Alumni: 1997 Directory

Feroz Khan Bessir Ahmad - International Relations
Thanthawi Ahmad – Counselling
Neil Aitken - History/International Politics
Camille Allauzen - Study Abroad
Catherine Allen – Geography/ Sociology & Social Anthropology
Julie Amps - Sociology/Criminology
Kenneth Andrew – European Studies/French
Rebecca Andrew (Lindley) - History/Russian Studies
Malcolm Armstrong - Geography/German
William Armstrong – German/Geography
Tracy Baker - Law/Economics
Tony Ball - Architectural History
Linda Barnes - Criminology/Psychology
Bob Bement – Education
Joanne Blannin - American Studies/French
Elizabeth Bliss (Smith) - American Studies/Geography
Delphine Bouchonnet-Groenendijk - Study Abroad
Helen Bradley - Environmental Law and Policy
Gillian Broadley - Radiographic Studies
Paul Briggs - Management Science/Computer Science
Rosemary Brotchie (Francis) - History/Politics
Patrick Burke - History/Politics
Chris Cartwright - Computer Science/ Electronics
Chan Si - Law/Computer Science
Georgina Chancellor (Houghton) - Law/French
Mandy Cheek - American Studies/History
Markhaaj Choidorj - International Relations
Martine Chung How (Lee Choong Tong) - Business Administration/Human Resource Management
Gareth Clark - Business Administration/Human Resource Management
Claire Coleman (Andrews) - Biomedical Sciences
Rhian Cooper (Taylor) - History/Psychology
Rosalind Cowdery - Geography/Geology
Thomas Craigen – Criminology/Psychology
Nick Crowhurst - Law/Management Science
Helena Curtis - Geography/Geology
Duco Dantuma – Geology
Evis Daum (Bozo) - Law/Business Administration
Helen Davies – Education
Paul Davies – Social Theory & Organisation
Suzanna Davies (Buggins) - Economics/German
Peter Deaville - Chemistry/Physics
Ingrid Demaershalk - Computing in Earth Sciences
Max Dinning – Music/Politics
Nova Dudley-Gough (Dudley) English/Law
Eleanor Dyde (Walley) - Law/History
Eric Engmann - Comouting in Earth Sciences
Roger Errington - Health Management
Justen Evans - English/History
Georgia Evelyn - Law/Human Resource Management
Samantha Farhall (Searle) - English/History
Edward Farrow - Literary & Cultural Studies
Anne Figgins (Goodenough) – Law/Criminology
Andrea Finney - Criminology/Psychology
Richard Fryer - Philosophy/Politics
David Gale – Human Resource Management/Business Administration
Tom Gamble - Industrial Relations
James Giffen - Economics/Politics
Joanna Goldthorpe – Human Resource Management/Psychology
Carole Gotham (Allison) - Classics/Music
Lawrence Grant-Woolley - Computing in Earth Science
Sandra Gray (Buckley) - Medical Ethics
Cathy Green (Threadgold) - French/Busines Administration
Steven Griffiths - Mathematics/Physics
Can Guclu - Human Resource Management/Business Administration
Sharon Hadjiyiakoumi (O'Hagan) - English/History
Jackie Hanes – Geography/Applied Social Studies
Warren Hallam - Politics/Philosophy/Economics
Julie Hanks - English Literature/Philosophy
Jon Hardy - Geography/International Politics
James Harvey – Criminology
Will Hatton - Management Science/Computer Science
David Hayes – Computer Sciences/Electronic Engineering
Joanna Heinl (Simms) – French/Geography
Caroline Hensley - Biology/Geology
Mark Hetherington - English/Law
Brian Hewitt – Therapeutic Radiography
Alan Hill - Geology/Geography
Robert Hirst - Electronic Music/Computer Science
Sally Holgate – Sociology and Social Anthropology/Psychology
Carla Hoof - Law/Psychology
Kate Hudson - English/History
Alun Hughes - US History
Riaz Hussain – Social Work
Joanna Jefferson (Keeling) - European Studies/French
Siri Jensen - Politics/Environmental Management
Clare Jones - English/History
Derrick Jones - Philosophy/Physics
Miltiadis Kakkos - Classical Studies/English
Maria Kanellis - Geography/Sociology & Social Anthropology
Nikolas Katountas – Law/Sociology
Vassos Kavallaris - Computer Science/Management Science
Sophie Kelman (Hold) English/French)
Feroz Bessir Khan - International Relations
Jasmine Khan - Law & Politics
Maria King (Dolley) - Law/Management Science
Florian Kirchhoff – Physics
Rasmus Kolind - Management Science/Statistics
Martin Lambert - Management Science/Biology
Daniel Laviers (Greenstreet) - Computer Science/Electronics
Claire Lawrence (Lloyd) - American Studies/Economics
Costas Lazarides - Human Resources Management/Business Administration
Cecile Lechat - History/Politics (Study Abroad)
Alison Lees (Proctor) – Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics
Ed Lewis - Geography/American Studies
Kim Leahy – History/International Politics
Fredrika Lenne (Hogberg) - Study Abroad
Helen Lippell - Latin/Economics
Deborah Liversage - Criminology/Psychology
Iain Lloyd - Chemistry/Geology
Rosemary Lunt - Community Pharmacy
Alex Macfie – Computer Science
Beverley Manning – Education
Jens Martin - Management Sciences/German
Noline Matemera – Law/ Business Administration
Cindy McAuliffe - Study Abroad
Kim MacLachlan (Pilbeam) - History/German
Darren Massey – Geography/Chemistry
Robert Meadows – Law/Sociology and Social Anthropology
Emmanuel Mendonca - French/European Studies
Caroline Middleton (Allen) - Law & Management Science
Mark Morley – International Relations
Steven Morris - Economics/Politics
Ben Mumby-Croft - International Relations
Narayanan Subramaniam - Business Administration
Frank Neumann - US History & Politics
Amanda O'Donnell - Social Studies/English
Kim Ownes (Leahy) – History/International Politics
Caroline Panting - European Studies/French
Helen Papworth (Greaves) - US History
Michelle Parry - English/French
Russell Parsons - English/Philosophy
Craig Paterson - History/Criminology
Adam Payne – American Studies/Psychology
Helen Peacock (Forster) – Physiotherapy
Fiona Power - English/Classical Studies
Clare Price (Jones) - English/History
Brenda Procter - Industrial Relations
Chrishanthi Pushpananthan - Biology/Geology
Mike Quigley - Foundation Year
Alison Quinn – Community Care
Michelle Ramsay (Castro) - French/English
Teboho Raseeke - Data Engineering
Karen Ratcliffe – Politics/Sociology
Sarah Rees (Winbourne) - Psychology/English
Carys Rhianwen - Economics/French/German
Stephanie Rhodes - International Politics/French
Karen Richards - Social Studies/English/Education
Amy Robbins - English/Psychology
Alison Roberts (Craig) - French/German
Sue Roberts - Business Adminstration
Lisa Roden (Robinson) – English/American Studies
John Simon Rofe - International Relations
Charice Rolle - International Relations
Cathie Rougier - Study Abroad
Claire Rowney (Napier) - Biomedical Sciences
Moshe Ruso - Law/Management Science
Susan Ryan (Cannon) - European Studies/Russian Studies
Louise Scale – Geology
Mark Scully – International Relations
John Sheldon - French/Law
Emily Shiel (Spencer) – Physiotherapy
Jon Short - Law/French
Joanna Simms - French/Geography
Julia Skippen - French/Business Administration
Donna Smith - Law/Criminology
Susan Smith (Blood) – Biology/English Literature
Sally Snowdin - Maths/Management Science
Pamela Stanway (Cross) - Psychology/Sociology
Anne Starbuck (Hughes) - Health Executive
Robert Summers - Mathematics/Psychology
Darrel Swift - Geography/Education
Ceri Tapp (Jenkins) – Physics
Charlotte Taylor (Laxton) - Astrophysics/Business Administration
Oliver Teicke - American Studies/English
Jeff Temple - Study Abroad
Kelly Thompson (Hatton) - American Studies/Geography
Michael Thompson - Education Management
Charlotte Togni - Geography/Music
Paul Treversh - Economics/Statistics
Mark Tomlinson - English/Law
Emma Tovell - Human Resource Management & Psychology
Anthony Tudor - European Industrial Relations/Human Resource Management
Julie Tunnicliffe - Physiotherapy
Vassilis Velmachos - Psychology/Human Resource Management
Nick Verner - English/Philosophy
Abigail Vernon - European Politics
Katharine Waldrum (Knight) - Literary & Cultural Studies
Stephen Walker - Information Technology
Rashmi Walsh (Chavda) – English/Geography
Ruth Watkins (Waters) - French/Business Administration
Rchard Webber - Computer Science/Management Science
Claire West (Gardner) – Therapeutic Radiography
Sarah Westley - Maths/Management Science
Caroline Whitehand - Geography/Psychology
Kimberly Wiggins (Bennett) - English Literature/Geography
James Wigmore - German/Environmental Management 
Lucy Wilkinson (Joslin) - Economics/International Politics
Alex Wilson - Business Administration/German
Stephen Womack - European Politics
Beverley Woolrich - Psychology/Social Anthropology/Sociology
Tom Woodman – European Studies/German
Alison Yemm - English/History
Ross Yiasemides – Physiotherapy
Philip Young - Music/French

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