Research in the School of Psychology

The School has two main research groupings:  Brain & Cognition and Social & Developmental which overlap in a shared interest in Health and Ageing.

All staff and postgraduate students belong to one or more of these groupings. Anyone interested in pursuing PhD or postdoctoral research in any of these areas should contact the relevant member of staff identified below.

Venn Diagram showing relationship of research groups in psychology

Brain & Cognition Research into neuropsychological and cognitive processes

Social and Developmental Research into social relationships and development

Health & Ageing Critical psychological approaches to understanding health and illness and promoting wellbeing

Children and Young People in Society Special Interest Group

For those interested on conducting research with children and young people.  The group is open to those across the university and external to Keele.  Please contact Claire Fox ( for details.

Keele Action Research Network

This network brings together action researchers across Keele University and beyond.  For more information or to become a member, contact  Emee Estacio

Recent and Current Funded Research

Psychology staff are involved in a wide range of research projects.  Below is a sample of the projects that are externally funded on which staff are currently involved.

  • ReADAPt: Relationahip Education and Domestic Abuse Prevention Education [EU Daphne III].
  • From Boys to Men [ESRC]

  • Humour Styles and Bullying in Schools (ESRC).
  • Do groups view potential new members who are religious as desirable or undesirable? [British Academy]

  • Promoting Independence And Social Engagement Among Older People [New Dynamics Of Ageing Programme]

  • Ages and Stages (New Dynamics of Ageing (NDA) Programme)
  • Children's Handling Of Uncertainty: The Influence Of An Unknown Reality [ESRC]
  • Recognition Memory, Conscious Recollection And Familiarity In Patients With Nondementing Parkinson's Disease [ESRC]
  • Investigation of Music programme In Primary Schools [ESRC]
  • Enabling Children To Become Musicians [ESRC]
  • Action research on health literacy and diabetes: engaging South Asian Men and Young Men with diabetes (NHS Stoke and Stoke-on-Trent City Council)
  • Readability of health information materials in GP practices (Stoke-on-Trent City Council)