, Surrey.

Marilyn Fryer (Dickinson): Became Reader in Psychology at Leeds Beckett University, researching and teaching applied creativity and developmental psychology. I now run a UK charity and small business and co-edit the international e-journal, 'Creativity & Human Development'. Married Barry Fryer in 1965 - Barry became Professor of Construction Management, also at Leeds. He died in 2007 soon after we moved to Devon. (05/2016)

Martin Guha: Some time ago you very kindly put me in touch with Ros Kane, who wrote a book review for the Journal of Mental Health 23[3]2014 p.156-7.  I also found Jim Cook [grad. 1968] who also wrote a review - Journal of Mental Health 24[3]2015 p.175.
I am always keen to widen the range of reviewers in the JMH so, if any other ex- [or even current] Keelite fancies writing on mental health feel free to put them in touch. (05/2016)

Jean Marsh: Married Ernie Marsh 3 days after graduating in 1966. Have lived in Northern Ireland, Dundee, Bolton, Wirral and the for the last 20+ years in Shropshire. 2 Children and now 4 grandsons. We are still in touch with several keele friends. (12/2014)


Michael Corby: I joined the then GPO in the graduate intake, and obtained a commission in the Royal Engineers TA. Having obtained an MBA at Warwick, I was the first executive director of the Mail and Telecomms Users’ Associations, and devised the plans for the liberalisation and privatisation of PO Telecomms, and saving the parcel business from closure. Subsequently, I ran my own businesses, consulting on mail and specialising in telecomms regulation and finance. After selling up in my early fifties, i set up charitable and voluntary organisations mainly to help young musicians, funding Opera at Home and a series of lunchtime recitals. I saved the Rimbaud and Verlaine House, and am developing it as a cultural centre. With Keele Medical faculty I have founded the Richard Mosley-Williams Fund to commemorate this remarkable contemporary who died all too young. The fund exists to send final year medical students as interns with medical and related charities in the third world. Longer term, I plan an endowment to Keele for the medical centre to investigate fibromyalgia and related illnesses. Was able to devote time to the Reform Club as a member of its general committee. 02/2016

Dudley Foster: I joined the National Coal Board's Operational Research Branch and also did an MSc in OR at Brunel. Then, in September 1973, I set off travelling overland to Australia, with an organized group from London to Kathmandu, followed by a month trekking in Nepal, after which I travelled through Thailand  and Malaysia to Singapore before flying to Australia.  For the next 6 years I taught Operational Research at universities in Australia and New Zealand before joining Shell Australia's OR Department in 1979, where I spent 10 years as OR Manager, training three 'generations' of young OR analysts, until the whole department was disbanded as part of a massive downsizing in 1992. I left Shell in 1992, after which I worked for a couple of small consulting companies before setting up my own business DNF Decision Sciences in 1996.  Later, 1n 2006, I returned to UK, where I am basically retired, although I do sessional work for University of Edinburgh, supervising projects on the MSc in Operational Research.  I speculate with my time to find projects (for instance for Petroineos at Grangemouth refinery) and only get paid if there are takers, but it is very enjoyable because I get very good, very motivated students from all round the world: Greece, Poland, Cyprus, Russia, Thailand, Mexico - and, of course, China, as well as British and Irish.  Other things that I have taken up in retirement are learning to swim properly - and going swimming three times a week, and improving my Spanish to the point of being able to read La Jornada by repeated attendance at total immersion courses. (March 2017)

Elizabeth Morgan (Craig): I have now given up all types of paid work and now enjoy being a grandmother. The only use of my languages I now make is when I lead tours in Durham Cathedral for foreign groups. 02/2016


Colin Barnes: I am now working part-time in the area of environmental economics with a recent assignment in Seychelles. Since leaving Keele I undertook postgraduate work at the Universities of Reading, East Anglia (UEA) and Cambridge and a PhD in economics at the University of Manchester. I am now a fellow at the Centre for the Energy, the Environment and Natural Resource Governance at the University of Cambridge. Over the past three decades I have worked in China, Brazil, India and East and West Africa. (April 2017)

Jim Cook: Favourite Keele memory - Mostly drunkenness and the Hempstalls lane Inn (Nov 17) 

Brian Frost-Smith (1968): Oohlala! – Sixties Keelites in French Television’s Erasmus 30th birthday movie. Two 1960s Keele alumni are present in a recent French TV documentary to mark the 30th anniversary in 2017 of the EU Erasmus programme – now called ‘Erasmus Plus’. Anthony Smallwood (1973 International Relations) and Brian Frost-Smith (1968 English and Politics) both appear briefly but very visibly in one short sequence of "Erasmus, notre plus belle année" (‘Erasmus, our best ever year’). Both are former members of the Erasmus Bureau technical support team that helped launch Erasmus for the European Commission from 1987 onwards. Anthony joined as Bureau Deputy Director and Brian as Editor of the (then) Erasmus Newsletter and both stayed with the Bureau until 1995 when Erasmus operational management was taken over by a newly created European Commission Agency. Former Bureau staff held their own reunion in Brussels as part of the Erasmus birthday celebrations in mid-May 2017, which is when the scenes concerned were shot. Anthony (bespectacled and lightly bearded) is present from the outset of this sequence (just under 25 minutes into the film). He stars notably in the delighted discovery that, contrary to his earlier fears, one distinguished guest is emphatically extant through talking to him in person. Moments later, Brian is viewed embracing a long-lost former lady colleague. The film in French was televised nationally on the France 2 TV channel on Tuesday evening 24 October 2017. It can also be viewed (for strictly private non-commercial purposes only of course) here. In other respects, this documentary deserves credit perhaps for not ducking the Brexit issue and today’s Erasmus student views on it, though there are no prizes for guessing on which side of the Brexit divide Anthony and Brian stand. Anthony has now returned to his Somerset family home, while Brian has settled semi-retired in the western French city of Nantes. Both would be very glad to hear from any of their close Keele contemporaries with whom they have regrettably lost touch.

Judith Hollingsworth (Fletcher): Retired from teaching but working as a part-time tutor.Eldest son and family live in Kirkcaldy. Interested to read that Barbara Whittington is also in Scotland, whereabouts? I'm glad she is still singing (so am I). (Feb 17)


Iain Hampsher-Monk: Fondest Keele memory; Chairing the Great Debate on direct action in 1968 (July 2017)

Stuart Judge: Took early retirement from Readership at the University of Oxford in 2007.   Wife still working. Our two daughters have flown the nest and we are in the process of downsizing.  I am an Associate of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion in Cambridge, and also help part-time at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.  Would live to hear from Keele contemporaries. (Dec 2016)

Chrissy Allott: Retired from being a librarian in 2011, but am currently Secretary of the Friends of the local library. Im also active in Transition Exeter. Always glad to see old Keelites. 02/2016

Malcolm Clarke : Life in the last 18 months has been heavily influenced by the film "Marvellous" telling the story of Neil Baldwin on which i was a consultant and also a character in the film (played by Greg McHugh) which won the BAFTA for the best single drama on British TV. Being up on the BAFTA stage was an experience I certainly never expected to have! Neil and I have now written the story of his life, also called "Marvellous" which was published in August 2015. I am the Chair of the Football Supporters Federation and represent supporters on the FA Council. I also sit on the Information Tribunal, the court of appeal under the FOI Act. Apart from all that, I am "retired"! 01/2016

David Henderson: Im now living in Fareham in Hampshire. Im now retired but play fiddle in Swinging the Lead, the antidote to boy bands. 01/2016

James Hough & Jane (Vincent): Jane and Jim Hough now live in Winchester. Jane was Senior Primary Mental Health Worker with NHS Trust until she retired in 2014. Jim was Professor of the Economics of Education and Dean of Education and Humanities at Loughborough University until he took early retirement, then becoming free-lance consultant undertaking education evaluation missions to developing countries, mainly for the European Commission. To date he has undertaken over 100 such missions and has worked in 60 different countries. 01/2016

Malcolm Payne:  Although retired from full-time work, I'm still writing books on social work and end-of-life care and giving invited lectures. (Mar 2016)

Roger Wollen: Freelance in the arts and as a visual arts curator since 1985. 10/2014