Three Counties Open Art 2020 : Virtual Exhibition

New for 2020!

The Three Counties Open Art exhibition usually takes place in the beautiful and historic Burslem School of Art throughout July and August. The show offers a platform for artists based in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire and there are a range of prizes usually announced at a buzzing preview event. This year, due to COVID-19, rather than cancelling the summer show the decision was made to create our first virtual exhibition. Viewing art online is never as good as in 'real life' however it is important to keep the momentum and the opportunity in the diary for artists who wish to participate in this annual show.

The show will return to Burslem School of Art in 2021. 

The Three Counties Open 2020 virtual show is now open. You are welcome to visit the exhibition which is organised over 6 rooms and features work from 145 artists. Follow the link below to enter the rooms of the 3D space...

Visit the exhibition one room at a time:

ROOM 1 features art with a focus on people. Portraits, character studies, figurative works are just some of the exiting pieces visitors will be able to discover.
Artists: Adele Dobson | Anna Drezova | Beth Wyatt | Carly Broomfield | Carrie Pletscher | Chris Moult | Chloe Deacon | Daisy Baker | Darren Washington | David Gleeson | Dean Brindley | Dom Marshall | Ed Catley | Hannah Hannon | Jack Skinner | Jackie Saxton | John Whitehill | Lora Jin Looi | Lyngard Simpson | Meg Hancock | Nick Moore | Pamela Sturges | Peter Davis | Philip Johnson | Reece Phinease Card | Roberta Riley | Roger Chadderton | Sarah Peart | Sue Chatterton | Valerie Kilfo


ROOM 2 includes art inspired by and created in response to urban landscape and the built environment.
Artists: Alan Jones | Anthea Bond | Craig Sumner | Cyril Tilstone | Elliot Avis | Emma Wharton | Erica Brook | Grace Hancock | Helen Morgan | Jill Brown | Joan Chatterton | Julia Brown | Kath Squire | Laura Greene | Martyn France | Michael Pritchard | Mike Rennie | Olivia Sant | Penny Beautiman | Ron Coleman | Ruth Tucker


ROOM 3 includes art inspired by natural and rural environments.
Artists: Andy Day | Angela James | Ann Dutton | Ann Roche | Catherine Doel | Geoff Archer | Gill Stokes | Ian Mood | Jackie Jamieson | Jan Slater | J Lyn Leech | Jo Thacker | Karen Wise | Katy Alston | Kay Caven | Lisa Goodridge | Lisa Henderson | Louise Adams | Mark Lippett | Nikki Johnson | Mike Reeves | Raji Mahesh | Stephanie O'Donnell | Stephen Liddle


ROOM 4 includes art inspired by and created during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Artists: Andy Jeffrey | Angela McGorulay | Caroline Deighton | David Finney | Gillie Nicholls | Hilary Brandsom | Ian Naylor | Ian Slade | Indira Verdi | Jiri Borsky | Kate Collins | Kate Gandalfo | Malcolm Hague | Pewter Wulker | Rob Burke | Russell Gregory | Katie Jones


ROOM 5 includes art with a focus on animals, nature and still life.
Artists: Amber Tivendale-Wood | Barbara Barlow | Carlota Castilho | Chloe O'Reilly | Darren Roberts | Darryl Walker | Dylan Robinson | Gabriela Merta | Gill Smith | Helena Shave | Jake Hall | John Barker | Joshua Osowiecki | Lauren van Helmond | Leila Everill | Liam Phillips | Linda Webb | Lucya Jurczak | Maisie Philips | Shannon Cooke | Sheena Kelly | Vlada Zake | Wendy Irwin


ROOM 6 includes art which draws upon 'story'be this fantasy, myth, personal experience or current/ historic political and environmental concerns.
Artists: Alexander Nicholson-Ward | Alex Harford | Amy Louise-Robinson | Bernadetta Dziubinski | Bhavna Parmar | Chloe Jade Saggers | April Star Davis | Edward Mackenzie | Elizabeth Jardine Godwin | Ethan Lemon | Grace Taylor | Helen Plester | Jack Stancliffe | Jacqueline Walsh House | Jim Sadler | Keith Malkin | Lilli Hoiting-Li | Lily Martin | Maggie Moorcroft | Neil Vodrey | Noel Bennett | Olive Julia Smith | Olivia Kerswell | Patricia Smith | Philip Dare | Philip Hardaker | Rebecca Davis | Svetland Elentseva | Tamsin Robinson


NEW FOR 2020! 

The Audience Choice Award.

This Award is new for 2020 and developed with support from our Open Art 2020 partners Appetite. The Award will hand over the decision making process to exhibition visitors who will be able to select their favourite piece from a shortlist of 20. The artist whose piece receives the most votes will receive an award of £250.  Votes have now closed and you can view the winner here.


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