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Keele University is the UK's leading campus based university offering a premium student experience. The University offers a truly international appeal with students from over 120 countries and has one of the largest student residential communities of any university in the UK. In the 2011 National Student Survey Keele was ranked 7th nationally and we continue to be a top ten University for graduate employment despite the current academic climate.

Keele University promotes interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary scholarship making a distinctive contribution to higher education by emphasising the strength of a broader educational programme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Academic Vacancies

Post Title Closing Date Advert Post Information Application Form
Teaching Fellow (Biosciences) 2 February 2015 OR15/01 OR15/01 Online Application
Lecturer in Pharmaceutics 5 February 2015 AC15/02 AC15/02 Online Application
Research Therapist 8 February 2015 RE15/03 RE15/03 Online Application
Research Associate/Fellow in Biostatistics 9 February 2015 RE15/01 RE15/01 Online Application
Research Associate/Fellow NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship 18 February 2015 RE15/02 RE15/02 Online Application
Research Associate 20 February 2015 RE15/04 RE15/04 Online Application
Chair in History 1 March 2015 AC15/03 AC15/03 Online Application
Chair in American History 1 March 2015 AC15/04 AC15/04 Online Application

Non-academic Vacancies

Post Title Closing Date Advert Post Information Application Form
Curriculum Support & Development Co-ordinator - Early Years 5 February 2015 OP15/05 OP15/05 Online Application
Systems Development Manager 9 February 2015 Advert Advert Online Application Email
Assistant Supervisor 9 February 2015 OP15/06 OP15/06 Online Application
Domestic Assistant (Teaching Buildings) 10 February 2015 OP15/07 OP15/07 Online Application
Nursery Nurse 10 February 2015 OP15/08 OP15/08 Online Application
Student Support & Welfare Administrator 12 February 2015 SE15/07 SE15/07 Online Application
Information Security Manager 13 February 2015 Advert Advert Online Application Email
CRM Officer External Relations 18 February 2015 SE15/04 SE15/04 Online Application
Keele Conducting Fellow 20 February 2015 SE15/03 SE15/03 Online Application
Student Records and Examination's Co-ordinator 22 February 2015 SE15/02 SE15/02 Online Application

External, Affiliated and Partnership Vacancies

Post Title Closing Date Additional Information External Web Link
Catering Team Leader 8 February 2015 Additional Information www.keelesu.com/sujobs
Administration Assistant 16 February 2015 Additional Information Gsmith2@studygroup.com