Keele University has hosted The Emerging Securities Unit at Keele (ESU) since 2009. Having evolved from the activities of the Biopolitics of Security Network, the research unit is a dynamic and inter-disciplinary group of researchers working on aspects of security, politics and war. It is informed by critical approaches to history, human geography, international relations, sociology and criminology.

We are interested in the ways in which ideas about security are generated and sustained, in the power relations implicit in security discourse, in traditional and contemporary security practices, in new forms of security, and in the emotional landscapes of security and war. Our research aims to advance theoretical understandings of the relationship between security and politics and to generate empirical knowledge that can meaningfully contribute to pluralist forms of security.

Our Three Main Fields of Expertise:

  • Spaces of Security
  • Histories of Security
  • Values of Security and Aesthetics of Security and War

The Unit convenes the ESU Research Seminar Series weekly during term time and host regular international conferences on cutting edge aspects of security. The Unit has successfully implemented a number of high impact research projects. Besides its close association with Keele University's MA in Global Security;  MA in International Relations and its MA in Diplomatic Studies and its contribution to the undergraduate study of security in SPIRE, the ESU accommodates doctoral and post-doctoral research.


PhD students

If you are interested in doing a PhD with us, please get in touch.

We currently have PhD students working on a variety of topics, including international relations and political economies of Eurasia and the Middle East, British veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, representations of Tiananmen Square, contemporary Turkish foreign policy and diplomacy, the international history of Turkish foreign policy, and the securitisation of debates about Kurds in Turkey.


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