Teaching Innovation Projects Scheme (TIPS)

Applications are now closed. Information in relation to the next round will be available shortly.


Scheme Overview

Funding of up to a maximum of £5000 per project is available to develop and evaluate teaching and learning innovations. Projects can address any area of learning, teaching or assessment, and it is envisaged that, except in exceptional circumstances, projects will start and finish within the specified academic year. All projects must have the approval of the Head of School or equivalent line manager. 

Below are details of all of the projects that have been funded through the Teaching Innovation Projects Scheme.

For more information about the projects funded in 2019/20, see the new Projects section of the Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence (KIITE) website

Projects Funded Round 17 (2018/19)

Project Title: The use of graphic novels as an inclusive teaching methodology

Project Leader(s): Katie Maddock and Jonathan Berry


Project Title: Assessing the impact of screencasts in facilitating active learning

Project Leader(s): Jordan Kistler and Jonathan Shears


Project Title: Documenting Stoke-on-Trent: student produced online audio-visual archive

Project Leader(s): Pawas Bisht


Project Title: Exploring the impact of 'academic reading retreats' for student and staff participants

Project Leader(s): Angela Rhead and Christopher Little 


Project Title: Harnessing the potential of lecture capture to provide learning resources for diverse student cohorts
Project Leader(s): Laura Hancock, Daniela Plana, Graeme Jones and Phil Devine (Deferred from 2017/18)


Project Title: Assessing the impact of ‘living labs’ on the teaching and learning experiences in Liberal Arts
Project Leader(s): Andy Zieleniec and Ella Tennant (Deferred from 2017/18)


Project Title: Students’ Perceptions and Experiences of Leave of Absence (LoA)
Project Leader(s): Masi Noor, Claire Fox, Yvonne Skipper Aqsa Halim and Lucy James (Deferred from 2017/18)


Project Title: Student Transition to Science Undergraduate Education: Tuning in to the personal experiences of students at Keele University using Socrative an in-class student responsive system 
Project Leader(s): Julie Hulme & Richard Waller (Deferred from 2016/17)

Projects Funded Round 16 (2017/18)

Projects Funded Round 15 (2016/17)

Projects Funded Round 14 (2015/16)

Projects Funded Round 13 (2014/15)

Projects Funded Round 12 (2013/14)

Projects Funded Round 11 (2012/13)

Projects Funded Round 10 (2011/12)

  • Project Title: Online Lab Diaries Facilitating Continuous Formative Assessment and Feedback in the Biosciences

    Project Leader(s): David Watson and Gillian Knight

  • Project Title: Development and Evaluation of a System to Enable Pharmacy Students to Experience Otherwise Prohibited and Inaccessible Environments

    Project Leader(s): Zaynab Nejadhamzeeigilani, Luke Bracegirdle and Larry Gifford

  • Project Title: The Use of Online Tutorials to Support and Improve Students’ Statistical Analysis Abilities in Psychology

    Project Leader(s): Chris Stiff and Pete Lonsdale

  • Project Title: Using Chat Facilities for Teaching Literature

    Project Leader(s): James Peacock

  • Project Title: Graduate Attributes and Application in Sociology and Criminology (Project Cancelled)

    Project Leader(s): Rebecca Leach and Helen Wells 

Projects Funded Round 9 (2010/11)

  • Project Title: Promoting the Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning: An Action Research Project

    Project Leader(s): Emee Vida Estacio

  • Project Title: Progressive Development of Assessments through the Curriculum

    Project Leader(s): Peter Knight

  • Project Title: Chemical Bonding (A Buddying Scheme between Key Stag 5 Chemistry Teachers and Keele University Teaching Staff)

    Project Leader(s): Kylie Cross, Jo Flynn and Katherine Haxton

  • Project Title: Enriching the Overall Student Learning Experience: The Use of Projects

    Project Leader(s): Shailesh Naire

  • Project Title: 'RealKeele': Developing Authentic and Inclusive eResources to Aid Student Transition to Higher Education

    Project Leader(s): Jenny Smith

  • Project Title: MIS:TIQUE II Mobility Impaired Students: Teaching in Quite Unsuitable Environments. Multi-scale Geological Outcrop Visualisation for Mobility Impaired Students

    Project Leader(s): Ian Stimpson

Projects Funded Round 8 (2009/10)

  • Project Title: Using Dynamic Digital Maps and Real Rocks to Enhance Student Engagement in Petrology

    Project Leader(s): Ralph Gertisser and Brian O'Driscoll

  • Project Title: Face-to-face Assessment of Laboratory Practicals. A Return to Basics?

    Project Leader(s): Richard Jones

  • Project Title: Music in the Community: Workplace and Outreach

    Project Leader(s): Barbara Kelly, Nick Reyland and Mike Vaughan

Projects Funded Round 7 (2008/09)

  • Project Title: MIS:TIQUE - Mobility Impaired Students: Teaching in Quite Unsuitable Environments

    Project Leader(s): Ralf Gertisser, Michael Montenari, Brian O'Driscoll and Ian Stimpson

  • Project Title: Improving Student Writing through Understanding of Assessment Criteria

    Project Leader(s): Jonathan Parker and Jon Herbert

  • Project Title: Resource Development for a Reflective Learning Module for the New Degree Structure

    Project Leader(s): Matthew Wyman, Jenny Smith and Georgina Spencer

  • Project Title: Developing Placement Opportunities on a Non-vocational Degree Programme at Keele: A Pilot Project

    Project Leader(s): Matthew Wyman and Caroline Merritt

  • Project Title: Promoting Research-induced Teaching through Problem-based Learning in an Environmental Science Experimental Field Observatory

    Project Leader(s): Stefan Krause and Zoe Robinson

Projects Funded Round 6 (2007/08)

  • Project Title: Interactive Visual Workspace

    Project Leader(s): Stephens and Nte

  • Project Title: Project Zero

    Project Leader(s): Diego Garro

  • Project Title: Electric Metrics

    Project Leader(s): Anna Barton and Sharn Rustin

  • Project Title: Virtual Court Office

    Project Leader(s): Mark Davys

Projects Funded Round 5 (2004/05)

  • Project Title: Geowall: A 3D Visualisation System for Classroom Use

    Project Leader(s): Ian Stimpson

  • Project Title: Evaluation of a 2 year Pilot of New Programme: Early Experience

    Project Leader(s): L.Lovatt and J.Rock (Project Cancelled)

  • Project Title: A Retrospective Analysis of Student Evaluations for a Compulsory Second Level Methodology Module in Psychology

    Project Leader(s): Mark Trueman

  • Project Title: Development of an Interactive Quiz Bank for Undergraduate Medical Student Studying Musculoskeletal Medicine

    Project Leader(s): Vivekananda-Schmidt

  • Project Title: Portal to Encourage Students to Review their Styles in Writing Essays and Technical Report

    Project Leader(s): Mike Brough

  • Project Title: Divace Solo Digital Video and Audio Software Platform: Materials Development and System Networking (Project Cancelled)

    Project Leader(s): Robin Bell

Projects Funded Round 4 (2003/04)

  • Project Title: Introduction of an Interactive Whiteboard into SOLCCA

    Project Leader(s): Victoria Door

  • Project Title: Flexible Curriculum and Self Assessment

    Project Leader(s): Colin Melville

  • Project Title: An Interactive Whiteboard and Flat Screen Monitor for the Physiotherapy Studies Lecture Theatre

    Project Leader(s): Carole Davies and David Pandyan

Projects Funded Round 3 (2002/03)

  • Project Title: Developing an Academic Literacy Module for Undergraduate Students (CSP)

    Project Leader(s): Ken Jones and Farzana Shain

  • Project Title: A Prototype Electronic Portal for Report and Essay Writing

    Project Leader(s): Mike Brough, Susan Bruce and Paul Collis (Cancelled Project)

  • Project Title: Training Programme for Support Workers

    Project Leader(s): Toni Middling

  • Project Title: Web Support for MUS-232, Creative Applications of Digital Media

    Project Leader(s): Diego Garro

Projects Funded Round 2 (2001/02)

  • Project Title: Assessed Essay Feedback

    Project Leader(s): Stephen Mills

  • Project Title: Humanities Research Training

    Project Leader(s): Barbara Kelly

Projects Funded Round 1 (2000/01)