2001 Programme

The Fourth Keele Meeting on Aluminium Abstracts are available in PDF

Sunday 25th February 2001


10.00 Registration and Poster Assembly
12.30 LUNCH
14.00 Welcome to the Conference.
Christopher Exley


  Chair Philip Day (University of Manchester, UK)
14.05 Platform 1 Frederic J Doucet (Keele University, UK)
The identification of the formation of hydroxyaluminosilicates in acid solution using fluorimetry and atomic force micrsocopy
14.25 Discussion  
14.35 Poster 1 Frederic J Doucet (Keele University, UK)
The mechanism of formation of well characterised hydroxyaluminosilicates of biological and geological significance.
14.40 Poster 2 Celine Schneider (Keele University, UK)
How silicic acid significantly influences the measurement of aluminium by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy.
14.45 Discussion  
14.50 Platform 2 Kelly Elkins (Clarke University, USA)
Fulvic acid complexes with aluminium, lanthanum and terbium.
15.10 Discussion  
15.20 Poster 3 Helen Taylor (Keele University, UK)
Silicic acid and the precipitation of natural organic materials by aluminium.
15.25 Poster 4 Mikhail Rotov (University of Birmingham, UK)
A new method of investigating coagulation with aluminium salts.
15.30 Discussion  
15.35 TEA  
16.00 Platform 3 Ravin Jugdaohsingh (St Thomas' Hospital, UK)
Critical precipitation assay to study aluminium-ligand interactions.
16.20 Discussion  
16.30 Poster 5 Carole C Perry (Nottingham Trent University)
Some peculiarities of aluminium speciation in medium and highly concentrated aqueous solutions.
16.35 Poster 6 Kirill Shafran (Nottingham Trent University, UK)
Fast kinetics of Al hydrolysis/condensation in medium and highly concentrated solutions as studied by an advanced potentiometric method.
16.40 Discussion  
16.45 Platform 4 Ana Belen Soldado Cabezuelo (University of Oviedo, Spain)
Studies on aluminium binding by transferrin in human uremic serum by fast protein liquid chromatography coupled to double focussing ICP-MS.
17.05 Discussion  
17.15 Poster 7 Hongyan Zhu (Royal Liverpool University Hospital, UK)
Interaction of aluminium with commercial silicas and magnesium trisilicate.
17.20 Poster 8 Ravin Jugdaohsingh (St Thomas' Hospital, UK)
Studies on the precipitation of aluminium by laser light scattering, ultrafiltration and centrifugation.
17.25 Discussion  
19.00 DINNER  
20.30 Wine Reception and Poster Viewing  

Monday 26th February 2001 (AM)


  Chair Carole C Perry (Nottingham Trent University, UK)
9.00 Platform 5 Vasu D Appanna (Laurentian University, Canada)
Modulation of the TCA cycle enzymes by aluminium stress and the production of oxalic acid.
9.20 Discussion  
9.30 Platform 6 Stephen D Kinrade (Lakehead University, Canada)
Direct evidence of silicon biochemistry.
9.50 Discussion  
10.00 Platform 7 Catherine R McCrohan (University of Manchester, UK)
Up-regulation of intracellular silicon in response to aluminium in the snail Lymnaea stagnalis.
10.20 Discussion  
10.30 Poster 9 Agnes Dobranskyte (University of Manchester, UK)
Bioavailability and toxicity of aluminium in the freshwater snail Lymnea stagnalis at neutral pH.
10.35 Discussion  
10.40 COFFEE  
11.10 Platform 8 Antonio BS Poléo (University of Oslo, Norway)
Aqueous aluminium has a protective effect on Atlantic salmon infected by the devastating ectoparasite Gyrodactylus salar
11.30 Discussion  
11.40 Platform 9 Anders G Hagen (University of Oslo, Norway)*
Growth patterns in fish gills exposed to aqueous aluminium during exposure and recovery.
12.00 Discussion  
12.10 Poster 10 Antonio BS Poléo (University of Oslo, Norway)
Physiological recovery in Atlantic salmon from the river Suldalslågen stock after exposure to acidic Al-rich water.
12.15 Poster 11 Antonio BS Poléo (University of Oslo, Norway)
Increased seawater tolerance in Atlantic salmon exposed to aluminium and acidic water from a tributary to the river Suldalslågen, western Norway: Evidence of acclimation?
12.20 Poster 12 Antonio BS Poléo (University of Oslo, Norway)
The toxicity of acidic Al-rich water under non-steady-state conditions to four different aquatic invertebrates.
12.25 Discussion  
12.30 LUNCH  

Monday 26th February 2001 (PM)


  Chair John Savory (University of Virginia, USA)
14.00 Platform 10 Raghubir P Sharma (The University of Georgia, USA)
Aluminium alters cellular membrane properties without affecting catecholaminergic systems.
14.20 Discussion  
14.30 Poster 13 Victor J Johnson (The University of Georgia, USA)*
Aluminium inhibits NF-kB activation leading to decreased proinflammatory cytokine production in murine microglial cells.
14.35 Discussion  
14.40 Platform 11 Jose Luis Fernandez-Martin (Hospital Central de Asturias, Spain)
Inhibition of parathyroid hormone mRNA by aluminium.
15.00 Discussion  
15.10 Poster 14 Mansour Sargazi (Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool)
The cytotoxic effects of aluminium ions in solution on a monolayer of renal proximal tubular cells.
15.15 Discussion  
15.20 TEA  
15.40 Platform 12 Roberta Ward (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
Iron and aluminium homeostasis in the brains of experimentally aluminium loaded rats.
16.00 Discussion  
16.10 Poster 15 Graciela Garbossa (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Cellular iron uptake and utilisation are impaired by aluminium.
16.15 Discussion  
16.20 Platform 13 Vicente Felipo (Instituto de Investigaciones Citologicas, Spain)
Impairment of the glutamate-nitric oxide-cGMP pathway in rat brain in vivo by chronic exposure to aluminium.
16.40 Discussion  
16.50 Poster 16 Brandon Conley (University of Kentucky, USA)
Modeling the distribution of aluminum speciation in natural waters equilibria with the mineral phase imogolite.
16.55 Discussion  
17.00 Platform 14 Bettina Platt (University of Aberdeen, UK)
Aluminium neurotoxicity: Evidence from in vivo investigations.
17.20 Discussion  
17.30 Platform 15 Conrad E Firling (University of Minnesota Duluth, USA)
The effects of aluminium on early embryonic bone development..
17.50 Discussion  

Tuesday 27th February 2001 (AM)


  Chair Norman B Roberts (Royal Liverpool University Hospital, UK)
9.00 Platform 16 Jim Croom (North Carolina State University, USA)
Peptide YY: Structure, biological activity and applications.
9.20 Discussion  
9.30 Poster 17 Jonathon J Powell (St Thomas' Hospital, UK)
Aluminium binding capacity of gastrointestinal fluids.
9.35 Discussion  
9.40 Platform 17 Alcira Nesse (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Deleterious effects of aluminium on mature and immature human erythroid cells.
10.00 Discussion  
10.10 Poster 18 Jose Luis Fernandez-Martin (Hospital Central de Asturias, Spain)
Reference values for trace and ultratrace elements in human serum determined by double focusing ICP-MS
10.15 Poster 19 Sanjay MB Pande (University of Mysore, India)
Computer model to understand aluminium inter-relationships with other elements in cerebrospinal fluid of normal and Alzheimer's disease: A diagnostic approach.
10.20 Discussion  
10.25 COFFEE  
10.45 Platform 18 Stephen C Bondy (University of California, Irvine, USA)
Aluminium-induced inflammation in cells of glial origin and its role in Alzheimer's disease.
11.05 Discussion  
11.15 Platform 19 Mikko Faarinen (Lund University, Sweden)
26Al investigations at the AMS-laboratory in Lund.
11.35 Discussion  
11.45 Platform 20 J Philip Day (University of Manchester, UK)
Longterm physiological behaviour of aluminium in humans.
12.05 Discussion  
12.15 Poster 20 J Philip Day (University of Manchester, UK)
Prevention of aluminium toxicity in renal patients: the results of a 20 year study on the effect of controlling aluminium exposure in a major renal unit.
12.20 Poster 21 Richard Flarend (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Longterm retention and elimination of aluminium from vaccine adjuvants
12.25 Discussion  
12.30 LUNCH  

Tuesday 27th February 2001 (PM)


  Chair Christopher Exley (Keele University, UK)
14.00 The JD Birchall Memorial Lecture . John Savory (University of Virginia, USA)
Aluminium and cell suicide: Oh what a tangled web we weave
15.00 Discussion  
15.10 Open Forum  

Additional Posters

Poster 22 Shuping Bi (Nanjing University, China)
Neurotransmitter dopamine applied in electrochemical determination of aluminum in drinking waters and biological
Poster 23 Shuping Bi (Nanjing University, China)
Modeling the distribution of aluminum speciation in natural waters equilibria with the mineral phase imogolite.
Poster 24 Antonio BS Poléo (University of Oslo, Norway)
The toxicity of acidic Al-rich water in crayfish.
Poster 25 Antonio BS Poléo (University of Oslo, Norway)
Episodic acidification during spring floods in high-TOC streams in northern sweden: Physiological responses in brown trout.