Tenth Keele Meeting 2013 - JD Birchall Memorial Lecture


J Derek Birchall

The untimely death of Professor JD Birchall FRS in the autumn of 1995 resulted in the inauguration of a lecture in his name, JD Birchall Memorial Lecture. This is an invited lecture given by an experienced researcher in the field and is traditionally used to close the meeting.


In 2013 the JD Birchall Memorial Lecture will be given by;

Professor Tamás Kiss

University of Szeged, Hungary.

Professor Kiss is truly one of the founding fathers of the inorganic biochemistry of aluminium.

The title of his talk is;

From Inorganic to Biological Chemistry of Aluminium

 Professor Tamas Kiss

Previous Lectures

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  • 2003 Dr JP Day A History of Aluminium in Human Disease.
  • 2005 Professor DP Perl The Association of Aluminium and Neurodegnerative Disease (1980-2005). Personal Recollections and Future Perspectives.
  • 2007 Professor TB Kinraide Personal Experiences Analysing the Interactive Toxic and Ameliorative Effects of Aluminium Species and Other Ions.
  • 2009 Professor S Sjöberg Chemical Speciation, Solubilities and Surface Complexation in Aqueous Al(hydr)oxide Suspensions.
  • 2011 Professor SC Bondy Is the Aluminium in Your Drinking Water Safe?