Keele University Sustainability Hub

Keele University Sustainability Hub acts as a focus for the research into, teaching of, and management for sustainability and green technology that takes place at Keele University.

It is a means to bring all these different activities in disparate units together and then to communicate the innovations and implications out to the rest of campus, businesses and the wider community.

The Concept

The Hub is not just a building it is a community. It facilitates communication and interaction from one section of the interconnected community to another.

It allows researchers to find out about other research on campus and may help interdisciplinary research. It allows students to find out about research or courses they may want to get involved with.

Visitors from the community can come in and see displays on the latest research happening at the university and may become involved in some of our outreach activities.

Businesses can find out about green technologies and explore how they could add value to their products.

Why Keele

Keele is an ideal site for this kind of Sustainability Hub because of its central location, its large green campus, the interdisciplinary nature of its degrees and research and its existing green practices.

Keele is close to the geographic centre of England, adjacent to the M6 motorway and halfway between the major metropolitan areas of Birmingham and Greater Manchester (the two largest urban areas outside London). Despite its rural location it is very close to the Potteries urban area and so is ideally placed to address issues related to sustainability in both types of communities.

Keele University campus also has a conference centre with residential facilities and a Science Business Park.