Role-emerging placement boosted students confidence in clinical practice

Victoria Pearsall (Director of Undergraduate Programme), Caroline Nichol (Practice Experience Support Tutor), Georgina Eckersley, (Lecturer) and Dr Anirban Banerjee (Lecturer) from the SAHP designed, delivered and evaluated a role-emerging placement model using project-based and peer learning, reflective and critical thinking, and remote workplace learning.

The remote workplace was designed and delivered by Georgios Christopoulos (Advanced Musculoskeletal Practitioner), and Dr Jack Aw (General Practitioner) from Loomer Road Surgery using a novel application of voice-controlled headset integrated with a hand-held tablet computer streaming the clinical practice content via Microsoft Team in real-time to an interactive virtual classroom.

The students, who completed the placement, reported increased confidence in assessment, goal planning, communication, professional values and behaviours. They produced re-usable resources for University Occupational Health and Veteran's Health as part of their projects. 

A further independent qualitative enquiry led by Dr Noureen Shivji, (Qualitative Researcher, Primary Care Centre) utilising semi-structured interviews found that the students enjoyed and learned during the role-emerging placement. The students during the interviews suggested that all students should have at least one remote placement.

Please email Dr Anirban Banerjee ( if you want to know more about this scholarship project.

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