Conference Contact Information

Welcome to the 2018 ALT Annual Conference: ‘Diversity and Innovation’ taking place at Keele University on 26th-27th March 2018.

A warm welcome to the Conference and please find below an introduction to the Conference team.  To assist us in helping you, please direct all enquiries concerning the Conference via the email below and mark for the attention of the appropriate recipient:


Dr Mark Eccleston-Turner – Conference Lead and Keele University School of Law Lecturer.

All academic, papers and posters enquiries should be marked for the attention of Mark Eccleston-Turner.

Mark Eccleston-Turner 90

Andrea Scott – Conference Administrator

All administrative and general Conference enquiries should be marked for the attention of Andrea Scott.

Andrea Scott

Professor Alison Brammer – Head of Keele University School of Law

Alison Brammer 90

Sarah Lane – School of Law Senior School Manager

Sarah Lane

Margaret Moyden – School of Law Deputy School Manager

Margaret Moyden

Alison, Sarah and Margaret are happy to answer any general enquiries concerning the School of Law or Keele University.

We look forward to meeting you at the Conference.