Ethical investments

Keele University is ensuring that financial investments are ethical and reflect the mission and values of the University. To support this commitment an Ethical Investment Code of Practice has been in place and reviewed annually for a number of years.

The Code of Practice was reported on and reviewed at the University Council Business Review Committee (BRC) on 7th June 2018. Although Keele has never invested in fossil fuels or arms companies, the Code of Practice has been updated and has been superceded by the new Keele Ethical Investment Policy which explicity outlines Keele's commitment to never invest in fossil fuels or arms companies, and reinvest in clean energy and technology.

Divestment/Ethical Investment Statement:

"Keele University has made a commitment to increasingly focus its investments in companies with a positive environmental and/or societal impact, in particular in areas of clean energy and technology. The University’s investments will be in line with its strategic aims and its environmental, social and ethical values. The university has made a commitment to divest from fossil fuel extraction companies, and to continual divestment from companies which do not meet the environmental and social values of the University, including arms companies.”

Download a copy of Keele's 2019 Ethical Investment Policy‌.

Keele's Deputy Vice Chancellor and Provost, and Strategic Lead for Environment & Sustainability, Professor Mark Ormerod, also published a blog reflecting on the University's sustainability achievements and looking at future developments, including a statement on Keele's commitment to Ethical Investment/Divestment.