Keele University Dental Practice

Welcome to the web-page of the Keele University Dental Practice. The practice is  situated in the Health Centre in the Horwood Hall complex, here on the main campus. We provide the campus community with a comprehensive, high-quality dental service here on campus, in relaxed and friendly surroundings.

Appointments and emergencies

Surgery hours are usually weekdays 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm. The health centre is closed at lunchtime. Appointments are not available on Thursday afternoons. All treatment is by appointment only. To book an appointment, call the dental nurse on 01782 733190, Internal 33190. As a single-handed practice we experience a high demand for our services. Expect to wait 3-4 weeks for a routine appointment. If you have a dental emergency please call the practice as early in the day as you can. We will always try and see a dental emergency on the same day but there will not be the usual flexibility on timing for emergency appointments. If you have an emergency when the practice is closed and you will need to call NHS Direct on 0845 4647 for advice.

Broken appointments

If you find you are unable to keep a booked dental appointment, please call us and let us know ASAP. Persistent failure to attend booked appointments will stop an individual accessing care here on a "3 strikes and you're out " basis. Arriving late or cancelling an appointment with less than a day’s notice will also count as a “strike”.

There are set fees payable for all NHS dental treatments:

We can only accept payment by cash or cheque (payable to "Keele University") Please bring your cheque book with you when you attend for treatment. NHS regulations entitle us to ask for full payment of any NHS fees, in advance, before undertaking any treatment. We are unable to take any cards at this time. A list of private fees is displayed at the practice.

Am I entitled to free NHS dental treatment?

The following categories of patients do not need to pay for NHS treatment:

  • Those under 19 years of age
  • Those who have a valid HC2 certificate
  • Those who are receiving certain social security benefits
  • Women who are pregnant or have had a baby in the past twelve months 

I am a student - do I need to pay for NHS treatment?

Students who are 19 years of age or older do not automatically receive free dental NHS Dental Care. However, all students should apply for a HC2 Certificate with an HC1 form. You can pick up a form at the Health Centre here on campus. The application process normally takes up to six weeks and is dependent upon your means. In our experience, we have found that most students who apply are successful. The HC2 Certificate also gives you free prescriptions and eye tests. It is only valid for six months and requires re-application after that time.

If you require dental care and have not got a HC2 certificate yet, you must pay for your NHS dental care. If you keep your receipts you can obtain a refund of your charges when you receive your certificate. The Independent Advice Unit at the KUSU can give you further information and help you fill out the forms. I have a regular dentist back home. Can I still see the dentist here?

You are free to see any dentist who is prepared to see you. If you have a good long-term relationship with your dentist at home I advise you to keep up your appointments there. In this case, if you have a dental emergency whilst at Keele, we will be pleased to see you on an emergency-only basis, returning you back to your own dentist for continuing care. However if you have had difficulty in finding a dentist recently, or you don’t get on with your dentist, or are finding it hard to get an appointment when you are home, we will be pleased to offer you a comprehensive dental service.


Dentist: Will Urwin BChD(Leeds 1985)GDC 60351

Registered Dental Nurses: Anne Durber, Jennifer Gould, Susan Kirkham and Marie Parkes

Any questions?

Call the dental nurse on 33190. Feel free to ask the dentist anything you like at your appointment. My email address is but I only get to check my emails ever few days, so a reply might take a little time!

Maintaining Standards at the Practice Our dentist and nurses adhere to the laws, standards and guidelines laid down for the dental profession by the General Dental Council (GDC). We are committed to maintaining and improving our standards through continuing professional development and postgraduate training. You can verify our credentials at the GDC website or contact the GDC for any matter relating to the practice of dentistry at 37 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8DQ

Telephone: 020 78873800

Fax: 020 72243294