Induction for UK/EU Students MSc and PG Cert

New intake (full time/part time/modular) for the following programmes are required to attend the School induction day.

MSc Advanced Physiotherapy/MSc Advanced Physiotherapy (Neurology)/MSc Advanced Physiotherapy (Cardio-respiratory)/MSc Neuromusculoskeletal Health Care/MSc Neurological Rehabilitation/MSc Health Sciences/MSc Pain Science and Management/PG Certificate in Applied Clinical Anatomy.

School Induction Day

Date : Monday 30 September 2019

Time: From 9.15am until 12:30

Location: Lecture Theatre 2 (first floor) School of Allied Health Professions, Mackay Building, Keele University, ST5 5BG

Content of the Day: An introduction to the programme and tutors, studying at Master's Level and Keele University Library, programme information, other modular option details, study skills and the opportunity to meet lecturers and ask any questions. More details can be seen on the Induction_Timetable_2019/2020

Useful Information 

This year in SAHP as part of the general Study Skills programme we are running some sessions designed to take students through essay writing and studying at Masters Level.

M-Level study and formative essay sessions 2019-2020

Please note these sessions are compulsory for all MSc full time students; all MSc students are welcome to attend.


If you are travelling by car onto campus, you will be required to pay the standard ‘pay and display from the machines on the car park(s), please be aware that parking spaces do tend to fill up very quickly - campus guide and map

Mackay Building is grid square E5, building number 25 in the map avaliable on how to find us.

University enrolment for MSc students (only)

The University requires enrolment in person from MSc students and you will need to bring formal ID with you. You will need to bring either:

1) a current passport


2) your birth certificate with a current form of official photo ID such as a driving licence or national ID card

Students can also enrol at the 'pop up' Student Services area on Monday 30th September through till Friday 4th October from 09.00 - 17.00 in the same location

Many UK/EU students who are not around till the School Induction on Monday 30th September, enrol on the day of the School induction after the sessions finish in the afternoon.

Students unable to attend any of these dates will need to complete their enrolment at the Student Services Centre which is located on the ground floor of the Tawney Building. The Reception is open between 09.00 17.00 from Monday to Friday.

PG Certificate students do an online enrolment instead.

Enrolment should take about five minutes but there may be queues depending on the number of students arriving at any one time.

Module Dates

Please see Module dates 2019-2020 for details relating to module run dates.

Before you come to Keele University

  1. Once you have been emailed your IT account details, you will then be emailed to ask you to complete the online induction process (your e-Induction). Please ensure that this is completed. For all students except MSc students, your Keele card will then be posted to you (provided you have uploaded a photo via the online enrolment). 
  2. For all students (except those taking the PG Certificate in Applied Clinical Anatomy), we recommend that you do some preparatory reading for the 'Research Methods in Health' module, information can be seen on the 
  3. For students who have the core module 'Acute Respiratory Deterioration and Critical Care' (MSc Physiotherapy full time route and MSc Physiotherapy (Cardio-respiratory)) or for those that wish to take it as an optional module, then we recommend preparatory reading.
  4. When at Keele you will be able to access help from the Language Centre (LC) as part of Study Skills.  This year in SAHP as part of the general Study Skills programme we are running some sessions designed to take students through essay writing and studying at Masters Level (M-Level study and formative essay sessions 2019-2020‌) Please note these sessions are compulsory for all MSc full time students; all MSc students are welcome to attend. 
  5. For full time students, please make every effort to choose your option modules before you arrive for induction or at least to have looked at what is available in order for you to be in a position to ask any questions you may have. Please note that option modules will only run with viable student numbers. You will find further details of these at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences postgraduate modules.
  6. For modular (part-time) students, Research Methods in Health should normally be taken in the first term as it underpins all our Master's courses. The order of subsequent modules is of the student's choice. Students will be asked to advise of their choices for the forthcoming year, at induction.
  7. Details of which are your core (compulsory) modules and the number of optional modules for your course can be found be clicking on the following relevant courses  MSc Advanced Physiotherapy (full time)/MSc Advanced Physiotherapy (part time)/MSc Advanced Physiotherapy (Neurology)/MSc Neuromusculoskeletal Health Care/MSc Neurological Rehabilitation/MSc Health Sciences/PG Certificate in Applied Clinical Anatomy/MSc Pain Science and Management/MSc Advanced Physiotherapy (Cardio-respiratory)
  8. If you wish the invoice to be sent by your employer/sponsor, please send proof of sponsorship to Richard Farrell (, Income Office Manager, Tawney Building, Keele University, ST5 5BG otherwise you will automatically be billed. Please include your full name and student number in correspondence. Invoices will be issued 7-10 days after the start of the course. More information can be found at payment methods
  9. Visit the central web pages for new students for lots of useful information including the schedule for the University Welcome Week (30th September onwards) and look at
  10. Complete the Annual Consent and Disclosure Form.


If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Postgraduate Administrators on telephone 01782 734566 or 01782 734191


we look forward to meeting you soon.

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