Donation categories

Donations can be made in a number of ways to support either the Keele Key Fund or a major project. Whichever you choose, your support will make a real difference to the lives of students at Keele.

Regular Giving - helps us to make plans knowing that funding is in place. By setting up a Direct Debit with your bank you can make a gift to Keele for as long as you like.

Single Gifts - can be made online, or by cheque, credit card, or donation made via Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) or other intermediary charities.

Payroll Giving - If your employer operates a charitable giving scheme such as Give As You Earn, you can also make tax efficient gifts to the University through your pay. Every £10 you give will only cost you £7.80, because you save £2.20 at the basic tax rate. (Higher rate tax payers will only pay £6). Give As You Earn is the simplest way to give to charity direct from your pay, tax free.

Employers Matching Gift Schemes - Many employers run a matching gift scheme, and the University can benefit from these. A simple form (usually available from your personnel or finance department) must be completed. Your employer will then send the University a gift to match your amount.

Gifts of Shares and Securities- A double tax benefit is available for those giving quoted shares. Individuals can set the full value of their gift against their liability for income tax in the tax year that the gift is made. This is in addition to exemption from capital gains tax on the disposal of the shares. A similar provision now applies to companies in respect of corporation tax. A leaflet "Giving shares and securities to charity" is available from HMCE.

Why support the Key Fund?

I remember the campus as a welcoming, stimulating, engaging, entertaining place in which to find life-long friends and to discover life-changing intellectual pursuits. It was a place for exploration – in the teaching spaces, the union building, the halls, and across a generous acreage of a lovely campus. I met my wife. I found my life’s work. My children and I now plant trees on the campus. It is a small return. We hope it contributes to more years of the campus being welcoming, stimulating, engaging, entertaining, and life-changing.

Professor Philip Davies