Keele Green Festival 2023

Keele Green Festival explores how we embed sustainability at Keele.

Keele Green Festival 2023 will be a celebration of sustainability at Keele University! Sustainability involves the environment, social justice, global equality, health and wellbeing, economic stability and more as illustrated by the 17 Global Goals. At Keele, we ask you to be kind to yourself, your neighbour, your community, and we encourage you to be kind to the planet. During Keele Green Festival there will be a range of events where you can learn about carbon, energy and climate change; responsible production and consumption; growing and gardening; wellbeing and connection; personal development and careers, and more!

In the week running up to the Festival there will be Carbon Literacy Project train the trainer training (1 March) and a Low Carbon Energy Generation Park tour (8 March). Plus there is also University Mental Health Day (9 March) with activities and events for students to get involved in. See upcoming events in the Keele App.

There will be a display in the Keele Library where you can receive a 'grow-your-own' plant and donate to charity, as well as finding out more about affordable food and meal options, including apps, blogs and Keele resources.

Every day CENTRAL Kitchen in Chancellor's will have plant-based meals available, and look out for social media on ways our catering team are being sustainable.

Time Description
How to join?
Monday 13 March
Research at Keele (Institute for Sustainable Futures) 10am-12pm / 2-4pm

The Institute for Sustainable Futures contributes to research, education and training that has positive impact on the long-term sustainability of our societies, environments and ecosystems across local to global scales. The ISF showcase will feature: Storytelling and sustainability (10am-12pm) and Place-based decarbonisation (2pm-4pm)

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KPA Crafts - Tote Bag Making 8-10pm

Check out the March calendar on our website or contact the KPA directly for a preview of upcoming events. 

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Tuesday 14 March
Bamboo Arch Construction - take part!

9:30-11:30am / 11:30am-1:30pm / 2:30pm-4:30pm

Join us as world-class experts challenge themselves to build a 6-metre bamboo arch swing! Are you interested in becoming a Community Build Volunteer preparing the bamboo or raising the arch? There are slots available to join us from Tuesday 14 to Friday 17 March.

Green space adjacent to KPA

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Sustainability Campus Tour


Get your steps in and join Alana Wheat, Sustainability Engagement Officer on a Sustainability themed campus tour across the university campus. Visiting sites such as the Sustainability Bungalow, Walled Garden Allotments, and if there is time the Woodmeadow Walk.

Boost your steps for the Brit Challenge!

Meet at the Forest of Light at 11:00

Coffee with Employers - Sustainability


Coffee with employers is your chance to meet employers here at Keele in an informal setting. A small group of employers will be visiting Keele to discuss their companies, application tips, and answer any questions you might have, all over a cup of tea or coffee. Find out what really motivates employers and how they make recruitment decisions.

Careers area in Keele Library

PGR ESG Coffee Break 4:30-6pm

Get down to the KPA for a PGR ESG Coffee break! Discuss the topics with fellow peers or just take some time out to have a coffee.

Keele Postgraduate Association

KUGS Quiz Takeover From 8:30pm

Keele University Geo Society are taking over the KPA for a 'geo' themed quiz! Test your skills at this fun relaxed event.

Keele Postgraduate Association

Wednesday 15 March
Bamboo Arch Construction - take part!

9:30-11:30am /

11:30am-1:30pm /


Join us as world-class experts challenge themselves to build a 6-metre bamboo arch swing!

Are you interested in becoming a Community Build Volunteer preparing the bamboo or raising the arch? There are slots available to join us from Tuesday 14 to Friday 17 March.

Green space adjacent to KPA

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Why Bamboo?


Why Bamboo? Artistic director Orit Azaz will introduce Imagine Bamboo at Keele and how this epic international, inter-disciplinary artist-led collaboration, now in its third year, came into being and continues to gather interest and commitment from architects, engineers, developers, sustainability specialists, academics, activists, educators, growers, artists, designers and communities across 4 continents.

Visit Horwood Energy Centre

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Energy Saving Tips & SEND Control Room Tour


Join the SEND team at Keele University for a session on Energy Saving Tips and a SEND control room tour to see how energy is used and controlled on campus.

Meet at Horwood Energy Centre

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Keele University & SOS UK Food and Farming Network


Students and staff engaged with our edible campus opportunities attend these workshops to discuss what is going well and perhaps not so well, and work together to set goals and find solutions.

Join the Sustainability Community and find the details in the Edible Campus team

KPA - Pint of Science


Join the KPA for a Pint of Science!

Visit the KPA

Singer of the Earth - Film Screening


The conductor John Warner and the musicians of Orchestra for the Earth are going to Austria, searching for the deeper meaning of the magical Gustav Mahler composition "Das Lied von der Erde". They refuse to take an aeroplane, since its CO2 emissions are too high, which contributes to Climate Change. Therefore, they travel by train. The Orchestra for the Earth wants to draw attention to the theme of Climate Change with their music.

Keele Chapel

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Students, staff and community welcome!

Orchestra for the Earth


Be transported to the world of breath-taking mountains, lush valleys and glittering turquoise lakes with this immersive Alpine-theme programme. Come for a chance to experience this great music up-close, in new versions for chamber ensemble that are as intimate as they are thrilling and virtuosic.

Featuring an expert panel from Professor Alastair Williams, Dr Antonia Law and Dr Ben Anderson.

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Student and 16 & Under FREE

Students, staff and community welcome!

Make Do and Mend


You'll learn how to hand sew a variety of basic embroidery stitches, be able to practice using a sewing machine (maybe you already know!), find ways to repair, revamps and repurpose favourite items of clothing into something totally unique!
Bring something you'd like to work on, or try one of the simple sewing projects we have ready for you to enjoy!

Darwin Building

For students provided by Student Services

Thursday 16 March
Carbon Literacy Project workshop 1 (of 3)


Carbon Literacy is relevant climate change learning that leads to positivity and action towards reducing carbon emissions. The Carbon Literacy Project works to provide you with access to this learning so that you can become certified as Carbon Literate.

More than just small personal changes, Carbon Literacy highlights the need for substantial change and supports you, as an individual, to have a cascade effect on a much wider audience – whether it’s in your workplace, community, school, university, place of worship, or another setting.

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On campus (DH1.20)

For staff and students

Institute for Sustainable Futures Post-Graduate Network Launch

10am - 12pm

The ISF and the Sustainability Team will be supporting the launch of the new ‘Post Graduate Sustainability Network’. The event will be an introduction to the Institute for Sustainable Futures and will provide an opportunity for PGR students to meet other PGR students from across the university. This network aims to bring together those students interested in sustainability and also those students who are working on sustainability-aligned research from across the university. The activities and projects that the PGR network will run will be led by the students within the PGR Network. 


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Talk - Can creative structural engineering help fight the climate crisis?


The portfolio of Atelier One, renowned as one of the UK's most creative structural engineering consultancies, spans across buildings, art and entertainment. Structural engineer Chris Matthews has work on such varied projects as the London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies, touring sets for U2 and Beyonce, and the First Light Pavilion at Jodrell Bank. Chris will talk about these fascinating projects, and explain how Atelier One's drive to utilise better performing and lower carbon materials has led them to pursue the structural use of bamboo.

Horwood Energy Centre

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For students, staff and local community

Keele Meeples - Staff Boardgame evening


A board gaming session with staff at Keele University. All Keele staff are welcome to come along and take part in some boardgames. New members to the Keele Meeples are always welcome!

Library Training Room (upstairs)

For staff and PGR

KPA's Sing for Sustainability From 8:30pm

Enjoy singing? Know a few 'earth', 'green' themed songs? Share them with the Keele community at the KPA. Other songs also welcome!

Visit the KPA

Friday 17 March
BRIT23 Campus Litter Pick 10am-12pm

Supporting the Brit23 campaign? Need to get your steps in whilst doing something good for the campus, and wildlife? Join us on a litter pick around the campus, grab a bag and a litter pick and you are all set! 

Boost your steps for the Brit Challenge!

Meet at the Forest of Light

Edible Campus Gardening Session 12 - 2pm

All are welcome to join in with the Edible Campus weekly gardening sessions. You do not need to have any prior gardening or vegetable growing experience. All you need to do is come along and learn about growing, enjoy some gentle exercise in the outdoors, and be ready to harvest when the crops are ready!

Walled Garden Allotments, next to Clockhouse

Eco Brick Making Workshop 2 - 4pm

Produce "Eco Bricks" using plastic waste and used plastic bottles in this interactive workshop. By the end of this session, we should have created several "bricks" which can be used for building materials across the globe. 

A fantastic event led by the Keele University Library Campus Green Team.

Training Room, Top Floor, Campus Library

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KPA Wear Green for Sustainability (St. Patrick's day party) From 8pm

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day and Keele Green Festival by wearing the colour green to the KPA!

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Saturday 18 March 2023 Keele Green Festival 

Join us as world-class experts come together to build and display a giant six-metre-high bamboo arch swing on Keele University Campus as part of Keele Green Festival! In collaboration with Appetite, Imagineer Productions and Arts Keele. All staff, students and local community welcome to attend this fantastic day!

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11am - 2pm

Imagine Bamboo at Keele University

Made from UK-grown borinda bamboo the arch will be built and raised over four days.

If all goes to plan, on Saturday 18 March you can come along from 11am-2pm to have a swing from it! This impressive experiment will take place outdoors at Keele University campus during Green Festival.

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KPA's Soup Kitchen & Kids Sustainable Crafts

Visit the Keele Postgraduate Association

12:30 - 1:10pm

Talk - Introduction to Bamboo by Michael Brisbane, Bamboo Society Great Britain

Join the experts behind Imagine Bamboo at Keele University as they give you a fascinating glimpse into why bamboo is rapidly gaining a reputation as the next big thing in sustainable building materials, garnering commitment from scientists and engineers, climate activists and even circus performers!
Michael Brisbane, president of the Bamboo Society Great Britain, developed his passion for bamboos while travelling in the Far East and over many years has gained extensive knowledge. Michael will share his knowledge with you and introduce you to the properties, applications and green credentials of bamboo. This talk is a must for any plant lover or bamboo fan.

Horwood Energy Centre

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2 - 3:30pm

Low Carbon Energy Generation Park tour

Meet outside the Horwood Energy Centre at 2pm

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More Keele Green Festival events

We had too much to fit into one week, and sustainability will always go beyond a week. Keep an eye out for upcoming sustainability related events in the Keele App.

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Sunday 19 March

12 - 2pm

Sustainability Bungalow - greet & garden Join the wonderful Sustainability Bungalow residents to have a tour around the Sustainability Bungalow and help out with their allotment garden. Find out what life is like in the Bungalow and some sustainability-living tips and tricks!

Visit the Bungalow

Monday 20 March

1 - 4pm

Talking Climate with Climate Outreach External to Keele University but relevant to Keele Green Festival and welcomes all. 

Natural History Museum's Generation Hope 

Tuesday 21 March

12 - 2pm

BRIT23 World Forests Day Campus Litter Pick On World Forests Day we'll be doing our bit to help protect the wildlife and natural spaces on the Keele University campus. This is also a great way to get your steps in whilst doing something good for the local area.
There will be a wildlife themed wander and litter pick around campus. This walk will take us around the Keele lakes. We can expect to hear lots of bird song and see many squirrels... will you spot anything else? We will also do litter picking as we go along too! Please wear suitable footwear and clothing.

Meet at the Forest of Light

Wednesday 22 March

9am - 5pm

Carbon Literacy full-day workshop (Earth Day)

Get your Carbon Literacy learning and evidence sorted in a day! Led by Sustainability Intern, Abigail Sproston and Sustainability Engagement Officer, Alana Wheat - learn all the latest science and actions that you can take to be more climate-friendly.

Free for all Keele University staff and students!

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Wednesday 22 March


Embedding sustainability in your research skills

Professor Zoe Robinson, Director of the Institute for Sustainable Futures, will be discussing sustainability and methods to including it whilst completing your research

CM0.12, Claus Moser

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Thursday 23 March


Keele Meeples

Staff board gaming takes place every week on a Thursday! All Keele staff welcome to come along.

Library Training Room

Friday 24th March


Edible Campus Gardening Join us to relax in nature and do some small-scale gardening, tending to the Student Eats allotment beds in the Walled Garden Allotments. All welcome.

Walled Garden Allotments

Saturday 25 March

8 - 9pm

Earth Hour 2023 - KPA by candle light #EarthHourUK is a moment to come together and call for a safer, fairer & more sustainable future. Together, we can help make it normal to live sustainably. Eating a more planet-friendly diet, switching to renewable energy, sharing tips with friends, calling for change from businesses and politicians – it all adds up.
Will you join the movement this Earth Hour?

Visit the KPA to take part in KPA by Candlelight

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