Employment successes for recent graduates

During the final year of my BSc (Hons) Rehabilitation and Exercise Science programme I was successful in securing a job with Loomer Medical Group. Loomer Medical is a primary care network healthcare coordination team. I was attracted to this role as it provided me with an opportunity to work in a primary care setting as a part of a multidisciplinary team. I felt I was well prepared for the job and interview process as a result of the skills, theoretical and practical knowledge I gained on the Rehabilitation and Exercise science programme.

Within this role, I am responsible for assisting the provision of musculoskeletal care by contributing to the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of a patient’s care needs. This includes the planning, teaching, implementing and reviewing of individual and group exercise programmes.

The RES programme has equipped me with a unique skill set that, I believe, truly set me apart from the other candidates. Key skills and experience developed in modules such as Exercise Science in Specialist Populations, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Organisation and Management in a Rehabilitation setting and Rehabilitation in Sport, provided me with a portfolio of work to demonstrate my assessment, prescription and promotion skills. Additional work experience facilitated by SAHP, such as working in the Keele Sports Injury Clinic, Motivational Interviewing, Local Hospital’s Cardiac rehabilitation services, research project assistance and shadowing the Physiotherapists at professional football clubs, provided me with the necessary experience, manual handling and clinical skills required of the Job.

Charlotte Newis


I am a Rehabilitation Science graduate who graduated in June 2020 and secured employment with TPP. TPP are a healthcare technology company, dedicated to delivering world class healthcare software in the UK and internationally.

My role as a product specialist predominantly entails delivering one-to-one and group training to users starting within GP practices and in the future will be in other healthcare settings. I will be representing the company in the midlands which involves travelling to a variety of locations. My training started with a week in the Leeds Head Office followed by two weeks in South West England. The Rehabilitation Science degree has helped me to gain this job because it was aligned with healthcare and demonstrated my ability to learn and apply myself to a variety of tasks within healthcare. I was able to evidence my knowledge and experience within the NHS and similar healthcare settings due to the opportunities I gained whilst studying Rehabilitation Science. For example, I worked within cardiac rehabilitation. During University I was also a student representative which vastly helped my confidence which will help in my current role.

Not only did my degree give me a strong background for this role but the Programme Director and staff in the School were instrumental in preparing me to get a role in the healthcare industry.

Annie Tyson

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