Carbon footprint game

If you like playing games and exploring social learning, the Great Carbon Footprint game could be a great way to engage students, staff and visitors in conversation around their carbon footprints.

The game features a 'higher or lower' option between combinations of food items, clothing, electricals, travel and other consumption behaviours, from bananas, tomatoes, fish and cheeseburgers, to showering, travelling by first class train vs using the tube, and the average footprint of having a child. Players can compete as single-players or in teams going head to head to introduce an element of competition.

Many items in the game can be surprising and enable facilitators to have conversations about the intricacies of calculating carbon footprints and different consumption patterns that can reduce the carbon footprint of individual purchases.

Keele funded the purchase of a the Great Carbon Footprint Game which is used during events such as Keele Green Festival, at Open Days and Offer Holder Days, and for outreach activities. If you'd like to use the game at an event, contact the Sustainability Project Officer who can provide training.

Students can also learn how to facilitate the game and gain employability skills and log volunteering hours through the Students' Union for running sessions with the game. Contact the Sustainability Project Officer to find out about upcoming events where the game will be used and to become a facilitator.

 Nicola Taylor facilitating the Great Carbon Footprint Game in the Library during SDG Week