Karen Anderton: Keelite of the Month March 2014

2002 Law and International Politics

What am I doing now?

I am a Research Fellow in Low Carbon Policy and Governance at Oxford University’s Centre for the Environment and have also run EnviroConsulting since 2007.
Karen Anderton How did you get to where you are now? 

I focused a lot on environmental law and politics options when I was at Keele, which I then took forward when I did an MSc in Environment and Development straight after Keele. Following that, I took some voluntary jobs before getting a research post at the just-about-to-launch NGO The Climate Group in 2004. I was there for four years and worked a lot with cities and regional governments that were successfully reducing their energy emissions, but having trouble reducing the impact of transport. This research area was really interesting to me so I applied to do a PhD to look into it further. I finished that in January 2012 and have continued to work in the research unit since then.

Photo Right: Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - for my honeymoon!

What has been your biggest achievement so far? 

Probably finishing my PhD.

And your biggest mistake?

Saying yes to everything! Being so passionate about my work, I want to do as much as I can regardless of not having enough time to fit it in. It always gets done eventually though!

What are your ambitions now?

To help get climate change properly on the political agenda and to have low carbon living as something we do without thinking about it.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to work in a similar field?

Do what you enjoy, take opportunities that are presented to you and work hard.

What made you choose Keele University? 

I fell in love with the campus when I came to visit (yes it was a sunny day!) and I liked having the option to study two subjects.

karen at Keele What kind of a student were you? 

Fairly studious at first, but I managed to find the balance between working hard and playing hard by my third year.

Photo: Playing hard on Graduation day - in the Union

How has Keele influenced your life? 

It set my on the path towards my career to date and gave me lifelong friends that I cherish.

What is your favourite memory of Keele?

Captaining the women’s rugby team in my final year.

What is your impression of Keele now? 

I meet people now and then who went to Keele and I have the impression that despite the upgrades and changes seen since I left, it really is the same place with the same vibe as it always was.

Anything else you would like to add?

Some time after I graduated, I met one of my now closest friends in a toilet on a rugby tour in Holland. Whilst we were at Keele at the same time, we never met, but it was Keele that got us chatting. This friend also introduced me to my husband through one of her friends from Keele, so for this I am also truly grateful!