Alumni of the Month May 2007

Adam Marsland (2006 Global Politics)

1. How did you get to where you are now?

I am currently studying Global Security in a Masters Postgraduate course at Keele University after completing my undergraduate degree in Global Politics. Coupled with this, I am training to run the Snowdonia Marathon for the Marie Curie Cancer charity this autumn, and have just started another water polo season for my club, Paragon. How I got to this stage is a mixture of chance and great guidance, and I owe a lot to those that have supported me.

aom_AdamMarsland 2. What has been your biggest achievement so far?
I consider my biggest achievement gaining twenty-seven caps playing for England at water polo, and something that I hope to add to in the future. This has given me the opportunity to travel all over the world, meet some interesting people and experience cultures than otherwise would not have been possible. Rowing the length of England in twenty-eight days for The British Heart Foundation with my friend Neil Bugler is also worth a mention, as this required pushing myself physically and mentally to my absolute limits, and gaining such self-satisfaction in the process that cannot be compared to anything else I have ever experienced.

3. And your biggest mistake?

Everybody makes mistakes, but I prefer not to dwell on mine. Just by remembering that every cloud has a silver lining and learning from past experiences is enough to make sure that I don’t make them again.

4. What are your ambitions now?

In the short term I am just concentrating on completing my Masters program and finishing the Snowdonia Marathon in a top hundred position. Looking to the future though, I am going to take time out to travel to corners of the world which otherwise would go amiss, and find a career which makes a difference to the world.

5. What advice would you give to someone wanting to work in a similar field?

It is hard to give advice when I am just setting out on my own journey. From my own sporting experiences however, I would tell anyone that, with the right mindset they can accomplish anything. So many people have told me that you can’t do this, or you are not good enough to compete at that but with mental and physical determination you are as good, or better than, the competition.

6. What made you choose Keele University?

I chose Keele University for the simple reason that it was in the top ten in the university tables for International Politics and did not require straight A’s at A-Level! However looking back it is hard to picture myself at any other establishment.

7. How has Keele influenced your life?

Keele has provided me with some of the happiest memories of my life; I have some brilliant friends, a great girlfriend, and direction in life.

8. What is your favourite memory of Keele?

There have been some unprintable incidences that still make me laugh to tears. But my favourite memory in my four years at Keele has to be sitting around with my friends, laughing and messing about! And also watching Jordan drink Tequila……

9. And you’re worst?

The two week exam period is always stressful and nerve-wracking. But to be honest there are so few bad memories at Keele that I can’t really pick out one.

10. Anything else you would like to add?

I just hope that every student enjoys Keele as much as I did.