Welcome to School of Psychology

What I really like about the psychology course at Keele is how varied it is. With lab classes, seminars and lectures there's something to suit everyone really at some point.

I know that with myself, one of the things that really daunted me about doing a Psychology degree was the fact that you would do statistics with it. It's made very easy here and they go through all of the theory and they show you how to use computer programs such as SPSS to do your statistics and they show you how
to do it by hand as well so you understand the theory and understand what's going on.

If you really weren't able to understand something that had happened in the lectures there are drop in classes where you can go and speak to an experienced member of staff and I found them so helpful and I think that's invaluable to anyone who's actually studying at Keele.

I'm a teaching fellow in Psychology. My role really is to support students in their learning. I run study skills workshops to help students with aspects of the course that they find difficult and here to be a port of call for any study related issues that they have.

It's a very supportive department, I mean they have the e-mentors, friendly approachable staff, they've got their office hours when they're happy to speak to anyone but you've also got the student- staff liaison committee

All their pictures and contact numbers are displayed just next to reception of the psychology building so it's really easy to get in touch and you can see who they are

First and second years are really about getting a handle on the main areas of psychology, then in the third year it becomes much more free choice in terms of what people can choose to do

The good thing about doing a dual honours degree at Keele with Psychology is that the course is BPS accredited

It is quite unique to Keele because I know a lot of Universities won't actually credit it as full BPS so it makes it very unique in a lot of ways because so many places aren't able to offer it to a standard that Keele can.

I think that's something a lot of employers look out for as well if the course is accredited by a professional body

People don't necessarily go on to be Psychologists. Actually one of the nice things about the subject is that it gives students a lot of transferable skills that are desirable to employers and so of course you can combine Psychology with any other subject that you happen to be interested in

I think probably the best thing about Keele for me is the community spirit.

There's always someone to talk to, you don't have to be by yourself at all if you don't want to be, but there's always that space to be on you own as well with the country side, and it's just such a nice homely feel.

Yes, and everyone is part of the Keele bubble, it's great. I mean I couldn't ask for anything else really from the Uni in that respect.