Alumni: Who graduated between 1954 and 1959

How does it Work?

We collect What Happened To's from about May to about February each year and publish synopses of these in the annual Forever Keele magazine.  When Forever Keele magazine is ready to be published (usually about April), we replace the WHTs on the website with those received since February of that year and start all over again, adding them as they come in.


Edward Derbyshire: Slowing down at 83 but always pleased to read about the records of Keele’s advancement. Retired but variably contributing to Earth science publications, etc. Self employed for 25 years. (Feb 2016)

Stan Beckensall : My book on The Place Names and Field Names of Northumberland is re-published this month by Fonthill Media, and the number  that I have had now had published, including pamphlet-like books, has now exceeded 40. I have two public lectures to give on this in Hexham and Alnwick, as well as some local radio
 interviews. One of my 7 grandchildren, her husband, baby boy and three-year old girl now live happily with us. I am now President of the Tynedale (North of the Wall) Archaeological Society, but I no longer excavate. We have a large family, and are constantly in touch with all of them. (August 2016)

William Patterson: Retired from teaching in 1982. Now given up golf and hill walking in the Lake District and Wales. Still travelling over Europe on ‘Wild Flower Hunts’, art and archaeological holidays. Still trying to further my education with a well-stocked library of my own. Just have to live long enough to read all the books! (Feb 2016)




Martin Tunnicliffe: Still here. No longer exercising C of E ministry due to health issues. Still playing (mostly jazz) piano, sometimes in public for charity. Five books published, three still in print. Still reading a lot and writing occasional articles. 01/2016 


Patrick Campbell: Keele memories: The whole Keele experience. A breath of fresh air after public school. Playing sport, hops, tutorials, forming friendships. (June 2017)

Mary Bianco (Becker): I am still living in Kamloops, British Columbia in my own house. When at home I am involved with the Women's Institute, the Garden Club and Outdoor Club and try to keep fit at the Y. However, whenever I can, I am travelling to various parts of the world. Last year I went on a trip all around Ireland in variable weather followed by a week's hiking in Cornwall under beautiful sunny conditions. This year I hope to go to the Canary Islands and Malta in April and Madagascar in September. I have now been to all seven continents and 84 countries. I would be happy to welcome any Keelites who are visiting Kamloops - I have even have a spare room! (Dec 2015)

George Broadhead: I have devoted much of my time to promoting Humanism, Secularism and LGBT rights.

Keith Constain: After retiring from the University of Regina, Canada in 1994, my wife and I moved to Victoria, British Columbia. In the intervening years I have learned to play the piano, become an interested reader of Scandinavian crime fiction, and have just published a novel.

Brenda Webster (Turnell): Came to Keele in 1953, married 1955, graduated 1957, widowed 1959, Deputy Secretary of Communtiy Council of Kesteven1960-1965, USAF Alconbury 1965-1973, then retired on War Widows Pension. Took up local history which has become an absorbing interest. Have now developed macular degeneration which make reading and writing very difficult. Life is very full of interest and I'm still learning. I would love to do Foundation Year again!



Norman Bertram : Teacher; house master; deputy head; head of two comprehensive schools in Middlesbrough; Retired 1992; OFSTED inspector too. Living in rural Lincs, near Newark with wife Rosalba. 

Bernard Lloyd: Still working when asked. Just finished a tour of a play 2The Last Confession”, starring David Suchet, which took us to Toronto, Los Angeles and Australia. Amazing really. 10/2014

Norma Peterson: After completing a Masters in teaching (Yale 1959), I moved to Vancouver where i taught and subsequently married. My husband and I owned and operated an environmental consulting company for 35 years before retiring. We now volunteer in an urban forest restoration, removing invasive species.


Peter Brookes :  Two years spent at RADA led to as acting career on stage, film, radio and television. I eventually returned to Education as a teacher and examiner in Drama and Theatre Arts, before retiring in 2002. Now settled in Ashbourne, the time is spent studying local history and politics, reading Shakespeare and playing with four bright grandsons. I also keep in close contact with three old Keele mates and swap stories of the events that took place and the people we knew during our time as pioneers in the fabulous 50s! 09/2014

Michael Moran: Taught Philosophy at Keele (1960-2) Sussex (1962-88) Eastern Mediterranean University (Cyprus 1988-93). Written books on International Politics of Cyprus, still writing! Advisor to President of Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (1991-2000). (07/2014)

Maureen Sudlow (Ashcroft): Retired for twenty years after thirty five happy years in primary education. Together with husband Chris, involved in local church work and running Belle Plates group with friends. Fond memories of Christian Union and first RAG week in the fifties. (07/2014)

Brian Sutcliffe: Ph D. U of Manchester 1962, Fulbright Fellow MIT and NYU 1962-64. Visiting Fellow UCNS 1964. Appointed Lecturer in Chem U. York 1965. Retired Prof of Chem U of York 1998. In Brussels as visitor at ULB 1998  to present. All details on website U of York Chem Dept Emeriti. (March 2016)