Jonathan Hill completed his BSc in Physiotherapy in 1994 at Manchester Royal Infirmary, where he also undertook an MSc in 1995. He worked for 4 years in clinical practice including in Stoke-on-Trent UK, Vellore India, Perth Australia, and Derby UK, where he now lives.

His research career began in 1999 at the Primary Care Centre in Keele University, as a research assistant for Krysia Dziedzic, later undertaking a PhD (2004-2007) to develop and validate the STarT Back Tool and matched treatments through a feasibility and pilot trial (under the supervision of Elaine Hay and Kate Dunn). Following a 5-year post-doc fellowship award from Arthritis Research UK as a Lecturer in Physiotherapy he led the full trial of the risk stratified STarT Back approach for back pain supported by Elaine Hay (published in The Lancet in 2011).

Jonathan is now a Reader in Physiotherapy and is Director of Research for the School of Allied Health Professionals in 2020. His current research continues to find ways to improve the treatment of people with musculoskeletal conditions (e.g. back pain and osteoarthritis) and includes; projects testing risk-stratified approaches in various musculoskeletal conditions and settings (e.g. the STarT MSK trial and SCOPiC trials); developing and testing new digital health platforms (e.g. the Back-UP project and SupportBack2) to support musculoskeletal clinical decision-making and treatment; and research seeking to use and link routine data to provide health intelligence to inform quality improvement initiatives for musculoskeletal care (e.g. the MSK-Tracker and MIDAS projects).

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