The Keele Society

Keele becomes part of us and we remain part of Keele forever. Your visit day, your first day here, your Finals Day and your Graduation Ceremony, are just the first stages of a lifelong relationship.

The Keele Society was founded by staff and students in the very earliest years of the University. Our Pioneers knew immediately that being at Keele was something special and memorable and that people would want a way to remain connected to each other, to the University and to this place.

In later life we experience a curiosity and natural friendship when we encounter someone who also came to Keele. We want to encourage that sense of belonging between our alumni and the university - and between alumni themselves. There are no membership fees and no subscription charges - we automatically become members of the Keele Society on leaving Keele! The only condition for membership of the Keele Society is to have completed one semester at Keele.

How does the Keele Society help me?

The Keele Society Advisory Committee

The Keele Society Advisory Committee is a group of Keele alumni volunteers who meet regularly to liaise between the University and the alumni body and act as a forum to discuss and participate in our plans.

Origin of the Keele Society


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