Charlotte Aldhouse - Keelite of the Month October 2016

2002 French and Human Resource Management

Charlotte Aldhouse BA What am I doing now?

I am currently working in central London, for an educational recruitment companyas an Overseas resource.  I recruit teachers from Australia and New Zealand and help them relocate to the UK to work in London schools.

Photo right: Graduation Day 2002
How did you get to where you are now? 

This latest job is actually a culmination of loads of jobs and experiences I have had so I suppose it has all worked out!  It merges my career in the travel industry, which is where I started after graduating from Keele; and my career as a teacher of French and Spanish, which I did for seven years, until last year.
Charlotte with the Olympic Flame and athletes What has been your biggest achievement so far? 

My biggest achievement so far was being selected to be part of the cast in the London 2012 Opening and Closing ceremonies, as I met the most amazing people and it has led on to so many more wonderful experiences and opportunities, such as performing at the UEFA Champions League Cup final pre-match show, at Wembley and Performing at the O2 with Take That last summer for the London leg of their tour! 

Photo left: At the 2012 London Olympic Games with GB athletes Crista Cullen and Rachel Cawthorn

I have most recently recorded a single in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, which was written by one of my fellow drummers from London 2012 and is dedicated to the memory of Stephen Sutton – who we performed with at Wembley to help him fulfil an item on his “bucket list”.  London 2012 Olympics with danny Boyle The single is called Champion (by Pandemonium Drummers and Friends) and it celebrates unity, hope and positivity and was inspired by our Olympic experience. Please download it and help support this amazing charity!

Photo right: At the 2012 London Olympic Games with Danny Boyle!
And your biggest mistake?

I honestly can’t see anything that has been a big mistake as I’ve learnt so much from all of the things I’ve experienced and even if things didn’t always work out how I might have thought, I’ve come out the other side a better and stronger person.
With Keele friends What are your ambitions now?

I’m so lucky that I’ve achieved so many ambitions and so much more so I would say my ambitions now are simply to make the most of each day and try and be the best version of myself I can be.
What advice would you give to someone wanting to work in a similar field? 

I would say whatever you want to go into, just go for it. You don’t always have to be the most talented at everything but a positive attitude and loads of enthusiasm for what you want goes a long way!  Join as many different clubs and societies at Keele as possible so you meet loads of people and gain experiences. Inter-personal skills are so valuable in Human Resources Management and in most jobs to be honest!
What made you choose Keele University?  

I wanted to do dual honours – I’ve never been good at making tough choices and couldn’t pick just one subject! Also I just fell in love with the campus.  I loved the idea of it being its own little world on top of the hill and - despite visiting on a wet and windy January – I knew I had to go to Keele. No other university I viewed could match up.
With Keele friends What kind of a student were you? 

I wasn’t the most natural academic but just about managed to get through the modules for all my courses.  I was the first person in my family to go to University so I knew how important it was to give it my best shot. I loved the social side of Keele and was in the Ladies' Rugby Team (quite possibly the smallest Winger ever?) and the French Drama Society in my first year, KUBE radio in second and Keele Dance society in final year.

Photo left: Ready for the Union Ball - Charlotte, Chris Day (2001), Steve Buckley (2002), and Sian Simmons (Batchelor) (2002)
How has Keele influenced your life? 

It was so important to have such a great environment to live in as I didn’t always find the courses easy and going to the library was quite intimidating!  I just loved walking around the campus as it has such a sense of history and was always somewhere I felt I belonged – just maybe not in the library!  I really think if I’d just gone to a local University and stayed at home, I wouldn’t have finished my degree.  It really did give me the basis for the rest of my working life.
Pretending I am at Hogwarts What is your favourite memory of Keele?

So many happy memories.... Pretty much any night out in the union, dancing to all the great tunes of the day.  There are some real anthems and to this day when I hear them, I feel like I’m right back in the Ballroom or the Club.  Also my Graduation day was amazing as I loved wearing the cap and gown – even if I did look like I was an extra from Harry Potter.

Photo right: Pretending I am at Hogwarts
In Hawthorns What is your impression of Keele now? 

Keele has grown a lot and yes I have been back since!  I was really impressed with the new developments like the Medical School but I’m glad the essence of Keele has remained.  I am always sad when I drive away from Keele as I would love to go back in time to those days!
Anything else you would like to add? 

I am still in touch with a few Keele friends – The Hawthorns girls I met in my first year are friends forever, even if we don’t see that much of each other anymore!

Photo left: In Hawthorns with Sian Simmons (Batchelor) (2002)