Alumni: 2001 Directory

John Adams - German/Management Science
Stergios Asteriou - European Employee Relations/Human Resources Management
Ang Kheng Choon - Business Administration
Elaine Antrobus - Law/History
Nicola Arbuckle (Bartlett) - Human Resource Management/Business Administration
Anastasios Askitoglou - Business Administration/Finance
Tricia Ashton (Madge) -  Geography/Politics
Susanna Aubynn (Adjei) - Business Administration
Sam Ayton - Business Admin/Sociology
Devendra Babooa – Business Administration
Liz Baggaley - Biology/Biochemistry
Laura Bailey - English/Psychology
Shona Baird (Gordon) - Music/Psychology
David Banks - Law/Criminology
Lucy Barkley - Human Resource Management/Applied Social Studies
Katie Barnes – Geography/Geology
Paul Bartle – Educational Improvement and Effectiveness
Leia Bassett (Ireland) - Law
Laura Bather - European Studies/French
Nathalie Beaumont - Study Abroad
Heather Beecher - English/History
James Beere - International Relations
Russell Beese – American Studies/History
Jenny Bell - Sociology/Psychology
Hannah Bennett - Human Resource Management/Geography
Jenny Berrisford - Victorian Studies
Elizabeth Blakemore - History/Music
Beatrice Boehm - Study Abroad
Katherine Boldt – Study Abroad
Sheran Bradbury (Ward) – Social Work
Richard Broad - Maths/Geography
Claire Brook - Law/Human Resources Management
Hayley Broomfield - Psychology/Criminology
Emma Brown - Geology/Music
Georgina Brown - English/American Literature
Melissa Brown (Kettle) - Mathematics/Psychology
Sally Brown - Computer Science/Human Resource Management
Leia Bunker (Ireland) - Law/Psychology
Ruth Busby (Alvey) - American Studies/History
Andrew Butcher - Mathematics/Astrophysics
Tom Butcher - International Relations
Claire Butterfield - Education Carolann
Cairns McFarlane (Cairns) – Human Resource Management//Psychology
Lee Campion - Nursing
Amanda Cannings - Criminology
Susan Cannings (Bottomley) - French/Russian Studies
Christopher Card - Computing in Earth Sciences
Joanne Carr - French/Geography
Chu Xin Chen - International Relations
Cedar Chittenden - Study Abroad
Catherine Cliffe - Neuromusculoskeletal Healthcare
Edward Cooper - Computer Science/Electronic Music
Samuel Cooper - English/Psychology
James Cole - English/Computer Science
Xavier Cousin - Criminology/Psychology
Emma Cozens (Pearson) - German/International
History Ollie Dark - Criminology/Psychology
Varuna De Saram – Law/Business Administration 
Kolitha de Silva - Information Technology
Sally Davenport - Psychology/Sociology and Social Anthropology
Elizabeth Day – Biochemistry/ Biomedical Sciences
Elisabeth Dean – Law/Biology
Emma Deane - Ancient History/Business Administration
Emilie Delattre - International Relations
Ron De Vos - Business Administration
Christopher Dewhurst - Electronic Music/Geology
Gillian Dobson - American Studies/Biology
Charlotte Don - English/Visual Arts
Anna Douglas - Politics/International Politics
atrick Downey - Industrial Relations
Chris Durham - International Relations
Rebecca Dymond (Wright) - Computing in Earth Sciences
James Easson - Politics/International Politics
Alan Edwards - American Studies/Politics
Kevin Edwards – History/Geography
Simon Edwards - Law
Dennis Eifert - Study Abroad
Gabor Erfert - Study Abroad
Stefano Fazzari - International Relations
Kay Fletcher – Law/Philosophy
Kate Francis (Brown) - Sociology & Human Resource Management
Adam Frankenberg - Biochemistry/Chemistry
Vincent Gaine - American Studies/English
Jenni Galliford - Law/American Studies
Claire Gardener (Taylor) - International Relations
Nicholas Gardner – History/Ancient History
Elouise Garrod - Economics/Human Resource Management
Margaret Geoghegan - Palliative Care
Nick Gibbons - Computer Science/Human Resource Management
Kate Gifford (Mitchell) - American Studies/Geography
Jillian Goodwin - Nursing 
Jeremy Graves – French/Politics
Jenny Grey - Mathematics/Biology
Kevin Griffiths - Business Administration
Mark Guest - Management Science/Computer Science
Elizabeth Harmer (Fox) - Biomedical Sciences
Katherine Harrington - Victorian Studies
Danielle Harris Psychology/Criminology
Simon Harris - English/Philosophy
Caroline Hartnell - Politics/Business Administration
Andy Hawkins - French/European Studies
Laura Haynes (Hill) - Environmental Management/Geology
Sarah Hayward (Pettit) – American Studies/English
Robin Heason - Global Security
Baard Hekland - Study Abroad
Adam Henry - American Studies/English
Toni Hensman – Psychology/Classical Studies
Catherine Heraty - Biology/Ancient History
Airene Ho - Business Administration
Jonathan Hodgkinson - Computer Science/Neuroscience
Simon Holford - Geography/Geology
Christian Hollingworth - Finance/Management Science
Timothy Hollis – Computing in Earth Sciences
David Hood - Business Administration/French
Cherry Hooper - Human Resource Management/French
Chris Horner - History/American Studies
Samantha Horobin - Bioloyg/Music/Parasitology
Stewart House - Information Technology/Management
Anna Humphrey (Kirby) - Physiotherapy
Chris Jamieson - Human Resource Management
Kamaldeep Jandu - Social Work
Andreas Janz - International Relations
Caroline Jauffret - American Studies/International History
Angela Jein – Mathematics/Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
Geoff Jein – Law/Finance 
Bernadette Johnen - German/Human Resource Management
Ceris Jones - Geography/Sociology
Paul Joshua – Applied Social Studies/Business Administration 
Sunil Kalsi – English/History
Muniandy Kannan - Business Administration
Eva Kapitza - Study Abroad
George Kassimatis - Business Administration/Social Studies
Masaiti Katebe - Human Resources in Health
Stephanie Keeling - Criminology/Psychology
Louise Keeton - English/Psychology
Caroline Kenny - American Studies/Applied Social Studies
Enid Khan – Industrial Relations/Human Resource Management
Andrew Kimmitt - French/Law
Hazel Kimmitt (Roberts) - European Studies/German
Darren King - Biochemistry/Neuroscience
Emma King Biochemistry/Physics
Catherine Yoke Lin Lam - Business Administration
Peter Lamb - Information Technology
Elizabeth Lawrence – Management Science/Finance
Tim Laws - Business Administration/Environmental Management
Steven Lawton – Philosophy/Politics
Kieran Le Peron - Study Abroad
Leanne Lemmings (Clark) - Criminology/Psychology
Lim Chee Son - Business Administration
Vanessa Lindsey - French/Classical Studies
Daniel Little - Law/History
Claire Lloyd - Sociology/Criminology
Daniel Lomas - Geography/Biology
Jack Jiun Low - Information Technology (Business Information Systems)
Brian Machin - International Relations
Tricia Madge - Geography/Politics
Vicki Mallows - Industrial Relations/Human Resource Management
David Marjolin - Information Technology
Andrea Marsh - Business Administration/Educational Studies
Christopher Mathews - American Studies/English Literature
James Matthew – International Relations
Felix Matusse - Gerontology
Frances Maxwell - Computer Science/Electronic Music
Rhys Maybrey - Industrial Relations & Employment Law
Nuala McCutcheon - American Studies/Social Studies
Rob McGill - Ancient History/History
Thomas McGuire - Business Administration
Gemma McIntosh (Edgar) - English/Philosophy
Jennifer McIntosh – Law
Lucie McManus (Field) - Law/French
Lianne Merritt (Hillier) - Philosophy/English
Philipp Meier - Study Abroad
Joseph Merling - Business Administration/Law
Julian Messenger - International Relations
Emma Middleton - American Studies/International History
Rosalind Milligan (Mayne) - English/Biology
Kate Mitchell - Geography/American Studies
Scott Moloney – German/Economics
Efrosini Monou - Law/Business Administration
Robert Morse – Computer Science/Management Science
Matthew Morton - Biology
Richard Morton - American Studies/Geography
Kathryn Moss - European Studies/French
Shauna Murtagh  English/ Biology
Collins Mwange - Information Technology
Julie Nakhimoff (Gibbings) - Law/Politics
Mark Nash - Business Administration/Politics
Lucy Newman (Fisher) - French/Biology
Tilak Nissanga - Information Technology
Alan Norman - Biology - Study Abroad
Elysia Nisan - International Relations
Tiffany O'Connor - International Relations
Fiona O'Keefe - Clinical Pharmacy
Elizabeth Oliver - Ancient History/Visual Arts
Jennifer Page - Applied Social Studies/Human Resource Management

Helen Palin - Law/American Studies
Dirk Palm - Business Adminstration
Louisa Paparo (Ruderman) – English/Psychology
Charlotte Pearson (Reynolds) - Sociology & Social Anthropology/Applied Social Studies
Paul Peros - Classical Studies/International Politics
Jan Petry - Study Abroad
Alexandre Pouliquen - Study Abroad
Ann Probert (Cole) - Business Administration/Educational Studies
Timothy Rea - Economics/Finance
Jaana Rissanen - Business Administration/Applied Social Studies
Matthew Roberts - Law/Politics
Gillian Robinson (Attwood) - European Studies/French
Ranjana Roy – Information Technology
Kate Russell - Educational Management
Christopher Rutter - Computer Science
Sarah Sadler (Goult) – Law/Mathematics
Linda Sampson - Advanced Therapeutics
Magdy el-Sanady - Health Planning & Management
Sonja Schneider - Study Abroad
Abdul Shahid - Information Technology/Management
Peter Sherratt - Geography/Geology
Darren Shirley – Biomedical Sciences
Alison Smith (Waite) – Applied Social Studies/Criminology
Darren Smith - Business Administration
Sarah Smith - English/Classical Studies
Catherine Snape - Mathematics/French
Laura Stamps - English/Visual Arts
Edward Stanley-Cary - Applied Social Studies/Sociology
Andrew Stoker - Computer Science/Geology
Matthew Stoodley - Computer Science/Electronic Music
Sasha Sukhram - Economics/Management Science
Melanie Sunter - Geography/Chemistry
Neil Sweeney - Finance/Management Science
Matt Sykes - Politics/Sociology and Social Anthropology
Laila Takeh – Computer Science/Visual Arts
Sarah Tattersall - History/Politics
Amy Taylor (Howard) - Mathematics/Finance
Christopher Taylor – Philosophy/Politics
Michelle Thick - Music/History
Joanne Thomas - Computer Science/Environmental Management
Ceinwen Tilley (Stone) - Biology/Geography
Rebecca Tinsley - American Studies/Environmental Management
Jenny Tither - Classics/English Literature
Jenna Trigg - Psychology/Sociology and Social Anthropology
Emma Turner - Law/Criminology
Ruud Ubachs - Business Administration
Victor Van Eijk - Business Administration
Djamila Vilcsko - Study Abroad
Matthew Wade – Economics/International History
Martin Wakelin – Physics/Business Studies
Marilyn Wale - Psychology/Neuroscience
Peter Wallace - Criminology/French
James Waller - International Relations
Jennie Watts (Hobbs) - English/Psychology
Helen Weatherhead (Strachan) - Mathematics/Music
Rory Webber - Neuroscience/Computer Science
Janet Webster (Thompson) - Business Administration/French
Willem Weeterings - Business Administration
Edward White - Ancient History/Biology
Ryan White – Philosophy/Politics
Valerie White - Criminology
Laura Wilkinson - Law/Business Administration
Clair Winder (Noble) – Geography/Human Resource Management
Rene Witzel - Finance/Marketing
Kenneth Kian Fatt Wong - Business Administration
Guy Woods - Politics/Philosophy
Paul Wrench - Finance/Management Science
Yang Edward Xiao Jun - Business Administration
Maria-Rallou Zotiadou - European Industrial Relations/Human Resource Management

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