The Global War and Politics Centre  is home to research that investigates entanglements of war and civilian society. It builds from a historical preoccupation in the study of International Relations that treats war as the foundational problem of global politics. The distinctive feature of politics in the 21st century is that it occurs in a global battlespace. The research and teaching aims of the Centre arise from the need to understand more about the complex forces and conditions that perpetuate war and the consequences of war on societies and cultures.

  • How does war engender global politics?
  • How does war shape memory in international history and diplomacy?
  • How is war infused within the discourse and practices of security?
  • How does war effect geopolitical economy?


The Centre hosts a diversity of approaches based on four distinct but cross-cutting themes;

  • International History and Diplomacy
  • Emerging Securities
  • Cultures of War
  • Global Political Economy



The Centre offers well established cutting-edge interdisciplinary Master of Arts degrees in;

  • MA Politics and International Relations (Diplomatic Studies)
  • MA Politics and International Relations (Global Security)
  • MA Politics and International Relations (International Relations)
  • MA Poltics and International Relations (European Politics and Culture)


  • MA Politics and International Relations (Environmental Politics)



PhD students

If you are interested in doing a PhD with us, please get in touch.

We currently have PhD students working on a variety of topics, including international relations and political economies of Eurasia and the Middle East, British veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, representations of Tiananmen Square, contemporary Turkish foreign policy and diplomacy, the international history of Turkish foreign policy, and the securitisation of debates about Kurds in Turkey.


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