Request a room move or exchange

In the event that you are not happy with your current student accommodation, it is possible to request a room move or arrange a room exchange.

If you would like to Request a Room Move you can do this via your Accommodation Portal on the KLE:

Keele Accomodation Portal

Priority is given if:

  • You have a health issue or disability
  • You have support from SSDS or Independent Advice Unit (depending on circumstances)
  • You are an International Student living off campus
  • Residential Managers have requested you be moved
  • Member of academic staff has requested you be moved

When a room becomes available we will:

  • Check to see who is next on the list (depending on the type of room requested), priority etc.
  • Contact you via telephone and email to say that a room has become available and  give you a deadline to reply to us.
  • Arrange for you to view the room.
  • Ask if you wish to accept or decline the room.
  • Terminate any current contract you have with Keele University. Issue a contract for your new room and raise fees if you accept. Please note if you have a contract with a private landlord - it is legally binding and you may not be able to cancel that contract.
  • Remove your name from the waiting list (you must re-register if you still wish to remain on the list).

As room availability is dependent on students vacating their rooms we cannot guarantee that you will be made an offer.

Room exchanges/Suitable replacement

If you would like to move to another room we may be able to arrange an exchange with another student (this is not available for the first two weeks of term). If you are swapping rooms with another student there is a fee of £11.15 per student for a room clean.  

How to apply

Request a room move via the KLE Accommodation Portal.


A room exchange will only by authorised if:

  • Neither student has an outstanding debt to the University.
  • No money should change hands between students as all contractual and financial matters will be dealt with by the Student Accommodation Office.
  • The gender balance and cultural mix is maintained within the accommodation.
  • Please note that we may be unable to facilitate any of these requests between 1st September and 10th October (except in exceptional circumstances)
  • We will contact you via email or telephone if we are able to offer a room exchange to you.
  • You will need to make arrangements to view the room before deciding whether to move.
  • You will need to leave ID (Keele card, driving licence etc) before viewing the room.
  • We may not be able to assist with this immediately and cannot guarantee that a suitable room will become available.