Student Enterprise

Getting involved in enterprise activity at university isn’t just about starting a business – it’s also about learning and developing skills that you may never have known you had and that you can use in various ways both inside and outside the workplace. 

  • The experience of starting up a business and overcoming its challenges, can provide you with the opportunity to consider an alternative career to being an employee.
  • Showing entrepreneurial spirit requires innovative and creative flair as well as initiative, hard work, determination, flexibility, time management and strong communication skills - all transferable skills that can help you to stand out from the crowd when you’re starting out in the world of work.

Whatever your motivation for getting involved in enterprise, whether you're ready to get going now or at some stage in the future, we’re keen to encourage as many of you as possible to be engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

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FREE 2-day business start-up bootcamp.

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