Meet our team

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we are currently available for FREE virtual assessment and advice for Keele Staff and Students only. Please call or email us to arrange an appointment. We will let you know when normal services resume.

Our Qualified, Chartered and HCPC Registered Physiotherapists are highly skilled and experienced. They are all Lecturers on the Physiotherapy and Sports and Rehabilitation Science degree Programmes for the School of Allied Health Professionals at Keele University.

The Clinic will be supervised by one of our Qualified Physiotherapists at all times to ensure professional standards are met and that you receive not only safe but effective care.

Our students will range from 1st year undergraduate Physiotherapy or Rehabilitation and Exercise Science students to 4th year (near graduate) Physiotherapists. The amount of supervision from the qualified member of staff may vary depending on the year and ability of the student. Decisions about your care will always be made following discussion with the supervising Physiotherapist.