Accepted Abstracts

All abstracts for KEELE13 can be downloaded as a Book of Abstracts here: KEELE13 Abstract Book


Individual accepted abstracts for the meeting can be found here:


Abstract: Alvarado-Hernandez, Alfredo

Abstract: Asin, Javier

Abstract: Aubin, Danielle

Abstract: Authier, Jerome

Abstract: Bigtree, Del

Abstract: Cab-Guillen Yahaira

Abstract: Cerdas-Solano, Jacqueline

Abstract: Chicas-Mosier, Ana

Abstract: Chitolina, Maria

Abstract: Cruz-Ortega, Rocio

Abstract: DeLong, Gayle

Abstract: de Miguel, R

Abstract (1): Drabek, Ondrej

Abstract (2): Drabek, Ondrej

Abstract: Driscoll, Charles

Abstract: Ehgartner, Bert

Abstract: Eidi, Housam

Abstract: Esquivel, Hernandez, L. Y.

Abstract (1): Exley, Christopher

Abstract (2): Exley, Christopher

Abstract: Farhat, Syeda

Abstract: Ferrero, Maria, Elena

Abstract: Frankowski, Marcin

Abstract: Hernandez-Sotomayor, S. M. T.

Abstract: Ikova, Karin

Abstract: Juracka, Dominik

Abstract: Klein, Jean Philippe

Abstract: Ku-Gonzalez, Angela

Abstract: LI, Ya-qin

Abstract: Lopez, Xabier

Abstract: Lujan, Lluis

Abstract (1): Lukiw, Walter

Abstract (2): Lukiw, Walter

Abstract: Meloni, Esko

Abstract: Mold, Matthew

Abstract: Montoya-Diaz, Juan

Abstract: Morsch, Vera

Abstract: Munoz Sanchez, JA

Abstract: Niu, Qiao

Abstract: Pan, Bao-long

Abstract: Pech-Ku, Roberto

Abstract: Petersen, Sesilje Bondo

Abstract: Polak, Filip

Abstract: Poschenrieder, Charlotte

Abstract: Rodriguez, Isabel

Abstract: Rosenberg, Kim Mack

Abstract: Sanchez-Espana, Javier

Abstract: Shardlow, Emma

Abstract: Steinberg, Dan

Abstract: Sutela, Tapio

Abstract: Vargas-Paredes, Ibis

Abstract: Vokurkova, Petra

Abstract: Yumoto, Sakae

Abstract: Zhou, Linbin

Abstract: Ziola-Frankowska, Anetta

Abstract (1): Zoghbi-Rodriguez, Normig

Abstract (2): Zoghbi-Rodriguez, Normig


Formatting guidelines for the preparation of an abstract for KEELE 13 can be found here:


Formatting of your abstract for Keele13