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Dual Honours mini The Directory is not a complete list of alumni. It lists only those who have explicity agreed to be listed - typically 5% to 10% of any particular year group.

Alumni are listed by "Class" - Class is usually the year of graduation (of the first degree if more than one) or the year of leaving Keele (e.g. incomplete, transferred, study abroad).

People who have changed their name since leaving the University are listed by their later name, with the name used at Keele in brackets. We do not include honorifics, titles etc. Apart from changes of surname, entries appear as a student at Keele.

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NOTE: A listing in this directory does not confirm that any individual was awarded any particular degree or qualification or pursued any particular course - educational details are provided only as a guide to identification. Such confirmation may be sought from the University's academic records team.

Image: promotional poster around 2009 - Keele has always been renowned for its extensive dual and joint honours courses.









Subjects are listed only to help in identification and do not confirm or verify that any individual has achieved any particular qualification or level of study. We will never divulge personal contact details without explicit prior permission.