When will I get my student accommodation offer?

If you are a new student you will receive an email giving details of your offer of accommodation. You will need to accept this electronically within 3 days (full instructions will be given to you). We recommend that you regularly check your junk and SPAM folders to be sure you don't miss it!‌

  • For unconditional or deferred applicants this will be the end of July
  • If you are waiting for A Level, BTEC and IB results this will be between the end of August and 14th September.
  • If arriving in January you should receive an offer before Christmas.
  • If arriving at other times you will be notified shortly after applying for accommodation - if you are unsure of when to arrive please email us: accommodation@keele.ac.uk.
  • Due to the large number of applicants it can take a couple of days to process accommodation offers. If you don't receive your offer immediately please don't panic, check your email account later in the day and on the next day before contacting us.
  • If you are not happy with your offer you have two options: You can accept it and request a room move after you move in, or you can reject the offer. Please be aware however that if you do reject it you may not be made another offer and we strongly recommend that you contact us to discuss this BEFORE you reject it.
  • Once the Agreement is accepted you have a 7 day 'cooling off period'. This means that if within 7 working days of accepting the Agreement you change your mind and notify us by email of that fact, you will be released from the Agreement. The contract is legally binding and if you change your mind you will still be liable for accommodation fees. You can only be released from the contract in exceptional circumstances such as taking a Leave of Absence or Withdrawing from the University. You may transfer your licence to another student as long as the transfer is done with the knowledge and prior written approval of the University Student Accommodation Office. The new licensee should be a suitable replacement which means that the balance of genders and nationalities is not adversely affected within the accommodation.