Alumni : What Happened To

What has happened to your friends and peers since leaving Keele? Discover all the news from your friends - tell us about the big events in your own personal or professional life and prompt your friends too.

The information is listed by Class - the Class being the year of graduation or leaving. Where people completed more than one degree at Keele they are usually listed under the year of their earliest Keele degree. People are listed by their current surname so look at other surnames in that Class if a change of name may have occurred; the previous name at Keele will be in brackets after the current name.

How does it Work?

We collect What Happened To's from about May to about February each year and publish synopses of these in the annual Forever Keele magazine. When Forever Keele is ready to be published (usually about April), we replace the WHTs on the website with those received since February of that year and start all over again, adding them as they come in. The current series of WHTs was begun in March 2013. We update the What Happened To pages through the calendar year until December. After these are published in Forever Keele magazine - the new year's batch replaces the previous year around the end of April.

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