What We Offer

Our Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and Exercise Science Students are well versed in a range of muscle, ligament, soft tissue, nerve, joint, work or sport related injuries and conditions and they are ready to help you on the way to recovery.
We offer thorough and detailed assessments and professional ‘hands on’ treatments for a wide range of common musculoskeletal injuries such as:

• Back pain (with or without leg symptoms)
• Neck pain (with or without arm symptoms)
• Joint and ligament sprains
• Tendon related pains
• Nerve injuries
• Muscle strains or pulls
• Repetitive strain injury
• Postural issues
• Rheumatological Complaints
• Headaches and Dizziness

We also offer services including:
• Mobilisation therapy
• Manipulation
• Soft tissue treatment techniques
• Sports Massage
• Individually tailored exercise programmes.
• Exercise classes
• (Acupuncture)
• Ultrasound Therapy
• Sport Performance Assessments
• Injury Prevention Screening
• Strength and Conditioning training
• Ergonomic and Occupational Health Assessments and Advise
• Pre- and Post- operation advice and management.
• Nutritional advice

This list is non exhaustive; if you have an injury or problem that you are unsure about then please contact us and speak to our team - sahp.physioclinic@keele.ac.uk

We work closely with the Keele University Occupational Health Service to assist in staff well being and also with the Keele Sports Centre with the Talented Athletes Programme and Sports Teams to help with training and recovery from injury.