Appointments and prices

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we are currently available for FREE virtual assessment and advice for Keele Staff and Students only. Please call or email us to arrange an appointment. We will let you know when normal services resume.

Prices to be confirmed.

All new patients or new injuries to the individual must be booked in for an Initial Assessment before treatment can be given.

*hour long appointments are available for these sessions but will be charged as 2 half hour appointments.

**The specific AU and TAP Sports Injury Clinic is FREE and available on Monday evenings from 4.30 until 8pm during term time only. This is open to AU and TAP members only on a drop-in basis. Memberships are checked on arrival. Appointments outside of this clinic for the AU are chargeable.


Appointments with one of our Qualified Physiotherapists are available on request for an extra charge.


We accept both cash and card payments for treatments.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please give at least 24 hours' notice. If you fail to provide sufficient notice or you have repeated non-attendance you may still be charged in full.


Appointments are available over 4 days a week. Lunch time and after work appointments are available.

Please contact us for availability

To book an appointment with our team please contact us on:

Telephone (booking line): 01782 734191 (School of Allied Health Professions Reception)



Initial appointment: The first appointment is an hour-long consultation and is centred around what you want to achieve from the session. The first part involves answering some questions about your issue to allow the Student to gain a history and understand your goals. The Student will then perform a physical assessment of the complaint/injury in order to diagnose the problem. This may involve an element of undressing simply to expose the injured area and aid diagnosis. It is normal to experience some discomfort from your problem area during or following the physical examination as affected joints/tissues need to be tested to reach a diagnosis. After completing the examination our student will discuss your diagnosis and treatment options with you. They can advise you as to whether further treatment sessions are advised or whether there are ways for you to self-manage your problem with advice and exercise. 

Follow up appointment: These sessions typically involve an element of re-assessment to see how things have changed from the Initial appointment, but this is generally quick. Treatment options such as massage, mobilisation techniques, ultrasound therapy, passive stretches, soft tissue techniques etc will be explained to you before application so that you can make an informed decision about your care. Exercises are very likely to form a part of your management and will be explained and taught to you in these sessions. Exercises are then often given as ‘homework’ and it is in your best interest to do these outside of the treatment sessions for a speedier recovery.

A follow up appointment can either be an hour or half hour duration. This depends on your preference, the complexity of the problem and what the student thinks is best to improve the injury/complaint but this will be discussed with you.

Sports Massage appointment: This is a 30-minute session. You do not have to have had an Initial Assessment to have a Sports Massage but there will be a safety screening questionnaire to complete on arrival. It is important that you have a Sports Massage only when there is no injury to be assessed, where the aim is to promote muscle recovery, to lessen the after-effects of training or to manage previous recovered injuries. The student will tend to focus on your ‘problem area(s)’, this is not a full body massage. If you feel you would benefit from a 60-minute session this can be arranged but will be charged as a double booking.  

Exercise Rehabilitation appointment: This is a 30-minute session to use the equipment, weights and floor space within the gym alongside one of our students. The student can then guide you on progression, technique and further your programme depending on your goals. You must complete an Initial assessment before having a 1:1 Exercise Rehabilitation session.  If you feel you would benefit from a 60-minute session this can be arranged but will be charged as a double booking.