‚ÄĆAlex ‌Alex Melson
Alex is a third year Environment & Sustainability student. His primary interest in the environment and sustainability sector is ecology and conservation. Ever since a child he has always been fascinated in wildlife and the mysteries of the animal kingdom. He enjoys hiking and going for long walks.



Sophie Sophie Kilgallon
Sophie is a third year Environment and Sustainability student. Her interests include conservation, biology and art. Her dissertation topic identified how art was being used to educate people about environmental and sustainability topics and explored the impact art could have through the use of a case study. Sophie enjoys being outdoors and reading in her spare time.


Andrea Grainger
Andrea studied Accounting and Finance and Actuarial science; living at the Bungalow, she decided to change into Environment and Sustainability. Andrea likes walking in the nature, growing vegetables, and outdoor activities.


Emmanuel ‌Emanuel Blondel
Mani studies single honours politics. His interests lie in environmental politics and social justice. Living at the SSB is a wonderful opportunity for him to explore the way that different spaces change the way people interact, with the aim of creating a safer space for discussions that are more radical and more critical than are typical. He has learnt so much over his four years at Keele that have helped shape political and social views, and all those views are informed by a strong belief that ecological politics are deeply underappreciated.