Physiotherapy Clinic FAQs

Will I been seen by student physiotherapist at this clinic?

Our team of physiotherapists are all highly skilled, fully qualified state registered chartered physiotherapists. Most clinicians also teach on the school’s degree programme and actively involved in research.

Patients who attend the clinic will not be seen by students unless within the Athletic Union’s Sports Injury clinic or the patient has been asked prior to booking the appointment.

Can I book online?

Currently we do not have online booking system so appointments are to be made by Phone and email. See our 'contact us' page.

If I am not an Athletic Union member can I attend the sport clinic?

No, as the AU pays for this clinic it is specifically just for these members.

Can I be referred by Occupational Health for a free first session of Physiotherapy if I am a member of staff at Keele University?

Yes, although this is currently a pilot scheme and you would need to arrange this through Belinda Allen. The first FREE appointment is offered within 5 days for eligible staff that are off work due to a Musculoskeletal injury. Subsequent sessions are to be paid for by the patient.