Alumni of the Month July 2008

Paul Carter (2007 Applied Biomedical Sciences)

1. How did you get to where you are now?
aom_Paul Carter I am currently working in Manchester at the University Hospital of South Manchester, Wythenshawe. I am a State registered Qualified Biomedical Scientist in the Histopathology department. To get here I completed my degree at Keele in Applied Biomedical Sciences where I achieved a 2.1 grade BSc. I still live in Stoke-On-Trent and regularly visit Keele where I have still many friends studying. During my time at Keele became a keen musician and song writer and co-founded our own band “The Smoking Kills”. The Band consists of 7 current and recently graduated Keele students. We have always used Keele as our main place of practice, and have recently started our gigging career off with our first ever performance at Keele Battle of the Bands 2008. So I am currently juggling the life of a NHS Professional during the day and the rest of the time is devoted to “The Smoking Kills”. I am third from the right in the photo - sitting down in a black coat!

2. What has been your biggest achievement so far?
My two biggest achievements so far are achieving my 2.1 at Keele and the success of the band. The first gig saw us through to the final of Battle of the Bands at Keele where we gave a great performance and were narrowly beat by a rival well established band. The fact that our second ever gig was played to a large crowd at our very own University where it all started was a huge achievement in its self, and I know we will go from strength to strength.

3. And your biggest mistake?
I found myself at Keele in 2002 not knowing if I even wanted a degree really. Just out of college and not really having any direction. I ended up failing my first year and finding myself with the prospect of having to leave Keele. It proved all the motivation I needed from that point and helped me find my chosen profession. I saw the degree through and achieved what I set out to do.

4. What are your ambitions now?
I currently am training at work to be a Specialist in my field and I plan to undertake a Masters in Cellular Pathology as soon as I can. The Smoking Kills are beginning to take off and are receiving offers from venues all over the midlands and North West, with more dates to appear on the website in the next few months.

5. What advice would you give to someone wanting to work in a similar field?
Work hard and definitely contact Life Sciences about possible placements that you can use as part of your degree. This will provide you with vital contacts to use when you complete your degree and are looking for employment, as many placements may lead to graduate positions. Make the most of your University experience! Work hard and play hard, and meet as many people as you can along the way.

6. What made you choose Keele University?
I originally came from Telford, Shropshire, so Keele offered a University close to home and yet still far enough away to get my own freedom. Also I really liked the campus way of life and didn’t want to end up cooped up in halls in the middle of a busy city.

7. How has Keele influenced your life?
Keele has prepared me for the world in the fact that it has given me the confidence and knowledge about how the world works, for good and bad. I have not always agreed with how the university was run in different respects, but this always gives you ideas how to make it better I guess. It gave me the opportunity to meet my friends and make me the person I am today, which also inspires me in every song we write.

8. What is your favourite memory of Keele?
It’s still ongoing, so the jury is still out, but off the top of my head it would be seeing The Music play at Keele in the ballroom and partying all through the night, or maybe one of our infamous Horwood O Block Parties and fireworks off the balcony at 3 am just as the take-aways arrive. Good times.

9. And your worst?
Failing a year and almost having to leave.

10. Anything else you would like to add?
Good luck to everyone at Keele; past, Present, and Future. Listen to Keele’s newest Band