Alumni: 2003 Directory

Ben Allen - Computer Science/Business Administration
David Allsop – Law/Criminology
Claire Ameyo - Law/Economics
Rebecca Anderson - European Studies/French/German
Amanda Archer - English/Sociology
Matthew Arrowsmith - Business Administration/Finance
Mary Atkinson - French/Sociology and Social Anthropology
Caroline Ball - American Studies/English
Andrew Bell - American Studies/History
Nadine Berry - Law/Business Administration
Jennifer Bewlex - Chemistry/Biochemistry
Emma Birkkett - Physiotherapy
Kate Blackmore - Criminology/Psychology
Darren Bland – Geology/Physical Geography
Anthony Boothman - Computer Science
Victoria Bowry - Business Administration/Human Resource Management
Anna Boyling - Criminology/Psychology
Jennifer Buckingham (Gibb) - French/Classical Studies
Felicity Butcher - Astrophysics
Maria Byrom (Ware) - Human Resource Management/Applied Social Studies
Choo Meng Yee - Business Administration
Amy Church (Polson) – English/Music
Paula Cole - Education
Sarah Corris (Almond) – International History/International Politics
Hayley Craddock - Sociology/Human Resource Management
Alison Cundiff - Environmental Management/Physical Geography
Chris Davenport - English/History
Martin Davies - Astrophysics/Computer Science
Henry Day - Law
Ruth Dearnley - Geography/Sociology
Francois Diemunsch - Study Abroad
Rajitha Dissanayake - Information Technology
Abby Donald - Psychology/Criminology
James Dowling - Economics/Finance
Joanne Dugdale - Education
Michael Dunn - American Studies/Psychology
Claire Eardley - Educational Studies/Psychology
Andrew Earnshaw - Cellular Engineering
Anna Edwards - Management Science/French
Richard Edwards - Human Geography/Human Resource Management
Martin Ellis - Economic & Financial Management
Chris Ellisdon - International Politics/Russian
Elizabeth Evans (Dean) - French/Geology
Matthew Evans - Human Geography/Maths
Ana Isabel Fernandes Guerreiro - International Relations
Katie Finch – English Literature/French
David Flynn - Criminology/Psychology
Gillian Forrester - Education
Helen Fryer - Biology/French
Laurence Fuller - Computer Science/Finance
Loraine Gatlabayan - Politics of Sustainable Development
Gemma Gay - Politics/International Politiics
Hannah Gilmour (Meyrick) - Politics & Sociology
Anna Goodsell (Edwards) – Management Science/French
Chris Gorman - English/Philosophy
Rachel Gourley – Psychology/Educational Studies
Felicity Gray (Butcher) – Astrophysics
Sarah Gray - Environmental Politics
Kate Greenslade – Psychology/Criminology
Helen Gruetzner (Fryer) – Biology/French
Lauren Gwynn - Criminology/Psychology
Youla Hadjidaniel - English Literature/Biology
Antonita Haire (Harper) - Life Sciences
Wendy Hall - American Studies/English
Mark Hallam - Business Administration
Laura Harris (Preston) – European Studies/French
Yvonne Hart – Medical Ethics/Law
Lucy Hayles - Social Studies/Sociology
James Hegarty - Social Studies/Sociology
Peter Hegarty - International History/International Politics
Becky Hennah - Education
Matt Hicks - American Studies/English
Rachel Hockenhull - Business Administration/French
Christian Hollingworth -Information Technology
Liam Holly - History/Politics
Jon Hopper - Business Administration (Health Executive)
Donna Hui Hui - Human Resource Management/Industrial Relations
Lindsay Ince - American Studies/History
Prodromos Ioannou – Finance/Management Science
Marianne James - Environmental Management/Environmental Science
Hannah Jarratt - English/French
Angela Jein - Mathematics/Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
Martha Johnstone – Biology/French
Stewart Kirkup - History/Economics
Jennifer Kelland – Music/Psychology
Jenni Kilvert - Music/Psychology
Steve Kitson - Geography/Computer Science
Yvette Klepacka - Social Work
Fadzai Kunaka - Law
Steve Laidler - Geography/Business Administration
Clare Lansley - Geography/Criminology
Andrew Law - Business Admin/French
Laura Lee - Psychology/Sociology
Liu Yi - Biomedical Engineering
Rick Lunn - History/International Politics
Richard Lythall - English/Music
Gabrielle Mabbott- Psychology/Neuroscience
Jocelyn McCall - International Relations
Scott McCrimmon – History/Law
Claire McGahan - Management Science/German
Amanda McGowan - Human Resource Management/Business
Grant McKindley - Physics/Management Science
Andrew McLaughlin - Business Admin/Finance
Andrew Mackay – American Studies/Electronic Music
Grant McKindley - Management Science/Physics
Morven Mackinnon - Psychology/International History
Nafisa Mamdani - Psychology/English
Leon Marsh - Criminology/Psychology
Naomi Martin - Music Psychology
Rebecka Mason - American Studies/International Politics
Jamal Mazhar – Business Administration/French
Ruth McKegney – Music/Applied Social Studies
Hiren Mehta - Management Science/Computer Science
Hannah Meyrick - Politics/Sociology
Lucy Michael - Criminology
Emily Miles (Hobbs) - Biology/Psychology
Joyce Millar - Education
Hayley Miller - Maths/Finance
Rebecca Millington – History/Politics
Sarah Mills - Geoscience
Dina Mistry - History/Politics
Hasan Hussein Momani -  International Relations
Janis Moody - Medical Ethics/Law
Helga Morgan - Psychology/Sociology
Susannah Morrissey (Russell) - Politics/International
Politics Catherine Mortimore - Music/Computer Science
Rebecca Moss (Eastop) - American Studies/English
Romana Moss - Psychology/Criminology
Nashrul Fazli Mohd. Nazir - Biomedical Engineering
Sandra Nicholls - Computer Science/Business Administration
Tanya Nicholls - Psychology/Criminology
Kuldeep Nijjar - Human Resource Management/Business Administration
Shinta Nurwulan - Environmental Politics
Jacky O'Sullivan (Willett) - Business Administration (Health)
Natalie Pearce (Rogers) – Law/Politics
Chris Peckett - History
Suresh Peiris - Information Techonology
Maxime Pichot – Study Abroad
Jasmine Ping - Law/Human Resource Management
Jennifer Plumb - English/Psychology
Sarah Podmore-Mills (Mills) - Geoscience
Frans Pot - Business Administration
Tim Quy - English/International Studies
Azizur Rahman - Health Policy-Making
Katherine Randall - English/Psychology
Dom Remedios - Law/Politics
Ian Riley - Business Admin/Finance
Sarah Riseborough - American Studies/ History
Jean Robertson-Molloy - Ethics
Julia Robinson – German/European Studies
Joanne Rose - Human Geography/Business Admin
Sue Row - Philosphy/Politics/Economics
Charlie Rubisoff - International Relations/Criminal Justice
Selina Rudzik - English/American Studies
Shane Ryan - Environmental Management/Geography
Johannes van Scheijen - Business Administration
Briony Seymour - Music/Educational Studies
Nadine Seymour - Law Andrew Sill - Law
Nikunj Shah - Computer Science/Management Science
Paul Sinclair - Environmental Management/Geography
Kashmir Singh - Economics/Finance
Hayley Slater (Burney) - Applied Social Studies/Sociology
Matt Smith - Information Technology
Louise Snowdon – Human Geography/Sociology
Gareth Spicer - American Studies/History
Rachel Spottiswoode (Le Marquand) - Physiotherapy
Bert Stakelbeek - Business Administration
Phil Stockton - Psychology/Criminology
Oliver Stokes - Education
Sun Mooi Lai - Business Administration
Eloise Swain (Mason) – Psychology/Criminology
Philip Tang - Law
Alex Tankard - English/Philosophy
Ekaterini "Keti" Tano - Law/Philosophy
Christopher Tate - Geology/Physical Geography
Alex Taylor - International Relations
Julie Taylor - Law/Politics
Theo Temmink - Business Administration
Clive Thomas - Environmental Management/Business Administration
Sarah Thomas - Education
Joannes Timmermans - Business Administration
Chris Todkill - English & French
Adam Tonks - Physical Geography/Environmental Management
Vassil Touhtchiev - International Relations
Juliet Trew - English/American Studies
Sean Tull - American Studies/International History
Sarah Turner - Biology/Psychology
Jane Tyler - Psychology/Business Administration
Lara Valdebouze - French
Hans van Scheijen - Business Administration
Andy Venn - Politics/Environmental Management
Gurinder Wadhwa - Law/English
Jessica Wall (Chauhan) – Educational Studies/Sociology
Christopher Walsh - Industrial Relations
David Walton - Geography/Politics/Environmental Poltiics 
Jacob Walton - International History/International Politics
Dan Wasik - Business Administration/Psychology
Yvette Waterfield (Klepacka) - Social Work
James Watson - Physiotherapy
Claire Weakford (McGahan) - German/Management Science
Zoe White (Violaris) - History/Law
Katie Wilkinson - Business Administration/Human Geography
Gary Williams - International Relations/Business Administration
James Winfield - Economics/Law
Lars Winges - Human Resource Management/Industrial Relations
Jess Womack - Biology/International Politics
Emma Wotton (Gierat) - French/German
Mark Wright – Human Resource Management/Business Administration
Makoto Yamada - International Relations 
Victoria Yates - Psychology/Criminology
Yi Liu – Biomedical Engineering
Simon Young - American History & Politics 
Mohamed Zamzam - Computer Science/Business Administration

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