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Complementary & Alternative Therapy

Complementary alternative therapies and homeopathy (NMC, 2008) 

Complementary and alternative therapies (RCM position statement, 2007)  

Complementary and alternative therapies (UK Midwifery archives)  

Complementary maternity forum 

Kangaroo mother care

Waterbirth information (Website about waterbirth in general) 

Waterbirth International (US Website about waterbirth) 

Well Mother

Ethical and Legal Issues


Critical care decisions in fetal and neonatal medicine: ethical issues (Nuffield Council on Bioethics, 2004) 

Maternity and paternity rights and benefits: survey of parents (Department for Work & Pensions, 2005)

Maternity services in Sure Start local programmes (2005)

New and expectant mothers who work(Health & Safety Executive, 2013)

NMC code of professional conduct (Nursing & Midwifery Council, 2008)  


Web links

Abortion and ethics (Collection of links from the University of San Diego)

Code of ethics (International Confederation of Midwives, 2014) 

Health and safety for new and expectant mothers(Health & Safety Executive: links to different resources)

Pregnancy and maternity: what the law says (Equality & Human Rights Commission - current legislation)

UK statute law database 

Information for parents from Direct Gov

Evidence-based Midwifery

Evidence-based Guidelines for Midwifery-led Care in Labour (RCM, 2012)

Reproductive care programme: guidelines (British Columbia)

Childbirth connection (website for health professionals)

Cochrane Library 

Free tutorials on finding and using evidence-based health information (Collection of links from the RCM)

Motherisk(Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto)

TRIP (Turning Research into Practice) database(Free database for good quality clinical information)

Infant Development

Prevention of low birth weight: assessing the effectiveness of interventions (Health Development Agency briefing, 2003) 

Deaf Parenting UK (resources for deaf parents and professionals working with deaf parents)

Infant and newborn development (MedlinePlus)

Infant and toddler health (Mayo Clinic)

Infection Control

Infection Intervention Practices in Emergency Care (Document produced by Engender Health for the AMDD Program)

Healthcare A2Z: Infection

Infections & Pregnancy: MEDLINE Plus topic

MMR Information /links from NHS Choices

National Electronic Library of Infection (NELI): Library of evidence-based resources from City University, London

Maternal Age


Pregnancy in women over 45: should this be encouraged? (article from the journal Menopause International, 2007)

National Teenage Pregnancy Midwifery Network (founded by midwives in 2001)

Teenage parents: who cares?  A guide to commissioning and delivering services for young parents (Department of Health/Department for Children, Schools & Families, 2nd edition, 2008 – replaces the 2004publication)



Pregnancy after 35 (non-profit organization website)

Teenage Pregnancy (MedlinePlus links)

Teenage Pregnancy Unit

Multiple Births

The Multiple Births Foundation (UK Charity website)

Twins & Multiple Births Association (UK Charity website)

Twins, Triplets & Multiple Births (Medline Plus links)

Mental Health

Antenatal and postnatal mental health (NICE guidance, 2007 onwards)

Association of Post-Natal Illness (UK support website)

Post-partum Depression (MedlinePlus links)

Midwifery Care (various aspects)


A guide to effective care in Pregnancy & Childbirth - EXCERPT (Oxford University Press, 2000 third edition for women/families & healthcare professionals)

Gynecology & Obstetrics: Merck Manual

Quality Improvement for Emergency Obstetric Care (Engender Health)



Childbirth Connection: evidence-based resources to improve the quality of maternity services

Obstetrics & Gynaecology (from eMedicine)

MIDIRS (Maternity Information and Resource Services): website dedicated to education and practice

Midwifery Today (website of a publishing company dedicated to material relating to midwifery - includes e-newsletter) (website written by midwives and health visitors; includes large FAQ section for parents)

MDLinx: news service for obstetrics & gynaecology

Perinatal Institute (NHS website dedicated to perinatal mortality and morbidity in the


Pregnancy (BMJ Topic Collection)

Neo-Natal & Peri-Natal Care

Key Documents

Neonatal Formulary 

Routine Examination of the Newborn (Guideline from NHS Quality Improvement, Scotland, 2008; update of 2004 version)


Other resources

Infant and newborn care (MedlinePlus)

Toddler health (MedlinePlus) 

Neonatology articles (e-medicine)

Neonatology on the web

Newborn screening (MedlinePlus)

Perinatal Institute (NHS)

Perinatal mortality statistics

Premature babies (MedlinePlus)

News headlines- keep up-to-date

BBC News: Latest Health news items

Children, Families and Maternity e-bulletin (Dept. of Health)

MIDIRS: News centre

NHS Choices: News items

RCM: Link to e-zine (you can sign-up to receive this by e-mail)

Pregnancy and Childbirth Complications

Improving pregnancy for women with diabetes (Factsheet from NHS Diabetes)

Management of HIV in Pregnancy (RCOG 2010)

Management of Severe Eclampsia (Amendment to 2006 Guideline)

Managing Complications in Pregnancy & Childbirth (WHO, 2007)

Pregnancy Loss

CLIMB (Center for Loss in Multiple Birth) (website written by and for parents)

Ectopic Pregnancy Trust (UK Charity)

Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (UK Charity)

Hygeia Foundation (US website)

Miscarriage Association (UK charity)

Miscarriage and pregnancy loss (US non-profit organization)

Pregnancy loss (MedlinePlus Links)

SIDS Network (UK website offering information on Sudden Infant Death & Other Infant Death)

Sudden infant death syndrome (MedlinePlus Links)

Transcultural Practice


Transcultural Practice: Links from the Royal College of Nursing



Dhai-mah – midwife (Deen Islam)

Mary Seacole Research Centre

Maternity Action (Charity Website)


National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit (Multi-disciplinary research unit, part of Public Health Unit, University of Oxford)