Keele Excellence Awards - Successful Applicants

Congratulations go to the recipients of the University's Keele Excellence Awards, details can be viewed below:

Keele Excellence Award Recipients 2018/19

Ian Bayliss - Supporting Student Learning Award

Ian Bayliss is a Music Technician based in the School of Humanities.  Since arriving at Keele 18 months ago, Ian has significantly transformed Music and Music Technology teaching resources. He has‌‌ demonstrated excellence throughout and feedback from students and colleagues emphasises his positive impact on student learning.  Colleagues have commended his ability to progress and shape their thinking around teaching, while providing consistently outstanding support for students.  Ian’s efforts have clearly helped students realise their potential, offering his direct guidance and ensuring access to high quality and user-friendly studio spaces.  Drawing on his previous experience, Ian has planned and developed a new recording studio, designed to industry standards, and capable of meeting the endless varying demands of students’ project work. 

Tributes from colleagues demonstrate that Ian provides invaluable help and support to both staff and students and his skills, clarity of explanation, rigour, attention to detail and quality, calmness, and of course patience, is keenly appreciated by all. Ian’s direct work in helping and encouraging both undergraduate and research students in their project work, has been instrumental to their creative and academic achievements.


Keele Excellence Award Recipients 2017/18

David Watson and Patricia Procter - General Award‌ ‌

David Watson and Trish Procter are Lecturers in Biochemistry and Biomedical Science (respectively), based in the School of Life Sciences. Over the ‌last three academic years David and Trish have lead an innovative initiative, across all undergraduate levels and subjects in the school, which addresses the need for the development of integrated generic and professional skills, within discipline-based contexts and core course content. Working in collaboration with the Student Learning Team, Careers and Employability, as well as a range of external speakers and partners, they have developed a model of progressive skills conferences and workshops from Level 4, through to Level 6, focusing on academic skills development (e.g. essay/report writing, critical thinking and literature analysis), professional skills development (e.g. the development of CVs, completing application forms and interview techniques) and culminating in a final year Student Research Conference to showcase students’ academic and professional development journey. Student feedback has been outstanding and the model looks set to be rolled out more widely across the university.

Naveed Sheikh - General Award

Over the last eight years, Naveed has received close to forty Keele Excellence Award nominations from students, highlighting the significant positive impact he has had upon students studying Politics and International Relations at Keele. These nominations focus, amongst other things, on Naveed’s highly engaging and thought-provoking teaching approach, through which he is able to make some of the most complex topics in International Relations, Security Studies and Middle East Studies accessible to all; his approachability and willingness to provide support for all students even outside regular work hours; his engagement in academic, personal and professional development matters; his interactive and inclusive teaching approach which involves all learners at all times; his use of novel technologies for feedback, scheduling and communication; his down-to-earth sense of humour; and, his unrivalled expertise in and enthusiasm for his subject. As one student has written: ‘Naveed is quite simply an extraordinary academic and one whom it is a privilege to study under’. 

Keele Excellence Award Recipients 2016/17

Martyn Parker - General Award‌

During the seven years that Martyn has been at Keele, he has developed and deployed a technology enhanced/blended learning strategy within the mathematics department which has transformed teaching and assessment practices. In a discipline which relies heavily on traditional blackboard and whiteboard approaches for teaching, Martyn has led by example and introduced a series of educational technologies, including: mathematics tutorial videos which are embedded in the KLE and have been viewed over 20,000 times by Keele students; the use of screen capture software to provide students with combined video and written feedback on assessments; and, novel assessment methods which require students to create multimedia video presentations. Martyn’s innovations have not only been adopted widely within mathematics at Keele but he has also disseminated his approach at conferences, leading to wider adoption at other universities. Martyn also received a Student-Led teaching award for ‘Innovative Teaching through Technology’ in 2015.

Rebecca Laycock - Early Career Award

Bekki is a Teaching Fellow in Environment and Sustainability with a passion and commitment to student-centred and participatory sustainability education within and beyond the classroom. Bekki teaches on an international collaborative programme with Nanjing Xiaozhuang University and has invested much time developing a culturally inclusive teaching approach for supporting Chinese students in their transition into UK higher education, with positive student results and feedback across the board. Outside of the classroom Bekki contributes extensively to sustainability education agendas at Keele, including: co-organising the World Student Environmental Network’s (WSEN) Global Summit hosted at Keele in 2016; co-organising three national sustainability education conferences; and, designing an online sustainability Learning Pool course. Bekki is also co-founder and currently leads Keele University’s Sustainability Research Network (KUSRN) which has hosted an incredibly popular seminar series attracting over 600 attendees in three years. Bekki has presented her pedagogical research at several national and international conferences.

Yvonne Skipper - Early Career Award 

Yvonne embodies a research informed approach to teaching.  This enables her students to realise their potential and brings a real world authenticity to Psychology learning which enhances students’ transferable, employability and research skills.  An example of this approach is her White Water Writers project which gives students the chance to collectively write and publish a full length novel in a week. Yvonne has a sustained commitment to broadening the student learning experience: supporting students to make a difference within the local community by organising volunteer placements in local schools; collaboration with Stoke City Council and working with the SU, outreach team and SSDS at Keele. Yvonne has co-organised a national pre-conference for the British Psychological Society, bringing together more than 40 psychologists, postgraduates, teachers and educational professionals to share best practice in student feedback and has been invited to present at a variety of national teacher conferences about her work.

Mark Arrowsmith - Staff Supporting Learning and Teaching 

Mark works as Pharmaceutical Sciences Technician providing exemplary support to staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students in Pharmacy, which goes above and beyond the expectation of his role and shows unwavering commitment to the student learning experience. Mark leads lab teaching sessions; has developed a suite of learning resources to support students in mastering a range of laboratory techniques, including teaching slides, laboratory scripts, skills sheets and marking criteria; he provides individual online written feedback to students on their work, as well as contributing to group feedback classes; and has even taken on the role of personal tutor for one year four student. Mark has been instrumental in designing pharmaceutical lab environments, purchasing appropriate equipment and has provided consultancy support to the university centrally in the design of new lab spaces. Mark also effectively supports new teaching staff and PhD student demonstrators in their orientation and utilisation of the Pharmacy labs.

Catherine Forbes - Staff Supporting Learning and Teaching

Cathy is an Undergraduate Senior Administrator in the School of Pharmacy who provides exceptional and much valued support to Pharmacy students both within and beyond their formal studies, as evidenced by receiving six KEA nominations this year.  Cathy’s colleagues have described her contribution to the school as positive, approachable, proactive, immeasurable and exceptionally organised!  Indeed, Cathy’s excellent organisational skills have contributed to the re-design and streamlining of many admin processes in the school, including: scanners to replace paper registers; a movement to online DBS applications which all MPharm students require; and self-organised placements for all 2nd and 3rd year MPharm students.  Cathy has proactively supported the Keele Association of Pharmacy Students (KAPS) in organising many events, she organises an annual careers fair for all Pharmacy students and has established an Alumni network for the school.  Cathy’s inherently caring nature also extends to the pastoral support of many Pharmacy students.

Keele Excellence Award Recipients 2015/16

Julie Hulme - General Award

Julie takes a passionate approach to enhancing the learning experience of all Psychology students, which includes development of academic skills, but also reaches further, focusing on students’ personal development and confidence and enabling students to see the relevance of psychology to everyday life and employment. Julie leads CPD initiatives for the School of Psychology to help infuse teaching excellence across the school’s activities, for example, on assessment and feedback and technology-enhanced learning, promoting engagement with pedagogic research, and championing the university’s HEA CPD Route and other LPDC initiatives. Julie mentors individuals within and beyond Keele in their journey to HEA Fellowship recognition. Julie maintains a national profile through engagement with the British Psychological Society, particularly through her position as Vice Chair of the Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology, She has extensive experience of working with and for the HEA, and enjoys ongoing collaborative work with them.  

Teresa Oultram - Early Career Award 

Teresa is a highly dedicated member of Keele Management School (KMS) with a passion for enhancing the flexibility of her teaching and learning approaches, in order to suit the needs and interests of the diverse cohort of students in the management school. Teresa does this by involving students in the design of teaching materials and assessments and by utilizing an innovative range of teaching methods, such as animated videos to explain core concepts, podcasts and TED talks. Teresa’s students help to decide the feedback formats for their assessed work, types of technological innovations to be used in class (e.g. flipped classroom), and even some of the module topics covered in their lectures. Her commitment to excellent teaching and learning is also evidenced by her active involvement with numerous LPDC courses, presenting regularly at Keele’s Annual Teaching Symposium, as well as running teaching workshops and mentoring new teaching staff within KMS.

Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry - Early Career Award 

Laura and Mike have shown exceptional commitment over the last four years to improving the learning experience and outcomes of Chemistry students across Organic Chemistry modules at both the first and second year level. They have developed, implemented and evaluated a host of innovative teaching approaches, which have not only enhanced student engagement and attainment across organic chemistry, but also crucially, helped students to grasp the practical application of organic chemistry concepts in real world settings. Laura and Mike have introduced pre and post-laboratory exercises such as short videos and screencasts; implemented a skills-based practical exam for all students (which is a unique approach in UK HE); as well as utilized flipped classroom and team-based learning to enhance student learning. All of their teaching innovations have been executed in a highly reflective manner and overall have had a significant and positive impact on organic chemistry learning for Keele Chemistry students.

Foundation Year Administration Team - Staff Supporting Learning and Teaching 

The Foundation Year Centre administrative team, which comprises Libby Smith, Jill Griffiths, Jayne Roberts, Julie Hulme and Dianne Foulkes, have shown exemplary dedication over the last year.  In particular, at the start of the academic year when, within a relatively short space of time, the number of Foundation Year (FY) students more than doubled from the previous year, eight new members of academic staff were recruited and the administrative team were relocated to new offices.  This team provides a crucial pastoral support role for FY students in their transition from a variety of non-traditional backgrounds into degree programmes, taking a highly personalised approach which helps to build students’ confidence within the HE setting through getting to know them all individually. The FY Centre administrative team effectively and efficiently support teaching staff within the Centre, as well as liaising and working with staff across all Schools in the University.

Keele Excellence Award Recipients 2014/15

Jamie Pringle - General Award

Jamie has developed innovative approaches to learning and disseminated good pedagogic practice. The Higher Education Academy has recognised Jamie's work on immersive educational egame learning environments, for example, at the Higher Education Network Annual Meeting, the HEA STEM annual conferences and in the HEA Planet journal. Jamie has inspired student led research, many undergraduate and M.Geoscience students have presented or published their work as first authors. Jamie has contributed significantly to Keele's outreach programme exemplified by being nominated for the last four years as academic contributor to Keele's widening participation and outreach programmes.  

Claire Stapleton - Early Career Award 

Claire has successfully integrated technology into her teaching within the School of Health and Rehabilitation. GoAnimate was used (Teaching Innovation Award, 2013-14) to develop animated scenarios for teaching professional development. Claire has made extensive use of google+ community, Kahoot!, screencast-o-matic and iSpring presenter and as a result she has influenced teaching practices within her school and her discipline. She has supported staff to access and set-up google+ community and has used staff meetings to showcase innovative technology. Claire presented a paper on the use of animation at the Physiotherapy UK conference (2014) and was invited to deliver a session entitled ‘Learning with e’s’ by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists Learning and Development group. Claire has a strong commitment to the systematic evaluation of her teaching and the involvement of students in this process.

Jim Grange - Early Career Award 

Aware that Psychology students are known to dislike statistics, Jim encourages student motivation through being approachable and accessible. Jim was shortlisted for a student-led teaching award for “innovative teaching through technology” (2014). He podcasts lectures, uses novel software offering customised revision tips, and has designed a YouTube channel providing videos for often-used statistical techniques. Jim has developed a “Research Volunteer Scheme” to encourage Psychology students to participate in research. Jim's methods have had an impact: in 2013, his Head of School requested all 1st year lectures to be podcasted, and his on-line tutorials have received national and international recognition. Jim values student feedback. He uses a range of methods to involve them, for example, an anonymous feedback drop-box, focus groups and responses fed into word-clouds.

Dave Emley - Staff Supporting Learning and Teaching 

“David ….. has contributed to teaching and learning in a way which far exceeds the expectation which might have been placed upon him....' (Head of School Physical and Geographical Sciences). He has been proactive in introducing new techniques and resources to support teaching, learning and research, especially in X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy. David is self-taught in programming and web authoring and has developed computer-aided learning packages that have received national and international accolades. He lectures on advanced web authoring techniques. The 'Green Agenda', has enabled David to use his environmental expertise for the benefit of students, staff and, through outreach work, to visitors. David's work on the Keele Arboretum and the creation of the Arboretum website is recognised globally. The Natural History of Keele University (2014), containing all his data on flora and fauna, is testament to his 40 plus years at Keele.

Keele Excellence Awards Recipients 2013/14

Russell Crawford

Russell Crawford is a teaching fellow in the Medical School and academic developer in the Learning and Professional Development Centre (50-50 split). He is an experienced problem-based learning tutor and lecturer. In 2013, he came second in the annual 'Professional of the Year' widening participation KeeleLink awards. The Keele Basic Bites (KBB) video learning programme, jointly run with Dr Andrew Morriss, is further evidence of Russell's teaching approach and innovation. KBB resources are accessed extensively by staff and students at Keele as well as nationally and internationally. Russell also created the Keele peer-reviewed learning and teaching journal; JADE (Journal of Academic Development and Education) and recently accepted an offer to become associate editor for the Journal of Pedagogic Development from the University of Bedfordshire. 

Katie Maddock

Katie Maddock's support and development of staff is evidenced through a variety of activities: managing a team of clinical pharmacists, mentoring on the TLHEP and leading on the reaccreditation of the MPharm degree. Katie has developed new teaching resources: creating eBooks from PowerPoint presentations, audio feedback on group work and a textbook. Katie is a core member of the Keele's HEA Transforming Assessment Team (TAPS). Katie's Director of Studies suggested that she 'is acknowledged to be one of the most pro-active and successful pharmacist educators in the country...' She has presented papers on innovative approaches to teaching Pharmacy at national and international conferences. In 2012 Katie was appointed as an Accreditation Panel Member by the GPhC for MPharm courses within the UK. 

Hala Mansour

Hala Mansour has contributed significantly to improvements in assessment and feedback in Keele Management School and across the University. She evaluated an Essay Feedback Checklist (EFC), an interactive feedback tool designed to enhance student understanding of feedback on assessed work, for her MA in Action Research in Teaching and Learning. Hala's evaluation of the EFC has been published in JADE and presented at Keele conference. Hala has represented Keele at Higher Education Academy events. Hala recognises the importance of the student voice; she places value on effective student led tutorials. Comments from students refer to her positive, encouraging and inclusive style. Hala's KLE site is interactive; she uses Twitter and Facebook to encourage student engagement and 'teaching beyond the classroom'. 

Chris Stiff

Chris Stiff has successfully risen to the challenge of adjusting from post doc to lecturer in Psychology and is committed to continuous improvement by working collaboratively with both staff and students, Student feedback on his teaching using informal online feedback refers to 'great class sessions' that were 'fun and interactive'. Chris has significantly enhanced student learning in statistics by designing online tutorials accessed via his designated YouTube channel. These tutorials have been extensively adopted in the School of Psychology and viewed worldwide. Chris has received a Teaching Innovation Award to examine the effectiveness of these materials, with the results recently published in JADE. Chris's activities beyond Keele include the adoption of his online lecture materials by the School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne. 

Keele Excellence Awards Recipients 2012/13

Falko Drijfhout 

Falko Drijfhout has introduced a range of teaching methods to help students understand and enjoy Chemistry. These include the use of videos, models, clicker technology, project and problem-based learning. His many student nominations testify to the value of these methods. His willingness and approach to offering academic support are also positively noted by both his students and his peers in the School.  

Beyond the classroom, Falko has played a key role in recent new curriculum developments, particularly at postgraduate level and for CPD courses. He maintains an on-going commitment to his development as a teacher, through study, by innovation and through active membership in discipline-based networks nationally and in Europe.

Mark Davys 

Mark Davys’ commitment to his students, to good teaching and the subject of law means that he continuously looks for ways to improve and develop his work in the classroom, online and in published learning resources on the topic of Land Law. His students and peers comment on the clarity and value of his teaching resources and his support for their work and learning.

In the Law School, he leads the Teaching and Learning Forum which gives a space for teaching and learning matters to be discussed. More widely he has contributed to the national legal education field through his links with the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre, UKCLE, and through work with publishers.

Jackie Waterfield 

Jackie Waterfield has taught health professionals for more than twenty years. Her work with practitioners studying at Masters level has included the development of assessments by portfolio that have professional relevance and evidence high-level academic study. Additionally, her use of e-learning materials and e-activities serves to bridge the theory-practice gap and creates a virtual student community.

Beyond her discipline, Jackie also teaches on the MRes in Social Science and supervises EdD students. Nationally Jackie contributes to the physiotherapy profession through her work with both the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health and Care Professions Council.

Nicholas Seager 

Nicholas Seager has taught English at Keele for nearly four years. During that time, he has moved from learning with and from colleagues to being a valued member of the team, who shares his experiences and expertise with others – at Keele through TLHEP mentoring, and more widely by supporting newcomers to the discipline nationally.

His nominees testify to the success of Nick’s own aspiration to enlighten and empower students, which he achieves through a judicious mix of supporting and stretching students, and sharing his passion for literature.



Matthew Wyman 

Matthew Wyman is a Senior Teaching Fellow in SPIRE. Matthew’s approaches to teaching include the thoughtful incorporation of technology to improve learning and access to resources. The panel were particularly impressed by project work that developed students’ practical political skills by combining theory with practice and career development education. The results of this, and of other initiatives, were commended for their significant impact on student engagement and student performance over a number of years.

More widely, Matthew routinely disseminates his work to an audience beyond Keele, within his discipline and beyond. Matthew’s role as team leader developing the Keele graduate attributes has allowed his expertise and commitment to developing students’ skills to be brought to bear for a wider impact. The graduate attributes, part of the Distinctive Keele Curriculum, are now manifest in every programme of study at Keele.

Marilyn Andrews 

In addition, the Panel determined to recognise the outstanding contribution of the retiring Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Student Experience) by offering an Honorary Keele Excellence Award to Professor Marilyn Andrews.









Keele Excellence Awards Recipients 2011/12

Katherine Haxton 

Katherine Haxton draws on her experiences, as a teacher of Chemistry and on her roles, as a first year and a personal academic tutor, to define and continuously develop her teaching approach. Her empathy with a diverse student cohort and her aspiration to support their success is evident in her award application and in the nominations she received.

She contributes actively to scholarship and practice-based developments in the discipline as well as offering support in Keele to colleagues looking to extend their use of technology to improve teaching and reconfigure assessment and feedback practices. Her active approach to seeking opportunities to contribute to teaching developments and to learn and develop as a teacher impressed the assessment panel.


Helen Wells

Helen Wells' case for an award is supported by student comments on the positive qualities she brings to teaching and the supervision of research projects in her discipline of Criminology. In addition, she has impacted on the systems and processes within the School to improve the broader student learning offer.

She espouses a philosophy of teaching that is informed and grounded in her disciplinary knowledge, her experience outside academia and her concern for student welfare and achievement. Her award this year is recognition of the wider acknowledgement of one student's' comment, that "Keele should be proud to have Helen Wells as a member of staff."


Sheila Hope 

Sheila Hope is a lecturer in the School of Life Sciences. The assessment panel particularly commended Sheila's creative and innovative teaching methods and the very positive response they receive from her students. In particular, her use of technology, which she uses to support students to learn at their own pace, and to provide timely, high quality feedback, was noted.

Sheila is a programme leader, and has a broad portfolio of teaching across four Schools and all levels of study. Across this breadth, she sustains a reflexive and open approach to introducing, evaluating and disseminating changes to continuously improve the student learning experience.



Bruce Summers 

Bruce Summers impressed the assessment panel with his reflective and creative approaches to engaging medical students in meaningful learning, within practice settings at The Princess Royal Hospital, where he works as an orthopaedic and spinal surgeon/ consultant and also as a part-time lecturer and senior tutor for Keele Medical School.

A current participant on the Certificate for Medical Education, Bruce combines theory, experience in practice and his love of art into his teaching. He is current rethinking how patients can contribute as partners in the teaching-learning experience to most effectively allow students to learn both clinical and communication skills.


The Geophysics Team 

The Geophysics Team compromises of Drs Nigel Cassidy, Jamie Pringle and Ian Stimpson, from the School of Physical and Geographical Sciences. The team's application impressed the assessment panel with both the individual strengths of each team member and their collective commitment and reflective approach to support students on their modules and programmes.

In addition to their teaching roles in the classroom and the field, and School and Faculty responsibilities, all three members of the team are actively contributing to learning and teaching development in the discipline. For example, by funded project work and by publication of their practice.