Peter Davies, art historian

Art out of adversity. The Making of Keele’s Collection.

Part of Lidice 80 Anniversary.

Eminent art historian Peter Davies will present a talk on Keele University's Barnett Stross Collection, the original bequest that founded the university's substantial art collection.

Peter will explore the collection, the place of art in commemorating the Lidice atrocity and Stoke-on-Trent's place in the vital international legacy of restoration and peace-making led by Sir Barnett Stross. 

It will coincide with Art for Peace, a major ArtsKeele exhibition by Alison Lochhead on display in the Chancellor's Building, other locations in the university and Newcastle-under-Lyme. 

Peter Davies (b. 1953) is an eminent author, art critic, and artist, and a contributor to many journals and exhibition catalogue. His books include Art in Poole and Dorset (1987), as well as single artist studies of Arthur Ballard, Michael Kenny, John Milne, and Marjorie Parr. He is most renowned for his ground-breaking A Northern School (1989) which he updated as A Northern School Revisited in a new edition (2015). Peter has a passionate interest in the art of the north of England, in which he places the Potteries and North Midlands, and he is the recent author of the acclaimed Arthur Bery: A Ragged Richness (2021). A distinguished practicing artist in his own right, Peter has generously contributed one of his own Linocut prints to the Keele Collection, which originated in Barnett Stross's collection.

Image: Rohalla, Jacob Kramer, Stross Collection at Keele University.


This event will also be live streamed. To join online visit: ART OUT OF ADVERSITY: LIVE STREAM.

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Keele University Art Gallery, Chancellor's Building
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