Research News

The following items provide an overview of the variety of research that is currently being undertaken at Keele University.  A full list of news items is available by year from the menu on the left.

Facility time   National and international facility time for Keele astronomers Posted on 09 November 2015 Keele project awarded 9.68 million CPU-hours over three years. ESRC logo   ESRC Seminar Series successes Posted on 20 October 2015 School of Law successes in the prestigious ESRC Seminar Series programme. Toxicology image   Development of In Vitro Dermal Absorption Test Posted on 13 October 2015 A review of the development of the OECD 428 in vitro (non-animal) test guideline has been published in a prestigious journal. news item image - bladder   Novel biomarker approach predicts patient outcome in bladder cancer Posted on 06 October 2015 Cutting edge technology used to identify changes in bladder cancer. Maganellic Cloud   International facility time for Keele astronomers Posted on 05 August 2015 Keele PhD student Steven Goldman has been awarded observing time with the
Australia Telescope Compact Array radio interferometre.
smart minds image   Wellcome Trust Biomedical Vacation Scholarships Posted on 04 August 2015 Keele has been awarded three Biomedical Vacation Scholarships by the Wellcome Trust. DNA   Novel approach identifies unique DNA signature Posted on 13 July 2015 In exciting new work published in the prestigious journal Epigenomics, researchers in the Research Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine (ISTM) and at the Haywood Rheumatology Centre, have for the first time identified disease-associated changes to the DNA epigenome in joint fluid cells from patients with rheumatoid arthritis.