Keele: Student Charter

The Keele Student Charter [For students who study at Keele University in the UK] sets out the University’s commitment to providing you with an exceptional student experience and it is intended to be a useful reference point to students throughout your university life. It outlines what you can expect of the University and our expectations of you as a university student and a member of the Keele community.  

The Keele Student Charter has been prepared jointly by the University, Keele University Students’ Union and the Keele Postgraduate Association and is reviewed annually.

The Keele Student Charter is rooted in the University’s key educational values of observing Keele’s founding ethos of the ‘pursuit of truth in the company of friends’. The University is committed to:

  • The transformative capacity of education for individuals, communities and society;
  • Equality of educational opportunity;
  • Advancing knowledge through independent research and academic enquiry;
  • Environmental and economic sustainability;
  • Delivering high quality service and experience in all our activities;
  • Valuing the rights, responsibilities and dignity of individuals through our commitment to equality and diversity;
  • Valuing probity and ethical behaviour;
  • Caring for the well-being of all our members.

The Student Charter covers:

  • Keele: Study
  • Keele: Experience
  • Keele: Community
  • Keele: Rules and Money Matters
  • Keele: Representation
  • Keele: The Students’ Union (Keele SU) and the Keele Postgraduate Association (KPA)
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The Keele Student Charter is a summary of the mutual aspirations and expectations of the University and its students.

Many of the areas referred to in the Student Charter are referred to in more detail in other University documents.  Further information on these can be found at the Keele Policy Zone at: Policy Zone and on the University Regulations webpages.